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I have a few questions before I purchase this theme. I have a store with 500+ products, and would like the prices to appear, but the cart function to not be available, so customers call with their orders. Is this a possibility?

I recently purchased a different theme, but the product pages take 3 minutes to load because of some big header tags that the developers won’t fix.. How is your support with response times, and troubleshooting? I can fix most things if given instructions on which lines of code to edit.

Also, is it compatible with http://phppoet.com/ WooCommerce Dynamic Discounts plugin?



the support answers in max 48 hours, the theme has product catalog functionality but the price is hidden in catalog mode but it can be easily changed

When I install & attempt to active the theme, I get the following error.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/content/93/8764193/html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/seasons/widgets/widget-woocatitems/class-pt-woocatitems.php on line 87

Please help.


what version of php do you have on your hosting

Hi, really congrats for this theme. I have a problem with the activation of the Sample Data Installer plugin. When i try to activate it, wordpress ask me to update the database. I click ok. Regulary update it. But in the administration panel, i still have the father theme Seasons, while i’m using a child one; the general settings returns to original and my personal activated plugins result deactivated. Please, can you tell me how i can activate this plugin, without any settings reset? Sorry for my bad english, i’ll waiting for your answer



Excuse me, i know that transparentideas’ support answer in 48 hours, but i ask you anyway, to answer me as soon as possible, because i have an urgent consignation.I chose this theme to be more rapid and instead I’m stuck installing plugins.

Please help me!!! Thanks


left to myself … very disappointed

Hi, really congrats for this theme. I have some trouble to built my home-page. Can you help me? Can we solve these problems via skype? I prefer to provide the necessary information very private Thanks

Because with each new update, not offer a pack containing only the files that were updated? I make this question because I am Brazilian, I purchase this theme and have to translate the whole theme for the Portuguese in the arm every new update is quite complex. You can make only the files that were updated in each of the new versions?

Hi, i installed the theme but with sample data there is notthing like in the demo, also no sample images?!?


i get the errors because this Data import plugin, i install all new manual with demo xml and it works, but my product images are to small? i have set the sizes in woocomerce options but allready to small, no changes!?

Have a look to the image.



Can you please telling me why my shop images so small?

Hi I tried to use the import plugin but its not working . When i click on it and ask to update the wordpress and after the update it refresh the page and nothing happened . Its giving this error in the latest wordpress version which i downloaded it today from wordpress website . Your prompt reply will be appreciated .

Thanks Ahmed

please open a ticket with ftp and back end access to your site. http://support.transparentideas.com/open.php


I’ve tried to use the “[categoryitems itemselection=”random”]” shortcode however it won’t display any products on my home page. I can’t see why as I have plenty of products added to the WooCommerce store.

If you require website details please message me for them.

Thanks, Dominic Sutherland

Any chance of getting some support? Ticket #216423


Sorry for the delay, Please send over FTP access to your site

I want to buy the theme, but you can supply me with the files from the demo ? including the database. I dont have time to waste with the install.

Hi, i have another problem with the gallery that i can’t fix by myself. I want a gallery page like the page on your seasons preview. I follow the steps on the documentation, but it doesn’t work.

see: http://lnx.bluete.it/gallery/

the code in the gallery page is:

[gallery columns=”3” ids=”1722,1723,1724,1725,1726,1727,1728,1729,1730”] <!-nextpage-> [gallery columns=”4” ids=”1722,1723,1724,1725,1726,1727,1728,1730”]

what did i wrong? Please answer me Thank you


I still have my problem with the gallery page. Please can you answer me????? I also sent an e-mail to transparent.ideas.com@gmail.com , even the unanswered.

http://lnx.bluete.it/gallery/, please dont use page break with in pagebuilder container.

thank you Mark


Can Yuit change the currency?



is there a way to add custom fonts which could be changed using the seasons theme option.

and any news on the video?

thank you


Yes, there is it can be easily arranged with small php knowledge, email for detailes


Thank you,

please email me at samuel@trendbubble.co.uk.


I have been working with the Seasons theme for a few months now, trying to get it ready for launch and have come across many issues. I’ve been able to workaround most issues with hacks of my own – the ones I’m listing are things I simply cannot figure out. I honestly feel a theme shouldn’t need to have this many fixes and hacks to work properly. I’m going to list everything I can here and if I don’t hear back within a few days (it’s already been 4 days since my last email), I’ll need to get a refund on the theme and move on. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

I’m using a child theme for http://hardinhouse.candacejoseph.com

- Portfolio short code doesn’t degrade well on iPad (horizontal) – the text moves down and leaves a large amount of white space to the right of the image slider: http://hardinhouse.candacejoseph.com/about/

- Shop has a huge space below item information when thumbnails are added: http://hardinhouse.candacejoseph.com/shop/invitation-suites/modern-marble-invitation-suite/

- Can’t change the sitewide accent color (yellow) without doing a major hack via css. As I mentioned before, the only way I’ve found to do so is to create a new stylesheet called accent-color.css and bring in my own color instead of the yellow, then import that into the style.css.

