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vinizzio Purchased

Hey Alex I still have the issue with the flex slider the url field appears but isn’t´works like your sample video prometheus

Please help Regards

Hi Alex Need support as I am unable to change featured products, add attributes or do anything in the Jigoshop plugin. I need to launch on 31st Jan

Can you add options to store/sale items?? Such as colour, size act. or as many as you like? If so, can you add additional costs to each option?




Yes, sure you can have different size/color or any product attributes with different images and different prices on theme.



Thanks for the quick reply! Since I have you; - On the home page can I load panorama images were you have the square images? (with the add to cart function?) – If yes, will they continue down the page? - When you click on an item and you are directed to the shop, can a panorama image cover the top and the written information fall below the image (leaving the image un-croped and large)? – Can I add any shaped image or will it be cropped to a square? - Can I add Terms and conditions when proceeding to the checkout?

I hope this makes sense…

Is there a way to expand the footer area? Also, why no footer sidebar in the widgets section?



How do you turn off the overlay on the background images? Also, when I post a blog and click “read more” it takes me to a blank screen instead of the blog post page. Is there a reason for this?



Hi there..

I would like to purchase your theme – it is great, but before i do i was wondering if you could please answer the following: the client i want wants all the functionality of an online shop but without the shopping cart. is this possible with your theme?? so instead of being able to purchase online you can only view the products and their prices.

thank you for your help..

mirkman Purchased

I cannot switch between HTML/Text view, I can’t switch between the category tabs, nor can I add product attributes. I can’t operate with any widgets or click and buttons on the post pages, button does nothing…



Hi! I fixed this, it was caused by wp 3.5. Please re-download the theme.


I wold like to translate to cirilyc the theme. Can you help me how to do this, please? Thank you!

Can I do a register page for the custumers?

I have problem with the homepage. I can`t set up more per 3 products on row and on the forth produc tspace have just a blank smal square. Can you help, please?

Can anybody help me , please? I have no support from the autor and there no help files how to setup the theme???!!!

do you have PSD files ?


CAN ANYBODY HELP? the theme do not scroll at iphone, ipad and on Android there is just half-screen? How this could be fixed? Thank you!

Can anyone comment on the standard of support from the author? I see unanswered questions which are almost a year old!!

vicbang Purchased

Hey im having trouble trying to add all products to the bottom of my homepage? please help!!!

BexFX Purchased

Hi, is there a way to change the speed of the backgrounds as they shuffle through?

Hi Alex, I just bought your Selene template from ThemeForest. My background images are stretching when I change the size of the browser window. Please let me know how to fix it. I guess the same thing will happen on mobile devices. Thanks. LEAL

Hi Alex,

I’m trying to setup gallery. I need something like this http://alexgurghis.com/themes/selene-ecommerce/gallery-3-columns/ how can I do that. I’m getting still default WP gallery like this http://alexgurghis.com/themes/selene-ecommerce/gallery-default/

Thanks Martin