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Hi! What’s the right image size for home sliders?

Hi. Somewhere around 1400px wide should do it.

Awesome Theme. Clean and Professional.

Do you plan to fully integrate WooCommerce?

Hi. This is on our to do list but no ETA right now.


Would it be possible to make a one-page website from this theme? I love the look and feel of the theme but need to deliver a one pager…



Hi. I am not really sure it is that easy, but then it depends on what you are after. Either way some serious custom coding is needed.

Do you guys know when the next major update to this theme will come out or can you give me an estimate of some kind, love seeing new features

Hi Jojo! The theme is pretty solid now with all its features and even if we’re planning new stuff for it I cannot promise when an update will occur. Regards

Hey there, I really like the theme and have one simple question. How can I make the pictures in the header shown in full wide without the grey background. So that it looks like in your demo page?

Best and thanks J

Hi. Thank you for liking our theme. Can you give me your url so I can look at it?

hope you can see it right here – its a test page: http://webdev.webscreens.de/j-koeppen/videos/

You should set the background in the “image” field and not by inserting into “caption” field.

Hi again.

So I selected my background color as gray(333) and now the default heading color and my background is mixed. So for example in my blog section. http://anvancy.com/blog/ it is very difficult to read the titles and sub headings. any way to solve this?



Hi Anvay!

Now you should add some custom css to change the headings and body color to white. Using the inspector tool ( http://bit.ly/1b9VdFl ) target the necessary elements, like this: h1 a, h2 a, .post { color: white; }

I hope it helps.

Thanks. I will use the firebug tool through firefox to find the code. Also I had two new questions regarding the image showcase. 1. I had asked before if I can insert a full screen slider system for the portfolio or the projects. taking it further, If i buy a Jquery and insert below the custom css section will that work? I was thinking of this. http://codecanyon.net/item/galleryjack-rebooted-a-jquery-fullscreen-gallery/844501?WT.ac=category_item&WT.seg_1=category_item&WT.z_author=CodingJack Or will i have to do a lot of custom coding to implement this? 2.I have uploaded full HD i.e. images with 1920 pixels by length. But if i open them up in a particular project they are viewed small and cannot enjoy the full screen type effect. any solution to this?



1. Most probably you need to do some coding to implement with the current portfolio setup. 2. When you open the images in the pop-up they are loaded in full size but visually resized to fit the screen.

I hope it helps.

I have a problem when viewing my page on ipad 2. The main menu have now one more option and the menu starts to show over other areas of the web… Could you fix this?


My web is www.nsefotografia.com


That’s a feature to help you put more items in a small space – but your logo is less wider than our logo so please add this snippe to theme options – style – custom CSS: nav.site-navigation.desktop { margin-left: 0 !important; }

Let me know if it works. If not please open a ticket on http://help.pixelgrade.com



How can I add translations for this theme? for example,.. I would like to translate things like “Post yout thoughts” “Share on..” “Back to top”

And how to change the Blog message title,.. Now it says,.. Februari 10, 2014 – title I would like “10 februari 2014 – title”

Thanks,.. I am translating it now to Dutch,.. but it seems that some items are not being translated…?? For example,... - the “Your Thought” in the textarea box - the “Search” text on the Search button - the “Tags” next to Twitter/Facebook/Google+ - the text for the “Main Logo” (theme options) description stays the same,..

I think that it is an PoEdit issue,... I have translated some words, but it seems that PoEdit does not “see” that an item has been translated….

There might be some missed strings – I recommend you to open a ticket and send all the strings that you find so we can include them in the next update. Regards

Amazing theme! Thank you for the great support. I have one question:

I wish I could set the Portfolio Categories list in a single line and make it stay constantly open when loading the page. Is it possible?

Is “Filter By” translatable?

Best regards!

Thank you. That worked, but messed with some other settings of the fonts, according to ticket:3035. I lost the font settings. I’ll be happy to have the inline oprion in the next updates. Cheers!

We will think about that :) Cheers

I made it work. Thank you once again.

