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HI! Is this theme compatible with WooCommerce?

Hi Arturo! Unfortunately not. If we will add this feature you will be the first that will know :) Cheers

Hello 1,How do I put the testimonial slider like that on the front page.

2.Also having problems editing theme on Mac…. On PC working fine.

3 Also the search box is there anyway the font style can be changed for this. Managed to change the font for all other sections but haven’t been able to implement for the search box.

Hi Itslinda! Please open a ticket on our support forum: pixelgrade.ticksy.com Thanks

my logo is longer than the one in your demo site. when im on my mobile device, the menu button overlaps the logo. how can i resize the logo?

Hi blonde! Please open a ticket on our support forum and give us more details (live URL at least) so we can take a look. Thanks

Hey buddy, remember me?...


You were extremely kind enough to provide me with some heavy duty changes to the header / navigation – mainly reversing the colours.

It’s still on version 1.21 and I’d love to updrade to version 1.63, just wondering if it has the ability to change the menu colours?

Hi Simon! Please contact me through my contact form from my profile. Thanks!

Will do

Hi. Thanks for the great theme. Question: In the mobile version of my site, the menu button (at the top of the page that reveals the full menu) is a black box. My main color is black but demo site shows that the mobile menu button should have 3 lines through it. Please see link for example of senna demo vs my problem version as a screenshot here http://divinespace.com.au/menu.jpg and/or my working site at http://senna.divinespace.com.au ... Thanks!

Hi, Please open a ticket on our support system and we will sort it out. It is probably due to missing mime types for the svg file format.

Hi – are you able to embed a Vimeo video in the top slider?


Hi. Yes you can embed vimeo and youtube videos in the slider.

When I create a portfolio, I import the images using the add media button and when I preview it the images have been duplicated on the right side of my portfolio, why does this happen? I decided to take the images away thinking that would remove the duplicated images but I didnt think anything would show up as there was no images in the portfolio anymore but when I refreshed the page the images were there but without the duplicates. Am I doing this right or what ?

Hi Jojo,

As stated by official Wordpress Codex: “If a media file is uploaded within the edit screen, it will automatically be attached to the current post being edited.” So you just need to upload the image, not needed to insert it into post. More here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Using_Image_and_File_Attachments


I have the media already in my media library, so I have to select it from the insert media library

Good morning, I just purchased this theme, but the user guide will not open for me. can it be emailed to me please? stillfocusedphotography@gmail.com

Hi! The User Guide is available online too – check it out here http://bit.ly/10au0Kg Thanks!

Hi there. First of all congrats on the theme, its very beautiful and very easy to use. I only leave here the info that I passed all day, yesterday, trying to figure out why my portfolio-single and portfolio-archive were the only pages that weren’t loading and giving 404 error if I change my permalinks. I did what you posted on the youtube and also some rewrite rules on functions.php, nothing was solving it. So today I read more about it and I leave here what was the solution for me. Change the parent page Portfolio slug for my-portfolio and now both work. Dunno if this is the best solution, if there’s something better, hope you guys can tell me. Anyway, its a good theme. Good work.

Hello lobinho84 and thanks for your kind words! Also thank you to come with that solution. If you have other problems please open a ticket on our support forum. Thanks again

I will, thanks

Hello there again, I’ve been having the same issue someone had before, plugins can’t be added. I’ve tested and it’s something related with pixelgrade shortcodes, cause if you deactivate this plugin you can search again for plugins and install. Dunno if you have any solution for this. On other websites i’ve been managing, since 3.6 other shortcodes plugins would conflict with plugins page. In those I started using wordpress shortcodes but in here I need to use this plugin and its conflicting with plugins page. I hope a solution comes soon. Sorry for bothering.

