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When opening page first time, the little icons are missing. They will only show after you brows other pages of the site.

Access your site with www and without www.

If the icons load only on one option you should redirect your domain. All traffic must be redirected to the exact URL you defined on your config.php files.

If you open your site and the icons don’t load also the add to cart buttons probably aren’t working.

Check this post http://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?t=35924

Hi Luis, Have you had experience with product page displaying up to only 5 images as thumbnail under main image. Some of my products have over 6 images, but I can only see the first 5 pics. I do see all images in CP though.


If you aren’t using the zoom feature the additional thumbnails appear as carousel. If there are more than 5 you need to scroll to see the hidden one.

With cloud zoom enabled they will appear all at once.