Hi, im looking to see where i can see this theme online with other colors not in the demo. Any users sites? thx

Hi dmaco! Sure – here are two examples http://bit.ly/1dIN4lq and http://bit.ly/1dIMWCD I hope it helps. Regards

It’s a great theme and it fully satisfies my job. I recommend it highly, it’s flexible, very stable and the support is fast, precise and always kind. Congratulations to the Pixelgrade developers

Thank you!! :)

Is this the right place to contact you with queries? or is there a forum? i am having trouble getting the map to display on the Senna theme. I have watched the video and followed the instructions please help.

Hi! He have a dedicated helpdesk: http://help.pixelgrade.com Regards

Hi there! Love the theme and it’s super easy navigate, but only problem I see is that on IPhone the portfolio images do not load full screen. Can this be fixed? Thanks!

Hey! The images should open in a pop-up – isn’t what you are looking for ? Thanks

Hi, got the theme, love it. Question is, on the portfolio page like this: http://pixelgrade.com/demos/senna/portfolio_categories/design/

In the header is the “SEE ALSO…” button, that shows the CATEGORIES dropdown when clicked. My question, is there any option to have this dropdown by default, instead of making the user click this? I’d prefer if it was selected on page load. Thanks for some great work.

Hi. We don’t have any option for this but it can be done with some custom CSS. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and we will help you.

hi there. on my contact page the map does not work. there’s just a gray stripe. what should i do ?

Hi. You probably need to use the old google maps url. If you still have problems please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com


Question are you guys going to bring out an update for this theme, as the support for iphone and ipad as it seem not to be functioning will on the new os. please advice?

Best Mitjo

PS sticky header doesn’t seem to be functioning ?

Hi Mitjo,

Sticky header should be disabled on touch devices due to well-known scroll detection issues. We’re waiting for an OS update first because they some memory leaks issues with iOS 7 (eg. http://bit.ly/1nJO7ap )


Hi, i messed up my contact page, after the initial import, there are no revisions to restore it from. Can someone send me the html content for the default contact page please. i.e. from this page: http://pixelgrade.com/demos/senna/contact/

Thanks, Darren.

Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and we will provide you with the code. Thanks

Hello, guys, awesome theme you made! Just want to ask: seems like this theme is scaling my header (portfolio and blog) and home slider pictures, for like 4-5%, so they look a bit distorted and cropped. How can i turn this scaling function off? My images are 1920×235px on portfolio and blog headers and 1920×565px on home slides.

Thank you! Then what exact image size in width and height pixels would you recommend using for home slider? Also, is there a way to show portfolio images and team members in footer or add those shortcodes to widgets?

And also, can i adjust text size in shortcodes? e.g. in team members? Now i have something like that http://i.imgur.com/h09mMB4.jpg

Hey again! There isn’t a recommend size image for the slider because as I said, the slider is responsive and will change it’s size based on screen resolution. Anyway – something around 1900×800px should be fine.

To adjust the size in shortcodes you can use some Custom CSS in Theme Options, like this:
.team-member-name {

Unfortunately shortcodes are not supported in widgets.


GOOGLE MAP ON CONTACT PAGE: I checked out the video and inserted the google maps code, however it does not show up on my contact page. I looked at the video but it seems to not be using the current google maps .

You need to copy the url code from old Classic Google Maps interface: http://bit.ly/1jR7HEx Thanks

Ahhhhhhhhhh thank you!

Your welcome :)

Featured images in the headers are not resizing in mobile – only a portion shows – iphone 5s with IOS 7, ipad is also not resizing although doesn’t look as bad because more of image shows. The Senna demo site is also not resizing. What am I doing wrong as I read that the theme was responsive? \\. When I add a regular image (not in featured image) it does resize correctly but I would prefer to use header if possible. Thanks

Hi jbloom! There is a container with a fixed height and the image is supposed to fill that container. Thank you for the suggestion – we will think about a way to resize the container too. Regards

Thank you for the quick response. Please also consider doing the same for the home page slider. I really missed that when looking at your demo theme and now don’t know what I will do as it won’t work to have the slider the way it shows for phones/small devices.