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I would like to thanks you for this great theme that you made.By being so well made it saved us a lot of developing time.

Here what we made : http://www.everymaticpr.com/


Thank you so much and congratulations for your results – definitely something really great made with Senna! Cheers

Great theme! I have 2 Questions about it.

1. Is this theme optimized for an outside SEO plug-in such as WordPress SEO by Yoast?

2. I looked at the demo from the phone and the website shows up fine. However, when I look at my website from the phone it doesn’t appear to be mobile phone compatible. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Thank you for all of your help!

Hi reggied!

1. Sure – we even recommend Yoast.

2. You should look at the demo without themeforest bar – enter directly http://pixelgrade.com/demos/senna/ and the theme layout should fit to your phone.


Okay, when I try to go to my website from a mobile device the website doesn’t appear to be optimized for mobile devices. Also, I’ve installed yoast but it will not allow me to generate any of my SEO settings.

Can you open a ticket and provide us with more details? We will sort it out.

Hello, I had some questions regarding the header size for my website. I have created a basic logo for my website www.anvancy.com. The problem is the logo that is created is showing up as small.image/logo on the left. Is it possible that the image fills up at least 80% of the space dedicated for the headers? I tried a 1200px by 133px photo and it still looks small. Also is it possible that the main white background can be turned black/grey? I could change the colors behind the menu text but is it possible to change the main colors? I am new to wordpress and found your theme very elegant to use so purchased it.If you have links for reference that will also be helpful. Also I need help in uploading images for my portfolio. As of now I could go till the main Portfolio section where the different sets are created.When I edit I can see the images are linked. If i want to create my own project under the portfolio, how should i link the images from my media library so that the end user can see photos like your demo section, example the mclaren one?

Hope did not bombard you with questions.I have already raised a ticket on your support forum too.(name is Anvay Nakade)



Hi Anvay! We will take care of these questions on our HelpDesk. Thanks

Hello Again. I figured out the answers of the questions myself.The header image stands at 120*90 by default. So If I create a custom logo the height should be fixed at 90px. I had a question while I was checking out the feature. If I upload say 640px wide then the logo does occupy the desired space.But the menu options shift one notch down.any reason why? As for the portfolio question your video helped a lot.I just forgot to check there. Very elegant theme and I am enjoying using it.I hope you will provide this thorough support going forward too. Thanks Anvay

Hi Anvay! Please add this snippet to theme options – style – custom CSS:

nav.site-navigation.desktop { margin-left: 0 !important; }

That should help you with the menu. For other questions please use confidently our helpdesk :)


Hi, Pre-purchase question. Does this theme support menu descriptions?

Unfortunately we didn’t implement such an option.

Thank you for this excellent template ! amazing. I have one question. Can I remove the “Share on:” and “Categories” from single-portfolio easily ?

Hi. Thanks. If you just want to remove those words then some child theme magic will be needed. If you want to remove them altogether, then sharing can be disabled via Theme Options, but categories still need modifications in a child theme. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and we will assist you.

hi, i want to upgrade your template on my website to get the new header menu, but i don’t wanna change my portfolio page layout, how can i do that?

thanks before,

What layout are you reffering to ? Portfolio Project ? You have more options on Theme Options – Portfolio after update. Thanks

hi, problem solved. thanks for this great theme! :)

Great :) your welcome. Not forget to rate

Hi there, we like the look of this theme. Is it easy to switch the slideshow off, as we could want a simple paragraph of text below the menu, and then the portfolio images?

Hi. Yes we have a simple switch to show or hide the slider on the homepage.

Is there a problem with videos? I have tried and tried to create a portfolio video post with a youtube embed iframe code and have remembered to check the right side for “video”... and nothing… see this link:


Can you help? Thanks, Sarah

Can you please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with more details and admin access? Thanks.

I’ve done that twice, just did so again, and haven’t received a reply. Still need help with the matter. My latest ticket#1979

I have answered to your ticket.

