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If anyone knows how to reduce the space between the bottom of one section and the top of another please let me know. As an example how would you make the space between the contact form and the works form (or whatever comes before it smaller?

Also how can you add a button in the contact form area? Specifically I would like to add a Github button similar to the facebook, linkedin, and other buttons provided.

Hi guys and Shorti :-)

I cant get skills to work,

Im trying to add a skills but nothing shows up. Ive tried to turn off and on display under theme options>skills>. And added different skills with title and percentage still not showing. How do i solve this? I have the same problem with works that its not visible either.

Does this theme work well with the latest version of Wordpress (3.9.1) ? It seems not to be maintained anymore.

Will there ever be any updates for this work or is this a forgone conclusion? Buyer warning, this guys does not provide any sort of updates ro upgrades. Another fantastic file left to ROT ON THE VINE. Sad too as it is quite good. Does anyone know of a solid similar alternative to this as I will buy in a heartbeat from someone who supports their work.

It won’t let me change the facebook and twitter links from envato accounts to my own social media accounts. I can make the change for linkedin, but not for the other two. Any idea why this is, or what I can do to change it?

Hello within a website, I can use multiple vcard? I mean, for me and my staff of my company? While the theme within a single url?

Anybody here who can help? My blogpage wont forward to older posts. everytime I clicked on “older posts” it just keeps sending me back to main page.

I had been waiting for support for 4 MONTHS!!!!


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wa happen? no luck still? anybody here?

Hi Shorti,

I would like to add a security on the contact form. I would like to add a captcha on it. How to do please?

Is Shorti still alive? I think he’s not responding for the last 9months already.

Hi Guys, I was trying to create 99,9% skills. I found that skiils are define in the CSS by 10 levels (from 10 to 100%) but I cant find the function in the php files that bring the skill or not to the page. Can somebody help me out ?



Is there any way to make this theme compatible with woocommerce? The area products disappears …


Hello, thanks for this nice theme. Can I add a Xing Button?


Is this theme still supported? Im not willing to pay 38$ for no support.

Here is Shortis Support Page he posted on page 12:

Hello. How can I get the vcard download option to open a new page? I am changing the vcard option to open an information brochure, but I want that to open in a new page and not take the user off the site where they no longer have menu access. Thank you.

Victory has many friends but defeat is an orphan :(


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contact form is not working. I’ve changed my email but no email received. Has anyone any idea?


Hello friends Does anyone know if this theme is supported? Thank you Konstantinos


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Adding title in skill is not taken into account, why?

Hi, congrats for the theme! One pre purchase question please: The responsive menu works with icons, can it work with test? without icons. Many thanks.