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Hello again. Once again, a great theme. My question is why on my website projects will open in a new browser window without navigation (next, previous) I would like to show themselves as a demo: Picture in the center of the screen and the side navigation. I hope this is explained clearly :-)

Hi Betonx! Please open a ticket on our support site and let me know more details (URL and admin access would be useful) http://help.pixelgrade.com Thanks

As said before this theme is amazing! This is the best purchase I made on ThemeForest! Meanwhile I used the support and I must say it is really effective, fast and developer are very friendly.

Buy theme is eyes closed. If you stumble on making your site, remember that the developer will always listen to you.

PS: Sorry for my bad english

Thank you! :bashfulcute:

hi, great theme, one question Where i can find the number post blog in the blogpage? i only have three posts in this page

thanks a lot

Hey casbah! Check out “Blog pages show at most” setting from here: http://en.support.wordpress.com/settings/reading-settings/ Thanks

upps!! thanks a lot

Hi again; how i can see my all menu, i haven’t “more” in this

Hi! Please open a ticket here http://help.pixelgrade.com and let me know more details

Hi, gorgeous theme. About to purchase but I have 2 quick questions.

1. Can I add blog posts with large photo and excerpt to home page 2. Can I adjust the number of widgets in the footer


Hi loops95! 1. Unfortunately not without some custom coding. 2. You can add as many widgets as you want in the footer. Regards

Hello! I’m trying to decide between Senna and Fuse! Can you please tell me

1. Can I have a static image on the home page instead of a slider?

2. If so, can that static image be full screen – i.e. The same size as slider image on Fuse

3. Do either of the themes offer blockquotes and dropcaps? If so is there an example somewhere?


Hi Jamanius!

  1. The same – if you have only one slider then it will act as a static image.
  2. Unfortunately not – only Fuse have that option.
  3. Both themes offer support for blockquotes only – check out the first blog article: http://bit.ly/11N3yod (the grey bigger text)


We’re excited to announce that our theme is even better now, with a new small UPDATE live!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:

VERSION 1.8.2:

Some things that were improved:

  • SmartMenu Improvements and Fixes (Firefox)
  • Fixed Google Maps Controls
  • Fixed Input fields on IE8
  • Fixed Google Map from Contact Page on IE8
  • Localization Support for Search Placeholder
View the full changelog here. Enjoy!

**Future buyers and people that already bought this template can download these updates for FREE !


I can’t see the menu on the header…do you know why?


And actually a lot of things are not showing…like the portfolio, the map, etc…



Hi Tony! That seems to be due to a file permission (hemes/senna/library/inc/vendor/twitter-api/oauth/twitteroauth.php) – can you check and try to give 777 CHMOD Permissions to see if it’s solved? If not – can you open a ticket on http://help.pixelgrade.com ? Regards


It was set on 777! I submit a ticket!

Best regards



Sorry I am new at this so have a few questions.

1. I installed and activated the pixelgrade shortcode plugin, however it is not giving me the option of the of using it nor displaying the “fancy P icon”. Is there something else I need to do?

2. My Theme Options also don’t seem to be working. I can replace text, however I don’t have the option of uploading new images, activating scrolling ect.

Thanks :)

Hi Jenna! Did you follow our Getting Started video (http://help.pixelgrade.com/support/solutions/articles/130127-installation-and-setup) and everything went good? Also – can you open a ticket on our helpdesk (http://help.pixelgrade.com) and give us more details (admin access would be useful). Thanks

1) Is there a feature to create a video gallery like this that makes the video pop out and play? When you click on video it pops out to play and the width is unlimited with an option to make it fullscreen – http://billykids-lab.net/division/video-gallery-large-metro-small-gutter/

2) Is there a widescreen video option like this for HD videos? – http://storyline.flasherland.com/ or http://easysite.by/vernissage/home/video/

3) Is there an option to add featured posts above on pages, portfolios and posts like this? – http://david-goliath.vamtam.com/portfolio-layouts/masonry-style/

4) Is there an image-lightbox feature for photos like the “cute girl hairstyle”? – http://david-goliath.vamtam.com/portfolio-layouts/masonry-style/

5) Is there a scroll to top feature?

6) Is there a blog, gallery, video or portfolio grid fullwidth option like this? – http://themes.siiimple.com/newsgrid/blog-layout-grid/

7) Is there a blog, gallery, video or portfolio masonry fullwidth option like this? http://www.gt3themes.com/wordpress-themes/frame_light/blog/

8) Is there a Metro Slider option like this for blog posts, videos, and portfolio? – http://almera.webtemplatemasters.com/

9) Is there an option to add images to menu?

