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Help please

I purchase your theme today, the installation works perfect however I had to do manually uploading to the server but works fine, but at the moment to apply the templates looks like this:www.hishervapor.com

When I try to apply any of the plugins if I use PHP 5.3.21 show me an error 500 with no explanation whatsoever, then if I use a second php I have on the server 5.2.X then run but error:
Warning: is_readable() [function.is-readable]: open_basedir restriction in effect. etc etc, in C:\Inetpub\vhosts\hishervapor.com\httpdocs\wp-includes\l10n.php on line 339

I been reading everywhere and I haven’t found a solution can you help me aout with?

Thanks :)

I’ll send to your email


after long hour of research I find out that the issue is the memory with the WP, apparently PHP was running out of memory, I have increase the memory and issue been fixed, this issue would be regular with IIS hosting, so here I leave the stuff:

Problem: Recently, I was playing with a couple of plugins and unfortunately one of them crashed my server and thus displayed the 500 Server Error message.

I also discovered that plugins such as XML Sitemap Generator for WordPress, Some Database Backup Plugins and various other useless plugins are the main cause of this error.

Diagnosis: Lack of PHP memory; in other words, PHP is running out of memory.

Solution: You can easily fix this bug if you are running your own root or dedicated server. All you need to do is update your php.ini file and provide more memory to your PHP installation.

If you are on a shared hosting just like many of us, such as godaddy, hostgator, bluehost etc, you do not have control over the php.ini setting but there is another way around.

Create a text file and name it “php.ini” (without the quotes) Add a single line of code in it “memory=20MB” (without the quotes) Save the php.ini to your directory /wp-admin/ within your WordPress installation. It should look like /wp-admin/php.ini Bingo!

You should be able to access your blog now. If you still cant then, go to your plugins folder through FTP and remove plugins like XML, database backup plugins and other suspicious plugins. Now login to your blog, go through all the plugins, activate the useful plugins and deactivate the unnecessary ones.

If you have deleted the XML plugin earlier then you can install it again and create your sitemaps with a click.

It is important that you know what you are dealing with. When i encountered the error, i was not happy. I thought i lost everything but of course there is always a way around. Make sure you know about the widget or plugins that you are dealing with. If you have several blogs then you can use one of them to test and experience with various plugins. In this way you will know what plugins to keep and use on your main blog.

Hope you find this post useful. Bookmark and share for future reference.

This post has been made by Salman Ahsan <—thanks buddy!


Thanks man for the info. netgames3d you are the MAN :)

hpinheir Purchased

This theme is amazing and the customer service is unbelievable! I would recommend this theme to anybody.



Where exactly is the documentation on how to add images and text to the slider? I have used many themes in the past, this one just seems very complicating. Can’t seem to get the basics down.


Hi sorry for the late answer

I think I have mention on my documentation that you need widgetkit lite to run the slider and tweeter widget. Here is the link to widgetkit docs once again: http://www.yootheme.com/widgetkit/documentation?view=docs you can download it here for free: http://www.yootheme.com/widgetkit/downloads

Just to add, it seems like the documentation is not that well written out. I had to come here to see that there are hidden instructions for installing the slider. Seems complex.


Hi sorry for the late answer

I think I have mention on my documentation that you need widgetkit lite to run the slider and tweeter widget.

Here is the link to widgetkit docs once again: http://www.yootheme.com/widgetkit/documentation?view=docs you can download it here for free: http://www.yootheme.com/widgetkit/downloads

Man I tell you now, The support for this template is awful, I really need your help dude or I may have to request refund bro, the Theme is good but just require too much customization



Sorry for the late answer, I am on my holidays and will be back the nest week and the full time support would be back on again.

I have answered to your questions via email. please check your mail.

I agree netgames3d!

Trouble importing dummy content file Dear sir/madam,

When I try to upload the dummy content XML file with Wordpress Import, it hangs for 15 minutes or so.

Could you help us, please?

Yours faithfully,

Frank Riezebos Team Ronaki Media


Hi Try renaming it to content.xml and then import it. If it does not work send me a private message using my TF profile and I will email you another one. Just keep in mind that after importing the dummy data all your pages would be set up expect home page, because it is designed and laid out using widgets, so just use the 19 available widget poritions and insert your home page wigets to them. You can use widget options to customize their styles and filter the pages you want the widgets to be displayed, in your case select only the home page. You can also use frame work options and under profiles tab and layout setion you can customize the widgets layouts based on their position.

Please let me know I can be of more helo.

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hi,i’ve one little problem. I’ve try to set the full width slideshow but in the guide not have find how to. How can i do?

dalekdj Purchased

Perfect Thanks :) Another question,is possible change the color orange in the dark version?

dalekdj Purchased



Hi sorry for the late answer, I really have problem with internet connection after two massive earth quakes in south Iran, you might have heard it on the news.

