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Hi there, I want to remove the magnifying glass in the menu bar. how can i do this ?

Hey Gruni! Please use this CSS snippet:
li.menu-item-search {
  display: none;


thank you so mutch :)

You are welcome.


i love the masonry with sidebar blog, but it would be great if we could use the first post with the normal size, and the rest in that 2 column style.

is there any easy way to implement it on the blog templates?


Hey! Unfortunately there isn’t an option without altering the theme source code – with a developer to assist you I’m sure you can achieve that. Regards

Button Label Color – Slideshow How can i change the color of the button label in main slideshow?

Hey! You can change the style of the slider button using some Custom CSS pasted on Theme Options – Style :
a.btn-slider {
   background: red !important;
  color: blue;
border-color: yellow !important;

I hope it helps. Regards

Hi! It didn’t work, also is there a way to choose which sliders you want in mobile and which in desktop?

Make sure the CSS insertion is set to “Inline”. Unfortunately you cannot choose different slides on mobile/ desktop.

A few questions about your theme:

1.) Are there options in your GUI to control the position of the featured image in the blog posts? For example, on your classic blog layout if I wanted the image to be on the the top, before the subject.

2.) When viewing the blog as a list is there an option to see the full blog or can it only be displayed with the “read more” option? I would like the ability to define this on a post by post basis.

3.) Is there a lazy load option for blog posts? If not, do you know of any plugins that are compatible with your theme that could do this?

4.) When viewing posts as a blog list can a post display a slideshow as the featured image?

5.) Can I make a page that shows a specific blog category? For example, if I have a category for recipes, I would like to make a page with a custom header for recipes and then show the blog list for recipes below it.

6.) Can I use a custom icon font for the logo? How about an SVG for the logo?


Sorry, one more question. I really like how this portfolio page looks. (http://pixelgrade.com/demos/themes/?product=senna) Can you explain how the images next to this portfolio are created? Is this simply a masonry grid that is auto generated from a gallery? If so, would I have any control over the size of the images in the grid and how they wrap on different devices such as tablets and mobile?

I would like to make all of the images to display full width on mobile but on your demo page the smaller images only fill half of the screen.


  1. Unfortunately not – you need to edit the theme files to make that change.
  2. It can be displayed only with the read more option but you can use the Excerpt field to have as much text as you need.
  3. There isn’t a lazy load option and we do not have any experience with a similar plugin tested on Senna.
  4. No
  5. That’s a categor page, like this one: http://pixelgrade.com/demos/senna/category/design/ Unfortunately you cannot have a custom header there, only the category name.
  6. For the logo you can use a SVG and other image formats (jpg. png).
  7. If you want to control the width of the images you need to add some Custom CSS – there isn’t an option to control their size based on a mobile device.

I hope it helps.


Thanks for your reply.


i noticed since few days ago there is a bug in chrome. i think maybe is because chrome have changed something, new version or whatever.

the thing is that the pop up images all over the site, sometimes load the grey semi-transparent background and sometimes dont load any background.

i thought it was a problem of my site or my computer, but some users reported me this error, and, at your own demo site, the bug keep happening.

in firefox there is no problem, i just found it happening when using chrome

could you please fix this?


Hi and thank you for noticing us about this – I added to our Issue Tracker List and looking forward to work with the team to find a fix until the next update. Regards

hi! a month ago or more since this issue. any update?

We are planning to release an update shortly. Sorry for the delays and thank you for your patience.

Is there a quick and easy way to change the home page slider for another one like, Revolution slider?

You might need to change some files in order to do that – unfortunately you may need a developer to assist because there is some code to change.


Is there an option to change the background color of this theme. Also, can anyone of the portfolio or blog layouts be used as a home page.

Hi MM! Unfortunately all of your requests are not out-of-the-box options and you need, for each of them, to do some custom coding.

The background color I can probably change on my own. Are you able to assist with the floating menu.

Please read our Support Policy to find out with what we can you.

Hi there,

I have insterted a six column gallery into the home page but it is not displaying full width.


Do you know how I can change this?

Thank you,


Hey Gary!