10) When a viewer search for items does the results display photos with the text?

Hi ashirion! Unfortunately most of the requests, due to their specificity, are not present in our theme – I’m not sure if it’s a theme that can have all those features but I hope you will find one. Thanks

Hi, I love the theme but have couple of things that need to sort out:

1. Once you add images to portfolio project is there a way to delete just one from it. Maybe without removing it from wordpress all together?

2. I was trying to insert a line break into “meet the team” box but it didn’t break the text. I tried in visual editor by shift-enter and in code by break tag (if i put in the code here it won’t show up) but didn’t do anything.


Hi redlik!

1. Unfortunately wordpress doesn’t have a “Detach” button in the media uploader, but you can always use a plugin like this http://wordpress.org/plugins/unattach or http://wordpress.org/plugins/file-un-attach to remove an image from a gallery.

2. Can you open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and let me know more details? (admin access would be useful).


Still with latest version installed website sometimes shows default green color (i have changed to red) on android devices. You can see it on live www.inovations.co.rs

Hi! Please try to set the CSS Inline from Theme Options – Style – Display Custom Css Inline – ON

Tnanks for advice its ok now. Many people already said, great theme keep up with good work!

I’m glad I can help you :)

Received the most amazing support from Pixelgrade. I would definitely recommend their themes and will most certainly be using more of them in the future.

Thanks so much for the quick and helpful responses. It is really appreciated.


Thank you Jenna! :superbashfulcute::superbashfulcute:

Hello, and congratulations for your job! I am using Senna and it’s working nice. I would like to “duplicate” the portfolio, or to be able to do a portfolio category link in the menu. Do you know how could I do it? It would be nice to have two portfolios, so I can change the title in the page…

Can you help me, please? Thanks a lot!

Hi and thank you for being our client!

You can add a Portfolio category in menu by going to Menu Manager – from top right click on Screen Options then check – Portfolio Categories. Now you can add categories to menu as any other items. Let me know if you succeed.


Great theme! When I try to add the social icons through the theme’s settings it links to the website itself versus the social network. Example, if I put in the facebook box, “happyguys,” instead of it linking to facebook.com/happyguys it goes to happyguys.com/happyguys. Does the same thing with the latest blog widget also.

Hi reggied10 and thank you for being our client! You should paste the absolute URL profile – that would be http://facebook.com/happyguys – sorry for not being more clear there. Thanks

Hello, I just bought the theme and I have many problems (menu not showing, pages cannot scroll, responsive menu not showing, images in media folder but not appearing in pages,...). I just tried to set the theme like the demo, but I couldn’t find the theme_options file at the root of the folder. I tried to import the demo data via the theme options panel and the import function of wordpress (using the demo_data file). Is your video not updated or am I missing some files? Thank you in advance for your answer, it looks like a great theme and I can’t wait to use it fully ;) Cheers


Have tried to import the demo data using the Import button in Theme Options? This is the recommended and easiest way. If you are still experiencing problems please use our support system and we will help you.

Hey, Just bought the theme. awesome job :)

One question, the search tab on the main menu has now dropped down to a new line under the HOME tab. is there a way to remove the search tab as I cant really reduce the text amount in my other menu tabs?


Hi Steve! Please open a ticket here: http://help.pixelgrade.com and let us know more details (access to wp-admin would be very helpful). Thanks

Ticket sent :)

There are a few issues:

The search tab is where it should be on IE but moves under the Home tab on Firefox. Its also the same on the iPad

The black and white option for the portfolio on the home page works on Firefox but not on IE.

The ‘portfolio’ button (square) on the home page portfolio grid cuts in half when you hover over it with Firefox, not in IE.

Really not sure if this is just issues for me. Just waiting on reply’s now from tickets

Lovely looking theme. I’ve been following the installation video but I can’t find the demo data anywhere in my downloads. Can you advise please? Thanks

Hi Jason! To import the demo data you have just to go to Theme Options – General – and press the Import Demo Data blue button. Let me know if you succeed. Thanks


I’m having trouble with the contact form…have a look at: http://puglia-design.com/wordpress/contact

Can you tell me why it’s align on the left side?




Works fine! Thanks a lot


Great! I’m glad I could help.


How difficult would be to add Linkedin share button on portfolio items, it’s important for b2b socializing.


Hi redlik! A developer will need 1-2 hours in order to achieve that. Thanks

OK, will you be able to do it and pass the code or what?

Please open a ticket on our support system.