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Hello, I want to know why the twitter module won’t work with SSL, if my customers enter to a https:// address the twitter block doesn’t display, i guess is due to a SSL Cert incompatibility because if the app calls an external non-SSL file the browser would display that the site contains no encrypted content. Can you help me?


Hello Kynodeal, Check your ticket in Sellya Support System. The answer was sent to you. Best Regards

Hello, I am having an issue with the text in the category page overflowing into the add a cart and wish list. Please see this link,


Thank you!


Hello sandtastik,
Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/
Best Regards

Hi, Im getting this above my theme after I upgraded to the new theme for

Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty delimiter in /home/content/06/10314306/html/catalog/controller/common/header.php on line 126

also, the form fields are super tiny now when entering type into them, can that be fixed to?

NM fixed it

Regarding your live demo at http://321cart.com/sellyagifts/

Why doesn’t the slider display the promo price of item SAMPLE JEWELRY? The price should be $509.00 instead of $539.00.

If you can fix this, I will buy the theme. Thanks!


Hello securemanage,

This demo has been installed on the first theme version. Special price for Sellya Product Slider was added in version 1.0.2. We updated the demo. View now: http://321cart.com/sellyagifts/

Best Regards

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Hello 321cart!

Sorry for my bad English.

My site will be working on Russian language.

Will correctly display characters for non-English inscriptions?

For example, the font “Oswald”, which is used on the site, does not support the Russian code page.



Hello Byvaly, Not all Google fonts support your language. Instead of “Oswald”, you can use the “Cuprum”. This font will look very good in your language. Best Regards


Is possibile to have more then one custom block and more then one categories button in main menu ?

BR, Andrej


Hi andrej82, You can add one custom block and one categories button in main menu. You can use “Opencart” categories style and display categories side by side in menu bar. Best Regards

Your demo doesn’t look “Responsive” to me. The layout skeleton is not fluid… How come?


Hi risktaker, Bootstrap allows to create fixed-responsive layout. Layout is adapted to mobile and tablet resolutions. Best Regards

Hi, I’m new. -I want to know if after buying it is possible to upload to my website? -Is necessary some of extra code (HTML or PHP) or everything is done from the administration panel? Thanks, I love the theme!


Please reply to my tickets.

Also tell me how to update to 1.5.5 version ? It would be great if you can tell me which files are changed specifically

I can see that notification is still not fixed as page scrolls up after add to cart :-(

is the 1551 stable ? because i install the theme version 1551 and has some bugs then i install the version 1541 and it’s stable both versions installed on localhost

is the issue from the theme or from oc ?

please support RTL language in the next update


Hello Regulus77,
There are many reports of bugs in OpenCart On the OpenCart forum you can find solutions to many bugs. Sellya theme for version has been thoroughly tested and works properly.
Best Regards

One of the Best Opencart theme !! Keep the good work up !!


Thank you, sarveshgpt :)

Hi 321cart,

Can you please let me know how I can put an icon on every category in the Main Menu using the “OpenCart’s Megamenu? I can’t use the horizontal one since I need to show all the categories in one go and Mega menu’s style just fits perfectly.

Thank you very much in advance


Hi risktaker, Unfortunately this is not possible via the admin panel. You’d have to make advanced changes in catalog\view\theme\sellya\template\common\header.tpl and catalog\view\theme\sellya\stylesheet\stylesheet.css. Best Regards

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hi, how can i make custom layout?i like to make 3 straight line banner . but in admin only get content left,content right,content top and content bottom.i want it like content ‘middle’.please help me to this.


Hello jaliee85, Please contact us through our Sellya Support System: http://321cart.com/sellya/support/ Best Regards

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Hi mate. Just wondered if you had noticed any issues regarding this theme and opencarts slideshow module? I have noticed that when you have sellya settings set to camera slider that it does not allow you to correctly resize the module. You have to change the setting to flexslider to be able to correctly size the module from within slideshow settings.


Hi xsh00tax, Thank you for reporting. This will be fixed in the next update. Best Regards

Hello. I really like this theme and I want to buy it but the payment section is too long winded. It takes far too many clicks to actually buy something (like many of the themes on here, I guess they use the same process) however, is there any way we can get this shortened? I want to be able to buy products much quicker by letting me pay by paypal as an option from the start – this then sends you to paypal where you can simply log in and pay (no address is needed as paypal already knows my address). Is this possible? Please get back to me. Many thanks. Curtis Worthington.

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Hey, I would like to update OC to Consequence is that I also need to update your theme. I made some modifications in the code and don’t want to overwrite all files. Do you have a change log of the modified theme files for theme update To so that I can overwrite the those files manually?

Look forward to hear from you.

Kind regards

Hi bart_vs,
List of changed files:
Best Regards
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Hi! Thanks for your work! I am from Russia and my shop for Russian. I tried to change the different fonts that work with Cyrillic. For example PT Sans, but no change. Where is my problem?


Hi brutskiy, Please contact us through our Sellya Support System:
Best Regards

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Do you have planing to make admin theme responsive? I need to buy one if you do it.