Hi Pixelgrade.

Senna is a real good template, and we need to improve customers experience with it. I have 3 questions for you.

1. Can we put a Mega Menu ? Which one do you recommend ? 2. Can we add a Portfolio Zoom ? Which one ? 3. Can we insert a Portfolio Rating plugin ? Which one ?

Thank you in advance!

Hi Ylan,

Unfortunately I didn’t tested Senna with any plugins for a mega Menu, Portfolio Zoom of Rating. Although – there is a plugin called Uber Menu on codecanyon that might work – I cannot guarantee.


Hi Pixelgrade, i love this theme but i have some questions for you. I already sent a ticket on this request, but I hope to do here too. 1) I need the file .mo or .po of the language file in Italian, could you send it to me? or where can I find it?

The other questions are in the ticket I sent you yesterday.

Thanks in advance! :-)

Ok thanks :-)


I would like to put the logo of “500px.com” in the Social Icons Widget but is not available. How can I do?

I would like to install three plugins: wp-db-backup.2.2.3 for Backup better-wp-security.3.4.3 for Security “Yet another related post” for the articles

Are they compatible with Senna?

Are there other plugin which do you recommend me for the security and backup?



About the 500px icon we will add it in the next update. About the plugins we have no problems with them, especially with the first 2 since they are backend plugin (do not have a frontend effect).

what do you put in the Skype social icon box ?

Hello there! Great theme! Just a question. I was trying to change the font size in the footer and in the projects (the paragraph font) but I haven’t been successful, is there any limitation? Thks


Can you open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with more details about your version, what were you trying to do and how you went about doing it. Also the url to your site. Thanks.

Revolution slider just updated their plugin, please tell me your going to update the plugin as soon as possible so we can have those new features?

Hi Jojo! We’re not using Revolution Slider on Senna. Thanks

Hello, I am interested to buy the Senna template. I want to ask if it is already configured “Senna evo” or if is necessary to make changes to the code.


Hi. The evo demo is just a different configuration for Senna from the Theme Options. Of course that no code is different.

thank you so much!

hi pixelgrade your Shortcodes “funky P button” does not appears on my pages in order to add Shortcodes i am using the latest wordpress ver …

in fact – all the Shortcodes are not working for me and ther is no other plugins that cuses that ! its just your theme ..

please please help thanks lior.

Hi. Have you activated the plugin? If so then please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with admin access so we can see what is going on.

I updated my wordpress to the latest version and my theme isnt working now. it says the theme is installed but that the stylesheet is missing and now it isnt showing the theme in the manage theme. i have followed the advice on this site regarding this problem but it has not resolved it.

How can i resolve this a return it to the theme as i am close to re-launch of site and was very close to finish.

Can you please open a ticket on our helpdesk ( http://help.pixelgrade.com ) and provide access to admin panel so we can take a look ? Thanks

Many Thanks for the quick reply, i will do that straight away, thanks again.

You are welcome.

How can I edit the font size of the page title?

You can use some custom css like this: .entry-title { font-size: 70px; } Thanks

I’m confused. I already own Senna. What is “Senna Evo?”

Hi. Senna Evo is just another demo that showcases the theme’s capabilities and flexibility. So nothing new :)

Hi pixelgrade, i just install the latest version of Senna. And then, my Portfolio Hover Text Color turn the same color as the main color. how do i change it? Thanks

Hi. You have in Theme Options > Style Options an option called Portfolio Hover Text Color. If it doesn’t work please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com. Thanks.

Hello Pixelgrade, It must be a simple anwser,.. but how do I connect images to a project page?

Hi. Yes it is quite simple. An images is “connected” to a project if it is an attachment to that project (if it was uploaded to that project using the Add Media button). If the images are already uploaded then there are some plugins that can help you connect them, like this one: http://wordpress.org/plugins/unattach-and-re-attach-attachments/

Thanks alot!

You are welcome.