We already investigate that and try to find a solution very soon. Thanks


hi there. new version have done weird with the buttons. my buttons are now really weird, and if i try to fix them (i have centered them using p tags) deleting the html tags, the size is not apropiate

they seem to have extra padding or something between text and the end of the button.

could you help?

see some examples here:

http://nsefotografia.com/portfolio/retrato-profesional/ http://nsefotografia.com/portfolio/fotografia-de-conciertos/


as i see, it is adding p tags to the html automatically. even if i put the shortcode manually, it turns the text between [button] and [/button] the p html tag, and if i remove it in a bug checker, the button shows correctly. could you help?

As I said – we will help you through support system – I think it’s something from the shortcode plugin that do not remove those p tags. Thanks

yeah, sorry about that, i didnt refreshed the page

hello, I finally purchased your beautiful theme and must stay I’m completely delighted :)

One thing I noticed (both on my local dev and the previous poster’s “nsefotografia” live example) is that the logo’s left edge isn’t aligned with the content.

May be that came with v 1.7, but nevertheless it is easily fixable by adding this css: .site-branding .full-sized {padding-left:35px}

Just thought that might be something you’d want to look into, so that natively the logo’s left edge and content gets aligned, just as in the official theme demo.


Thank you tello for being our client – I’m glad you are delighted about our theme! We will fix that in the next update – very soon. Thanks again

Excellent theme, clean, beautiful and professional. Fully met my expectations. It is worth paying attention to a very high level of technical support. Greetings to the authors, especially for George Olaru.

Thanks. You’ve made my day :)

Just bought and downloaded the theme. Installed, a “Senna Update” notice appears (WTF? I just downloaded it). Ok first annoyance, no big deal. I follow the instructions to auto update the theme and I get an error:

An error occurred, the theme has not been updated. Please try again later or install the update manually.

Second annoyance. How the hell can I update it manually if the version I just downloaded is out of date?

Where can I get an updated version?

Not a good start.

First of all what you are saying here is very very weird. Can you tell me what the notice was saying? Update from what version to what version?

The latest version is 1.7.0

We have done the same thing, downloaded the zip on ThemeForest and installed and no update notice or anything like this.

Please open a ticket system on you support system and provide us with admin access and we will do our best to help you.

Hi Guys…Awesome theme. I’m just having one issue. When you are on a single portfolio page, there are 2 arrows in the top left to take you to the next and previous portfolio piece and then a box in the middle that takes you to the main portfolio page (icon-th appears to be the name of the icon that I am referring to). I want to change the location of where that button points to, but I am not seeing it anywhere in any of the files that are in the Editor. I found it using Firebug:

( ).

I basically just want to ditch the “s” and have it go to ”.../location/”. I went through every file in the Editor and cannot seem to find anywhere where this can be done. Could you please let me know if/how I can accomplish this? Thanks!

Other way around…I want to add the “s”. Sorry about that!

Please open a ticket on our support system and we will do our best to help you.

How to change background color on widget and footer? Thanks

Hi. This requires custom css. Please open a ticket on our support system and we will do our best to assist you.

Already open ticket on your support system, thanks :)

Hello. On top of my contact page I want to display text with the featured image as background (no google map). I see the image but I don’t see the text. When I change the page template in ‘Standard’ the text is over the image (but I don’t have a contact page) but if I change the template in ‘contact page’ again, there is only the image on top of the page.

Please open a ticket on our support system.

I have a presale question: for the portfolio gallery archive, I’ve noticed that it displays about 4 pictures from a specific project. What happens if you only have 1 or 2 photos from a project and not a handful?

Hi indy1003,

If you have only one 1 image then the layout will be switched to one big image (as seen on this video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex9kjEZCPyQ). If you haven’t enough photos then the rest of the spaces will be filled with background color.

We took care of this case too :)


Check our new Senna Evo demo: http://pixelgrade.com/demos/senna/demo-evo/

Just a proof of what Senna can do for you :)

How do I turn on the new smart menu that was added in the latest update


There is no switch. It just works. It will only kick in when you have a large number of menu top-level items that won’t fit in the width assigned to the menu area.