You need to set up bigger thumbnails from Admin – Settings – Media – Thumbnail Size to something like 300×300px. Then use this plugin to regenerate the thumbnails: Regenerate Thumbnails


Hei! This is not working right om mobile devices, the menue is not working and portofolio items are not not showing. How do we fix this? Thanks;

Hi Arturol! We will try improve the website on mobile devices, even if I just tested on iOS7 (iPhone 5) and it’s working well. Regards

Hows it going, i have recently been trying to purchase thins beautiful theme via paypal, i have tried numerous of times but it will not let me, it says payment option is not available and what not, please help as soon as you can, thank you for you time!

Hi. Thank you for considering Senna. Unfortunately we don’t handle any of the financial aspects of buying themes. You should contact the Envato support.

Why do suggested videos still appear at the end of my video? I uploaded it on Youtube and I made sure to disable “show suggested videos at the end”, yet they still shows up on my video slider. It can be seen here.


How can I fix it?

Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with WP admin access and tell us what page are we talking about so we can investigate. The thing with suggested videos is somewhat more complicated than that. Thanks.

Hi guys. Smashing theme you’ve done. Never have more pleasure to work with theme before. It take me 6 hours to re brand my graphic design studio web site. Now only one thing i need. I want to install woocommerce so i can start sell our royalty free PSD templates directly from the site. Is your them compatible? Tis is all i need to know.


No plans right now but who knows :)

It’s ok. I have other site so i will link them together. Just quick question when i am here. How to edit the author box under the post? I have disable it now but i like to add image and correct links. All in my admin user profile it’s ok. I have gravatar and social links but nothing change under my posts.


Make sure first you’re the author of those posts, next if you don’t have a cache plugin. If still not solved please open a ticket on http://help.pixelgrade.com Regards

Hi, i sent a support ticket since thursday march 13th and havent got a response.

Ticket# 4406

Can you please help me?

On it. Sorry for the delay.


Hey Guys

I have built a site using your border theme which I loved and was so easy to use. I have brought this theme for another client and have noticed that it doesn’t have an image gallery feature. Can you recommend a solution? is there a plugin that you think would be good or is there a way to use the gallery feature in the border theme?

Regards Terry

Hi. Where do you want to use the gallery? In a blog post? So I can better understand what you are trying to achieve.

Hey pixel grade, Thanks for the reply.

I have found a plugin that does what I need it to do, but I was after a function that would let me put an image slideshow on posts and pages. Another function that would be great would be to be able to have the portfolio option that runs across the page work with just one portfolio and be able to have it on posts and pages as well.

Just suggestions as I have worked my way around these limitations.

Regards Terry

Hey Terry and sorry for this late response! Thank you for the suggestions – unfortunately this theme serves another purposes and it doesn’t have a gallery feature for now. Regards

Love the theme and it’s great!

How can I add the customized google maps on the Contact page onto a new page?

Hi. Unfortunately right now we don’t have a easy way to do this since we use a custom page template for the contact page.

Hey I really like your theme but on my screen (2560×1440) the portfolio on the main page is flickering pretty bad using latest chrome. The tiles on portfolio page are not displayed correctly, too. If i resize the window everything shows up nicely. No problem on firefox so far.

Hi kiq78 and thank you for noticing us! We will take a look and try to find a solution. Regards

Hi, it is possible to put only one image (the featured one) for each project in the portfolio view? Thank you. Gaetano

Hi. Yes it is. You will just need to select the single image layout for the portfolio from the Theme Options. Cheers

Hi, just got this beautiful theme, In order to get features like the Senna Evo, is it something your personally do in the coding and development of the website or is there an extended license I had to buy?

Hi. Thank you for being our customer. No you don’t have to buy anything. The Evo demo is just Senna with different settings. So you do have all the Evo features :)

Hello, Hello I have couple issues:
1. I want to change the header bar color using the Custom CSS Style options but is not workig why? I am using .l-header-fixed .site-header-wrapper
2.- How do I do to upload more than image to see a gallery for a project like in the demo http://pixelgrade.com/demos/senna/demo-evo/portfolio/video-project/. I can only upload the featured image.

Hi. Sorry for this very late answer. Can you please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and provide us with these questions and also WP access to you site so we can investigate? Thanks.

hi. no updates since december and some very important issues with the theme CSS in the new chrome browser have been reported several weeks ago.

is this theme discontinued or something?


We have planned to do an update in the weeks to come. No it is not discontinued. Sorry for the delays and thank you for your patience.