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hi, i just want to ask how can i put RAW html on my page, i have just posted the Raw html content box through visual composer, but it throws back the html as Raw text not transforming it into HTML content. my site http://mm2h.co/ I have removed that html code for right now, as the website is alive and i dont want it to be look bad. Though you can check the screenshots here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lc1z3nw7lfxmfjf/AACtRo1RRxUppD3EtqzrHQj0a

Waiting for your reply.


This is a known issue and was resolved some updates ago. We recommend you to update the theme and all plugins to the latest versions. Please, refer to this tutorial for help http://support.crumina.net/index.php?/topic/2883-how-to-update-the-theme/




Downloaded the theme,thanks for the great work.

However,on your support forums it saying that the latest version is 1.3.5 while the version downloaded from here and installed on my server is displaying version 1.1.8

I’m having some issues currently and i wonder is is because of the older version !?

Thanks in advance


In any case we recommend you to update the theme to the latest version, which is already 1.4.0. We created tutorial how to update the theme http://support.crumina.net/index.php?/topic/2883-how-to-update-the-theme/ Please, follow it.

If after theme update you would still experience some issues, please, send us email to info@crumina.net and describe the issues you have.




Got updated, now I have to let my imagination flying ! :)

Any issues, if any, i will email you or check the support forums.

Thanks. Regards

Sure :)

Hello Crumina!

Is there a way to reduce sidebar width (and therefore increase body content width ? )



Yes, it is possible with some CSS modification. There are many layouts in the theme, which have different classes. If you send us link to particular pages, where you want to decrease sidebar, we will write CSS code for that. Our email is info@crumina.net



ok Will try not to bother you with that for the moment.. :)

How do I just remove the search bar within the Top block with address?


The simplest way to do that – insert that css code into Wp-admin -> Options -> Main optons -> Custom CSS field
#top-panel #searchform {display:none}


How do i change the by default portfolio slug which is set to “test_folio_slug”?

Also, i’ve added some portfolio items. They get displayed on portfolio pages but don’t on the home page.

Demo Portfolio Page Link: http://www.reinventweb.com/test_folio_slug/nayi-subah/

Main Page Link: http://www.reinventweb.com

Just checked. The recent projects thing is fixed. How did you fix it?

We simply resaved recent portfolio block and it worked. We need some more time to recheck the images that appeared on your server from our demo site.


Sure. No issues. I can manually do it too. It’s no big deal. Only 20-30 images i guess.

I installed the theme using the Duplicator plugin. But the theme references a lot of images from your server.

For example: http://theme.crumina.net/second/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/8.png

I checked that the same images exist on my server too. How do i do a search and replace in the database without breaking anything?


Actually, Duplicator should change the links automatically. But, please, send us your wp-login credentials and we will check those images.



I just want to say Thank You! Great Support and Customer Service! You guys are fast! I will be definitively buying more Templates from Crumina! :)

Thank you, Rebeca!

We are happy you like our theme and we try to do our best to make our themes even better! :)

Best Regards

How varied is the color combination of this? I really like the layout of your theme. But white color is a bit of turn off for me. is it possible to have different color combination? Something like this: http://themerox.com/themeforest/wordpress/metro_rox/?cat=4

It would be even better if i can see a live preview or a screen shot of it.


Unfortunately, there are no color schemes in the theme. Of course, there are options to change colors in the theme, but there are no quick solutions for that.



Ok thanks. I wanted to have that taken out so I had more room for the phone numbers but they are still stacking on top of each other. Any way to fix that? Thanks



Sorry, I cannot see your website. It shows 404 error http://prntscr.com/3sbtbc

Please, check that and send us to info@crumina.net your login credentials and ftp access data. Our team will help you.



How do I change the default header banner that says “Lets change the web together”? There is no option on blog posts.

example http://delica.websitewelcome.com/~vippaint/category/current-news/

Thanks for your help!


You can do this in Settings>General. Tagline field http://prntscr.com/3umyy3


Hi, support seems good.

I’m struggling a little.

How do I set my background to be fixed (as in when I scroll, the image doesn’t move)? It used to work, but something changed and now I can’t get it to stay.



There is an option in Options>Styling options and inside each page to make background image fixed. I checked both right now and they work great.

Please, send us to info@crumina.net your item purchase code http://crumina.net/how-to-find-your-themeforest-item-purchase-code/ , link to your site, your wp-login credentials and ftp access data. Our team will check those options on your installation.



Hi Crumina !

How could I add background color to sidebar right ?

This is what I have (I have made csss changes)

sidebar-right2 #left-sidebar.three { width: 20%; float: right; background:#7BCDC9; }

.sidebar-right2 #main-content.six { width: 80%; float: left; }

How could I apply an image background to that sidebar right ?

Thanks !


Hi Marc!

