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Is there an easy way to include title or caption in the pop up image gallery on the blog posts galleries?

in the portfolio, it always shows the title in the pop up image, down at the left, but in the posts galleries, you just can see the 1/xx at the right, and no title, or description or caption at the left

could you help with this?

thanks a lot for this wonderful theme!

Hi! Thank you for the suggestion – I added this Feature Request to our list and hope to get implemented on the next update. Thanks

thank you

How do I get my preview blog posts to have pictures in them? www.paleoriot.com

Please go to Theme Options – Blog – Show Featured Images in Archive – ON and make sure your posts do have a Featured Image set. Regards

I love you.

Hello; I am very interested in your theme, but before buying it I would like ask you some questions: – I would like to have 6 portfolios with differents filters inside. Is that possible? – There will be around 200 pictures fore one portfolio.. Do you think it will be very slow… How can I manage it?

Thank you very much

Hi and thank you for your interest,

We’re supporting only one portfolio page with filter. I think 200 pictures needs some scripts (eg. layzloading) to be handled optimized. unfortunately your both requests are not coming as out-of-the-box options – they can be done but need a developer help.


hello, i want to change the theme direction to rtl but when i do it some thing in the theme go wrong, what can i do?

Unfortunately Senna is not RTL ready – you need to do some CSS changes in order to achieve that. More about it here: http://bit.ly/18dAMTK

can i get more help about rtl?

When we will decide about RTL support we cannot offer further details about implementation.

This is a fabulous theme! Very powerful & flexible. Easy to use, & the customer support has been tremendous. Two thumbs up!

Thank you so much brett!

Hey Pixelgrade!

Quick question – what dimensions would you recommend for Homepage Slider images, so that they still look great on large, high-res screens?



I wouldn’t go more than 1900px width and 1000px height.


Brilliant, thank you! Can I also ask – is the height of the slider manually editable, or is it fixed?

Hi. The height is fixed.

I have an issue with the Twitter feed on CityHub that has been closed on your support site without being resolved – can somebody email me to explain please? I’m not very happy about the way this has been dealt with.

Please send an email to contact at pixelgrade.com with details.


I love your theme and my new website!


Is it possible to display the projects in random order?



Thank you and I am glad you like it. Right now we don’t have a random order option.

That’s a shame. I’ve changed the order of projects manually. The order has changed on the project page but remains the same on the home page. Do you know how I can also change the order on the homepage? Thank you.

hi, i just buyed this theme. but i can’t get the google map into it! i tryed new and classic map but i get only a gray field! this video: http://www.screenr.com/MjV7 also don’t work for me

is there an issue on Version: 1.9.3 ?

Hi! Please open a ticket on http://help.pixelgrade.com and show us your Google Map URL. Thanks

hello’ can i make the video full with in the slider?

Hi! Unfortunately we don’t have such an option – really sorry about that. Regards

hi i liked the theme but i have question. about the Page in the blog section name “Masonry Layout.” can this page be having the image slider like the main page.. cos i want the main page to have.. image slider on the top and the news below like in the page”Masonry Layout.” thanks WH

Hi. Right now we don’t have this option for the frontpage. You will need to use a child theme and create a custom template.

hi there. i’m looking forward to show 2 portfolio pages, one with my commercial shots, the other with my personal proyects.

i have not the skills to hack the template and create different templates for each group of elements to be displayed, but i noticed that there is a shortcode called portfolio that allows a easy way to include or exclude categories, ids, etc…

i think i can create a page for my personal work with this method (portfolio shortcode) but i just need to exclude from the main portfolio template the ids or category of my personal projects, because i dont want to be shown at the mail portfolio

could you please give me some advice on how to exclude one category (i will call it for example “personal-work”) from the main portfolio?

thank you so much

Hi. Unfortunately we don’t have this capability right now to exclude categories from the main portfolio archive.

Hello, I haver a little problem. My logo isn’t shown in the firefox browser. In other browsers it works except firefox. Why? And how can i fix that?

the page is


The problem is the image format that you’re using (.tif) which is not supported in too many browsers. Try to convert to a .png or .jpg and will work. Regards

thank you it works !!! :)

I am glad I could help you.