- Cloudzoom doesn’t work when there are thumbnails for products: http://hardinhouse.candacejoseph.com/shop/invitation-suites/modern-marble-invitation-suite/

- Blog images aren’t responsive on iPad (horizontal) and come in with added “data-” information – http://hardinhouse.candacejoseph.com/moody-rustic-inspiration/

- It seems p tags are stripped in the editor, so images are butting up against each other without proper spacing – http://hardinhouse.candacejoseph.com/moody-rustic-inspiration/

- I would like to completely remove the image hover affect (mosaic overlay) throughout the site

- There are many problems with the layout across various mobile devices

I believe that’s all I’ve found so far. Again, I would appreciate your getting back to me as soon as possible.


Thanks Mark – I appreciate your work so far.

There are still quite a few issues with the theme, which I’ve listed below. My primary concern at this point is the mobile styling needs to be fixed site wide. There are too many errors to list individually, so I’ve emailed several screenshots of issues throughout the theme that you need to address before I can launch the site. If these can’t be addressed quickly, I will really need to consider moving to another theme and getting a refund on yours. It’s something I really don’t want to do since we’ve already come this far, but the clock is ticking — my client is waiting and I’m feeling quite a pinch to get it done.

Please let me know where we stand on the following as soon as you can:

There are many problems with the layout across various mobile devices (see email attachment) — Need to do an overhaul of the mobile styling across the site.

I would like to completely remove the image hover affect (mosaic overlay) throughout the site. // Your comment: “If you go to Images Tab on Seasons Theme settings, there will be an option to remove media effects.” — Turned off as suggested and there is no change. Images still have the zoom affect with crosshair; also images still have data- info coming in on posts.

Portfolio short code doesn’t degrade well on iPad (horizontal) – the text moves down and leaves a large amount of white space to the right of the image slider: http://hardinhouse.candacejoseph.com/about — Needs to be fixed as part of the overall mobile styling overhaul.

Can’t change the sitewide accent color (yellow) without finding every instance of the yellow in YOUR stylesheet and bringing it into my child stylesheet, and replacing it with my own color. — This is still an issue for me for ease of future changes.

It seems p tags are stripped in the editor, so images are butting up against each other without proper spacing – http://hardinhouse.candacejoseph.com/moody-rustic-inspiration // Your comment: “Blog images styling, removed the P tag filter” — Checked on this again since you said it was fixed but P tags are still being stripped in the editor.



Just wondering if you received this email from 5 days ago… I have a meeting with my clients today and am needing an ETA on the rest of the fixes from you.



Got it and already updated the theme.

davtech Purchased


What better way to make the color change of [iconmenu]?



through settings, each icon menu set can have hover and normal colour setting (see shortcode’s description)

Hi Mark, i’m here again. I have another problem with grid system for my post.

Look this link: http://lnx.bluete.it/aperitif-beachwear/

I use this code in text mode – classic editor (because page builder & visual mode don’t work):

<div class="container-fluid cont"> <div class="row-fluid"> <div class="span6" /> <div class="span6" /> </div> </div>

but the post does not have any formatting. How can group this text in two columns?

Thank you


without row-fluid this is the result for blog page: http://lnx.bluete.it/blog/ (see the second post) How can i fix that?


So Mark i understand well the problem. If i use fluid, the widht post adapts to content, in the blog page too, but i can’t use span5 and span5. I can’t divide the text block in two columns.

If i use bootstrap with no fluid, i see two columns but the block text doesn’t adapt to the content in the blog page. Can you help me please?


well no there is no way to use grid system in the blog posts, but on static pages

Hi Mark, i’ have another problem with this wordpress theme, a big one. In the shop page, the filters in the sidebar don’t work. How i can resolve this problem?

Look at this page: http://lnx.bluete.it/shop/

Thank you very much



scuse me Mark, but where i can set the url for the social icon?????


Update is comming

how the update is done through the mega menu? I did not find this option in theme and need to change the image that appears on mega menu.


Yes, but where I edit the megamenu? I need to modify that default theme banner and change the destination link.


very grateful.


I have a problem with the widget WooComerce Cart (Plum Tree Themed), the problem is it does not show the shopping cart icon.

I can not see on computers and responsive version.

What could it be?

Thank you very much.

mall90 Purchased

Hi, when I activate the these I get the the following error:

Fatal error: Class ‘IG_Pb_Shortcode_Parent’ not found in /home/content/p3nexnas03/84/2202484/html/wp-content/themes/seasons/shortcodes/builder_shortcodes/category_items/category_items.php on line 6

can you please help


Please activate Pagebuilder plugin

monodois Purchased


I ve bought this theme, but when i’ve installed, it get the the following error:

Fatal error: Class ‘IG_Pb_Shortcode_Parent’ not found in /home/content/p3nexnas03/84/2202484/html/wp-content/themes/seasons/shortcodes/builder_shortcodes/category_items/category_items.php on line 6

I’ve seen another guy with the same problem and you said him to activate Pagebuilder plugin, but this plugin isn’t in the theme folder, and we didn´t find this to get the download.

Please, help-me.

Thanks, and sorry about my english.

monodois Purchased

ops, the erro is:

Fatal error: Class ‘IG_Pb_Shortcode_Parent’ not found in C:\xampp\htdocs\testeWoocomerce\wp-content\themes\seasons\shortcodes\builder_shortcodes\category_items\category_items.php on line 6

monodois Purchased

Hello. Can someone help me?


Hello Sorry for the delay. Please install the pagebuilder plugin that comes with the theme