On theme options -> colors and backgrounds you have some coloring options, if what you are after does not work for you you can use dynamic.css and add your custom css to change the colors you want.

read the instruction on dynamic css in front of it’s options on theme options general options.


Yes you can do, just go to the theme Style folder and get the CSS you wanna use and change colors, that’s basic man.

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@netgames3d thanks man! another question… i’ve try to insert the icons on menu items, but i’ve insert the link of png (/wp-content/uploads…) but not is visualized. how is possible to resolve that?

you know I have the same issue, I am testing at this time, I think there is an issue with the Z-index.

If I fix it I’ll let u know

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thanks netgames3d…if you have news let me know..the autor or theme is invisible.


Hi sorry for the late answer, I really have problem with internet connection after two massive earth quakes in south Iran, you might have heard it on the news.

I have answered you via email.

dalekdj Purchased

thanks.i’ve answered agan to your mail.


Just inserted the answer here too so other may use it if needed:

This must be of help to you from the official warp framework documentation:


scroll down to where it says Using icons in menu items

that’s just as easy as it seams. you just need to set the correct path to the icon. and it will show automatically, nothing else could go wrong with this option, except wrong path. Links should be relative links, line wp-content/wp-uploads/images/icon.png

and NOT an absolute path like http://yourdomain.com/images/icon.png

I hope it helps.

where to start? The doc does not even tell how to set up the theme like he has the theme set up in a live preview. if you have 10-15 hours to invest in learning a new theme.. i would get a refund if i could


First install all the needed plugins esp WooCommerce Capital Shortcodes, and widgetkit if you need the main silder. (you need to import the slider styles as instructed in the txt file in the zipfile widgetkit-slider-styles.zip)

Then import the dummy content provided with the theme.

Now you have all the pages and products ready. Now all you need to do is to add the widgets you need to your home page. Style them using widget options, and lay them out using framework options -> profiles -> layouts

Thats pretty much it.

Reading the docs on the framework itself is useful too:

http://www.yootheme.com/themes/documentation/ here is a link to widgetkit plugin http://www.yootheme.com/widgetkit/downloads/download?layout=single and widgetkit docs: http://www.yootheme.com/widgetkit/documentation?view=docs

If you are still not satisfied with the theme, you can ask TF guys for refund.

best regards

Heloo, i am interested to purchuse this teme, and i want to sell digital products on it, i mena somthing is deliverd by a download link after a client will pay, is that working on these theme, and will you offer suport for me on this matter? is really hard for me to nitice now becouse i am not an advanced programmer. Regards, Florin.


Chitic, this theme is developed for the well known woocommerce 2 plugin, please check out their website and see if woocommerce suites your ecommerce needs, if so, you can choose SelfTitled if you like. And yes it supports digital products too. I am sure there are lots of tutorials on the web about how to sell digital products with woocommerce. And you do not need to know any programming, as long as you have basic knowledge on wordpress and woocommerce you are good to go.


thx for the reply, i will buy soon. Have a nice day!

Hey again, was browsing on the website and found somthing strange, i tryed to pay directly with the credit card and fond this error. Mijireh error:missing mijireh access key it is becouse no card is set up were the money should go?


That’s because this a demo store and there is no need for me to register with mijireh to set any credit card support on this demo store.

Or maybe is just an error, hope it helps.

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Hi sir, one problem..woocommerce. Over set all,now the pages of woocommerce (my account,checkout page ecc) all are empty with only the title of page. In the shopping page same situation,not looking the products and the page is empty. But in the homepage,the product slider displaying the products…how can I solve this problem?

dalekdj Purchased

Sir any news? is urgent,and assistance so is too slow.


Check to see whether those pages have wc shortcodes in them. What you described is very rare, unless there is a bug in your wp or wc installation. And please make sure you are using the version 2 of my theme with version 2 of wc.

I have a little problem. My ecommerce is almost done, exept for the “News Section”.

I have a category named “News”. When I click on the “News” menu link, I move to a page with the last news.

I would like to show just the summary for each listed news. I inserted the summary in each article but when I click on the “News” link, the page show me the whole articles content, with the “Read More—>” link on the bottom.

How can I fix this?

I’ve read about replacing the “the_content()” function with “the_excerpt()”. Is that the solution? If yes, where should I replace that string code?

I think I solved the problem.

I put a code inside the _post.php , located in


First I commented the lines (about at line 26)

    <div class="content clearfix">
        <?php the_content(''); ?>


Then I put the following lines

  <div class="content clearfix">   

<?php if ( is_category(14)) { ?>
        <?php the_excerpt(); ?>
        <?php } else { ?>
        <?php the_content(); ?>
    <?php } ?>

14 is the numer of category in which I wanted to show the summary of my articles, and not the whole articles content.

It seems to work fine. I’ll test a little more my site to be safe with that.

Do you think this solution is ok?


Yes that’s exactly the solution. Tnx for sharing with the others. The posts are done so that you can display the content and not the excerpt, so to get the excerpt one should do as you explained.