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Is it possible to show the left menu when someone is looking at a product? When I look at the demo I only see a big product page without the side menu .This for example

I want to show the left menu like here

Yes you are able to do that. Our demo we forgot to show that.

How can I do that?

Hello there,

please open a ticket at our support point dont forget to give there your requirement details, site admin access and purchase code. We will reply you within 24 hours.


Do you have plan to update to Bootstrap 3?

Right now we have no plane to update this Bootstrap 3

Hi Guys,

I’ve updated my shop to Prestashop v1.6.0.9 and now I have the problem that when I select an option of in one uf my products, the price drops to 0.00. When I add the product it adds the correct combination incl. the correct price.

Give it a try and change some attributes/options for this product:

I’ve searched like 3 days in a row and tried diffrent “solutions” I’ve found on google about that problem, like editing product.tpl and product.js but I couldn’t fix the problem.

I’really need some help here.

Thanks Roger

I think your are using ps that version have bug, please update sellya theme file and update your shop version

*Vacation notice: * Dear client, Due to national holidays in our country, all of our ticketing and support service will be unavailable from 5/10/2014 to 10/10/2014. During this time, you can open your ticket at and we will answer you as soon as we are back to station. Hoping, you will consider our apologizes and will keep patience till we are back. We are requesting your`s kind co-operations.

I’m thinking about upgrade my Prestashop with Sellya. Will i get some issues or will it work perfect for 1.6 also? Thanks.

Sellya 1.6 current version may have small issue. We have worked on sellya 1.6 it will release soon. We are testing that. If you want to update you can update and open ticket we will update our new file. So that you can test.

Please help me add the BLOG category on the title bar. Also do you have a SALE category for the title bar?

Please open ticket in our system. Our technical staff will help you to.

Please advise me about the admin panel. Nothing regarding styling does not reflext on the web page even if deleting cache (ex – cart format, cart positioning, price color etc).

Sellya have predefined color schema. You can change top to bottom if you select default skin. Other than default skin you are not able to change from theme admin panel. To customize other skin you need to write css code in theme admin panel custom css box. For more details open ticket in our support system

Hi! I have a question I have only supported for six months after my purchase? Thanks

Hello, You will got theme update file and bug fix related issue as long as theme exits in our account. But for technical issue related problem you are only able to got 6 month from the purchase date. As all technical problem can be solved after purchase the theme withing 3 month.

We are releasing a new update today. Please update this version. Hope your issue will solved. As sellya have no bug current prestashop 1.6 version.

Dear Smartdatasoft team,

Thank you very much for your theme. My shop looks very professional now. I really appreciate your work and I´m grateful for your great and fast support.

Best regards, Peter

We all time try to help our customer as much as possible. you can view this module

which will made your slider more professional and give you much flexibility.

Hello guys,

Thanks a lot for your theme which is very beautifull and which really fits to my project. I’m loving it, great job! I have two questions regarding the theme: - how to increase the size of the manufacturers logos in the main menu ? I have already changed the default size for the “small_default” pictures to 100×100px. The logos are now bigger but the CSS seems to unlike it! - the manufacturers and banners sliders on the home page are not working. The theme just show the pictures like a wall, but in the configuration, the “FlexSlider” mode and not the “Wall” mode is selected.

Thanks a lot in advance for the support and excuse me for my bad english.

didn’t you saw our support page. which show in our product page. Please do not forgot to send the purchase code.

Thanks for the information. The ticket 2875 is opened.

Yes just answer your ticket.

Hello smartdatasoft

We have a problem with your theme, and we have lost the “popup” display of the cart.

Once a product is placed in the cart, the theme brings you straight to the check-out page, which is not the behaviour in the preview theme. We would like to return to the popup display of the cart once a product is placed in the cart, but cannot find an option for this in the admin panel – could you please have a look at the function here:

Open ticket in our support system with your back office and ftp. Our technical staff will take alook that our office time 9am-5pm (GMT+6)

Hello smartdatasoft

We have a problem with your theme, and apparently the submit buttons for your input forms are not showing up on our front end.

When creating an account, or when using the 5 step check-out process, the button seems to not show up in the theme, and they are nowhere to be found in the source code, so it does not seem to be a styling related issue.

Please could you have a look here to see, that no way to complete the submission is visible:

Hello, Please open ticket in our support system. Our technical staff will help you.

Hi ! Which solution do you have to translate the facebook widget on the right side ? I try directly on my FTP, in the module blockfacebook and file blockfacebook.js but no reaction on the website.

You need to change the facebook call js , you can take a look face book api for more details, how to use other language.


spksds Purchased

Hi! How do I update this theme to newer version the theme?

If you are using 1.5 in that case you need to install the theme again.

Hi, can i configure one layout and then export it and use it as anew theme , i want to have each layout as a seperate theme to choose from in the backoffice

Hello, In Sellya Prestashop right now it is not possible. In our upcoming them you are able to do that. Just export the settings after install the theme import the admin settings and it will work like a different theme with layout.

Please tell me smartproductslider has autocomplete function but even if all products are indexed it only has in the autocomplete aprox 100 products. Please check where is the problem and also if there is some manual sollution to adding products to productslider.

Product slider completed depend on your type. And auto complete have a limit to show product.


rmatcar Purchased

Hi! Could you tell me when you upgrade the theme to

asap please!

Sellya PrestaShop is too old design and we have no plane to update it for


spksds Purchased

I have made some changes in color scheme of Sellya default theme. Now I want to restore the default theme. Needs your suggestion. Thanks

Hello, our author is now on vacation. please come to our support system our developer will look up your issue our support time 10am to 7pm (GMT+6) support url thanks

Dear Clients,

Due to the Muslims’ biggest religious festival Eid-Ul-Azha at our country, our total support team and operational team will be in vacation from 24-09-2015 to 28-09-2015 (GMT +6).

During this time, all kind of support and ticketing reply, forum reply, inquiry response and business communication will be postponed.

Our operation will resume again at 10:00 AM (GMT+6), 29-09-2015


please tell me how can i enable left column on product page? I hooked in positions the menu, everywhere is checked but it does not appear. I want to display the category menu in the product page. Please help asap

Please go to Prestashop Preference->themes ->advance then enable the column and after that enable the column from your theme settings.

i have here Prestashop Preference->themes ->advanc enabled. What means “then enable the column and after that enable the column from your theme settings.”?

As sellya is old theme so there setting also in theme admin for column.