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Hi, looks very nice. I’m about to buy it but I need to know if I can easely translate it into french.

Thanks in advance

Yep, there are language files included for translation with a plugin like Loco Translate or an app like POEdit.

Please help! I’ve installed the theme and imported the files as the tutorial shows, but the banner image is not showing up! See here: Thank you!

Oh, disregard this! I was able to re-upload the banner image, now it works! One of those 2 am revelations. ;) I can’t wait to get this all set up. Thank you for such a simple, clean template!

Glad you got it working! Any future issues, shoot me a ticket and I can give you a hand:

Thank you! :D

The links to documentation for Self on ThemeForest don’t seem to be working?


and a few others mentioned in comments.

Could you provide working link, please? Need to have a look before purchase!


Sure thing, here are the articles for Self:

Hey guys. What’s the best way to remove the colour bar completely. I have a weird issue where the bar drops down a level and looks awful. I actually prefer the theme without it and so is there a way to remove it without having to re-fix everything update?


Sure you can add some custom css to the Theme Options panel:

.color-bar { display:none !important; }

Can I use this for creating multiple resumes for different users?

Only the site owner can create the resumes, but yes you could create as many as you need. :)

Hello again, I have an issue using multisite. The theme keeps resetting the options to default headers and colors after a few hours. Any idea why and have you seen this issue before?

Are you using the most recent version of Self? I think this was fixed in the most recent version, however I could be wrong. Shoot me a ticket if not, I’m happy to help:

Thanks I have re installed the latest version – Not sure if I had already done this. I did revert a few multisites back to default but i’ll see in the next few hours if this happens again. If it does I will need some assistance as I have clients spending big on Adwords with these sites. I’ll be back in touch – Thanks


Alexsos Purchased

Ciao, template looks really promising. I have 2 questions before going into purchase:

1) readiness for translation – I encountered many times problems while using WPML that not all the fields were ready for translation. How is it with this template? Should I expect problems here? Was it tested and verified on that?

2) recommendations – I would like to add some recommendations or endorsement for my CV. Frankly I was thinking on re-typing them here. What’s the best way to do this with this template?


  1. I have not fully tested WPML with Self, sorry!
  2. You can add them to the top/bottom of the page you put your resume on perhaps?

Alexsos Purchased

1) How to get rid of John Smith in a header?

2) How to install right sidebar on this page with Get in Touch, Technical Competencies?



Alexsos Purchased

Hi, I can’t load demo content for Envira. I locate the file and click Import Gallery and I keep receiving communicate it’s trying to connect my domain. It’s taking time and after all gives information about connection problems. Obviously I have no such problems while loading photos directly. How can I solve this?