The code for background image for sidebar would be as follows

.sidebar-right2 #left-sidebar.three {background: #7BCDC9 url('image-link') 0 0 repeat-y; }



Very nice and extensive theme. The support is extremely good and helpfully. Thanks a lot Crumina! Now I will always first look at your themes before buying another.

Thank you, Michael, for your great review! :)

We are pleased :)

Hi, I have a question: can you please tell me how to style (with my own style) only the buttons located in the porfolio item pages, and how to add a custom icon the button ( an icon front font awesome ).

Thank you in advance.


You have to edit templates/loop-portfolio.php

change this line

<a href="<?php the_permalink();?>" class="button"><?php echo __('Read details', 'crum'); ?></a>

to this line

<a href="<?php the_permalink();?>" class="button"><i class="your-icon-class" /><?php echo __('Read details', 'crum'); ?></a>

Instead “your-icon-class” our icon code from inc\icons\css\icon-font-style.css file.

The style of the button can be changed with CSS codes. Paste them to options>Main options>Custom CSS.

If it helps, default styles for the button are located in assets/css/app.css file on line 1983



Hi Crumina, When will you release new theme ? I would love to use it for my new project. Thank you.


Our new theme is already on Themeforest approve. We hope it will be available for sale already in a week.


Hi, just wanted do use the duplicator but there is the 404 error for the second touch theme package, following the link from the txt file. Can you check please? I have downloaded few days ago the theme.


Sorry fot that. Now must be fixed and link for download works. Please try again.


Working just fine, thanks!

Bought the theme, installed it vie duplicator, it looks great, but the admin is VERY slow and glitchy. The metro builder is freezing every few seconds when editing the pages and is making it impossible to work with the theme.

Please fix it, I can provide you admin access if you need it.

Hi Rita!

We didn’t receive an email yet. Please, resent it again just in case. info@crumina.net


I’ve sent you mail from nagy.rita10@hotmail.com. You responded: We will try to improve work of Metro Visual Builder in the nearest time. All fixed will be added to the next theme update.

Any idea when can we expect this update? It’s really frustrating to work with the theme when it’s freezing every few seconds in the editor. Thanks.

The update is expected in a week or a little bit more. We plan a lot of modifications.

As soon as we improve Metro Visual Buider, we will send it to you before the update to your email address.

Sorry for inconvenience!


When you view the theme in Mobile it shows the icons but no text below it which can make it hard for people to know what the links are. Is there a way to fix that?

Thank you

Screenshot http://delica.websitewelcome.com/~vippaint/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/mobile-screen-shot.png

I added the code but I don’t see any change in the menu on the mobile view.

Sorry for that. Please, use this code instead

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px){
.tiled-menu .item-title {
position: static;
color: inherit;



perfect! thank you!

Hi, i have problems with the portfolio grid.

It isn’t show the portfolio :/


How do i fix it without updating the theme? I modified somethings hardly.

I fixed commenting this js:

jQuery(window).load(function () {

var columns = 3,
        setColumns = function () {
            columns = jQuery(window).width() > 640 ? 3 : jQuery(window).width() > 320 ? 2 : 1;
        itemSelector: '.project',
        isAnimated: true,
        columnWidth: function (containerWidth) {
            return containerWidth / columns;

In the tmp-portfolio-masonry.php file


It is not quite correct solution, because it can break view on mobile version. Please, send us email to info@crumina.net and we will send you only the files required to fix that issue.



Hi, I purchased the theme and I am using the child version so I can customize it.

I want to make a totally blank page that only shows page cotent. NOTHING else.

I am currently trying this: <?php /* * Template Name: Blank Page + * Description: A branded page Template blank pages. */ /* get_template_part('templates/top', 'page'); */ ?> <!-- page --> <?php get_template_part('templates/content', 'page'); ?>

Is there a better function to use?

Yes, it may be. The latest version is 1.4.0. If you have older one, please, update using this tutorial for help http://support.crumina.net/index.php?/topic/2883-how-to-update-the-theme/



Ok, so we have an old version and I’m trying to sort out the updating process.

If you need help with updating the theme, you can contct our support team over info@crumina.net



Hi there,excellent theme work. Thanks very much.could you help me on 1)How can I remove ‘log out” “log in ” of the wordpress from left top. 2)How can I change the color and width of the top bar above the menu which is shown search box ,change language things. And I bought it on last week ,is that the latest version or do I need to update. cheers


Thanks for kind words! Since last week we didn’t release new version, so you might be using the latest one 1.4.0.

1. Please, insert the code below to Options>Main Options>Custom CSS

#top-panel .login-header {
display: none;

2. The color of the top panel can be changed with this css code

#top-panel {
background: #000;
}/*or your color value*/

If you want to increase width of top panel, you have to edit HTML. If you want to decrease it, this css code would be enough

#top-panel {
width: 1000px;
margin: 13px auto 0 auto;


thanks very much guys