Well, I have some webfonts issues. I extend fonts with polish characters, but even so they are not appearing (and it looks different in every browser – in Chrome and FF looks ok, but not in every OS, in Opera fonts doesn’t load).

Same fonts files and font-face declarations works in default, Twenty Twelve, theme… I don’t get it, do you have any ideas?

Hi. Can you open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with a url so we can assist? Thanks

Where exactly do add the photos I want in the Project page?

I know where I need to add the “featured” but where do I add the images for the Project?

Hi. The images shown in the project page are the images attached to that project (the images that were uploaded through the media uploader for this project). If you click on the Add Media button and select “Uploaded to this post” you will see the images attached to that project.

thank you

You are welcome.

Demo site layout is broken on WP8 devices (IE) in portrait mode after Lumia Black Update. Can you comment on that?

Hi. We don’t have a Lumia on hand but we will try and test it through other ways.

Oh boy! I went through the 16 pages comments.. first time I see so many dummies questions in this marketplace. When there is the support forum for tech issues, you should restrict this area to new customers and functionalities inquiries like so many does here.

I’m very attracted by your template. You have really something with the pagination in your designs.. even if it’s not as modular as some I use to work with, it’s catchy. I will follow your work.

I have 5 before-buying questions :
1 – you say you can’t avoid the main portfolio to show every categories, but we don’t have to display this portfolio in the menu, we can only display the category-portfolio, am I right?
2 – I don’t want to use shortcodes. Do you think WPBakery Visual Composer plugin will work properly. I’m sorry, your work sounds smart, but once you’ve tried Visual Composer you can’t go back to shortcodes anymore. If I don’t install pixelgrade shortcode plugin, I will miss all the enhancement in the pages like quotes, team, etc?
3 – Same for the slider, I may use yours but do I have the liberty to deactivate it and use my own habitual plugin like LayerSlider? I mean if I put my slider shortcode in the First Content Area or the Home page, it should work.. no?
4 – Do you have an option in the admin to hide the search?
5 – Can the posts pages be full-width? I hate sidebars.

Have a nice day.

Sorry about the 3rd question, I should be able to replace your slider by mine in the php file. Of course.

Hi and thank you for your interest! We’re looking to offer support through our helpdesk ( http://help.pixelgrade.com ) but many customers jump over here and post their questions :)
  1. Yeah – sure! A category menu link can do the trick.
  2. That plugin should work but some styling might need to fit the theme style. If you do not use PixCodes plugin you will cannot benefit of shortcodes like quotes, team etc.
  3. Yes – should work.
  4. Unfortunately not but you can hide it using just one line of CSS code.
  5. Sure – by default they are without sidebar: http://bit.ly/11N3yod

I hope it helps and sorry for this late response. Regards


Have been using this theme and find it wonderful to use. My website is anvancy.com for reference.

I had this request if it can be implemented in the next update.

Can you include simple button to change the background color on the fly? Right now I have to dig in the custom css just to change the background color and at times find it confusing.

Also instead of the home slider, how can I implement a full page slider?



oh.ok.thanks for your help.

Also I forgot to ask this. Under the portfolio view category, we either have classic and centered. If I want a mix of two, i.e. full width feature image and positioning of the center style, how should I move forward?

Unfortunately you cannot mix them – you need to edit some php files and probably play with the css code.

Hello again,

can you tell me how to configurate the patchwork? there are only 6 boxes side by side. it isn’t like its on the demo page.

Hi. First of all you need to have sufficient images attached to each project (4 or 5) and then from Theme Options you can choose from 3 different layouts.

but the layout what i’ve chosen does not work?

Do you have enough images (5) attached to that project? (an article that might help with this How to edit a project gallery

If you still have issues please open a ticket on our helpdesk: http://help.pixelgrade.com


I cant seem to get my behance social link to display at the bottom of my website, is there a specific URL i need to use or what

Hey Jojo! Try to insert the absolute URL path, like this: https://www.behance.net/your-username Thanks