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I can’t seem to figure out the misalignment of “Subject” & “Message” on my contact form.


How do I enable the “We Love from You” Section below the contact form, together with the icons?

Kindly assist.


You need to change the markup of your contact form like this:

<label>Name</label> [text* your-name]

<label>Email</label> [email* your-email]

<label>Company</label> [text your-company]

<label>Message</label> [textarea your-message x3]

[submit “Send”]

You basically need the label elements around the field names.

About the content bellow your contact page, that is the content of your Contact page that holds the Contact template.

We’ve used our Pixelgrade Shortcodes plugin to make those columns and icons. This is the code:

row bg_color=”#01a279” class=”inverse narrow”

We’d love to hear from you.


+323 639 3714


[col size=”4”]



[col size=”4”]

39 Gay St, Bath BA1 2NT



For further support can you please use our support system so we don’t overcrowd the commets with code? Thanks and let me know if you need further assistance.

Hello, love these new theme, great work!

Can you please provide a date for when the portfolio update will allow to display both the gridded thumbs for imagery and a video? many Thanks, Giovanna

ok thanks. unfortunately I need to have both video and images on the same page.

As we plan on project page you will have the video on top and if there are any other images will be displayed below. The implementation is almost done – an update will be put online in a few hours.

omg… great news, thanks! I will wait until later then. as long as I can have both video and images I think the client will love it, the layout is so cool. Thanks!

Is it possible to allow the “featured image” to work on blog posts and maybe have ability to have a sidebar layout option for pages and posts? this could be a default template, but like to have option for sidebar visibility.

We have fixed the featured image. Please download the latest version from ThemeForest. You already have the sidebar layouts for the blog. We will add sidebar page templates for pages also.

The update is still pending though. Sorry about this. Will let you know when it has been approved.

Haven’t bought this theme yet, but boy, do I intend to!

It’s stunning. I just need a client for it. Next client is having it, lol.

LOL indeed. Thank you for your feedback.

very nice :D

...any chance the responsive menu alone might be developed into a wordpress plugin?

Thank you! We don’t have any plans for that – you can use it only with this theme.

hi there, any Plan for RTL & WPML support? thanks


WPML is already supported and RTL is on queue – we will try to implement it soon.


Thank you so much, will wait for. good luck.

We will let you know – best of luck!

Nice Theme.

can i see a post with featurerd image and one with video in the demo.


Hi Mac,

There are several options on Blog Options page – one of them is to show a “Featured Image” on blog archive – check out the options page: http://bit.ly/16HCVqG . And a screenshot from frontend: http://bit.ly/16HD4uq . Also on each blog post page the featured image is shown on top, along with an optional html supported title.

The video support for blog posts will be added in the next few days.


Aha, cool thank you. Another question: Is there an Option to make the “Our friends” Banners klickable. I think i buy it whe the videos are avaiable. I wait for the Update. :-)

Sure – “Our friends” logos are created using wordpress editor and our exclusive shortcodes plugin. I just add a link to the first logo – check out now.

Hi, I’ve also a some questions about images:

1. could you please let me know if the theme has an image gallery page which opens into a light box with back/next arrows to move through the photos.

2. is the above also possible in posts – or perhaps a slider?

3. do you have a screen shot of a post with a featured image I could see please? Does the featured image allow for the full height of the image to be shown or is it cropped to fit specific height/width.

Thanks lots


1. The lightbox feature is available on Project pages – check out http://bit.ly/11N3cxR 2. Not yet – we will have the lightbox feature pretty soon 3. Here is a screenshot from blog archive: http://bit.ly/16HD4uq On each blog post page the featured image is shown on top, along with an optional html supported title – as you can see here: http://bit.ly/11N3yod The image is not cropped on blog archive, neither on single posts page – but in the second case the image cover the area on a fixed height – so will not be shown at full height.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks

Hello! Compliments for the template, innovative & sexy! I just have one question, how do I change the words “Portfolio” and “More” in the grid portfolio?


Hello and thank you for your appreciation,

If you need to change those words for translation purposes, you can use a plugin – WPML – which is supported by our theme and you can change it easily. If you want to change it by default – there is not such an option for now, but maybe it’s a good idea to have it in a future update.

Anyway – you can open a ticket on our support forum and we can help you with that.


Hi How do you view the responsive version? I see the desktop version on my mobile. Thanks

Hi – just resize the browser window. Thanks

I tried installing this theme on my blog and this is what it said

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/eggebeen/public_html/jlemonsdesign/wp-content/themes/Senna/library/inc/widgets.php on line 175

What happened why cant I install this theme ?

Can you open a ticket in our support system to help you faster? It’s due to the PHP version your server. We’ve fixed it and will include it in an update today.

Awesome wow thanks for the quick support :D

We’re doing our best to offer great support :)

OMG! This theme is very beautiful! I will buy this week. I have just one question: blog, would it be possible to add featured images? I have a little knowledge, will I get?

Thanks. And congratulations!

We’re glad you like our theme!

Of course featured images are supported on blog – there is just a single switcher that you have to press to enable this functionality (see here: http://bit.ly/16HCVqG )

Here is a screenshot from blog archive with Featured Image option enabled: http://bit.ly/16HD4uq . On each blog post page the featured image is shown on top, along with an optional html supported title – as you can see here: http://bit.ly/11N3yod


Is it possible to put the portfolio projects in an order or to choose featured projects for the homepage?

Your welcome !

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done :-)

Thank you! Have fun and let us know the results :)


Another question : is it possible to launch a video in a lightbox from the homepage slider ? I mean, could call2action button trigger the opening of a video in lightbox ?



It’s possible but the button from slider need some specific markup – like a href url to the video and a css class. We didn’t have a shortcode for this kind of feature, so you have to write it by yourself – but we can help through our support ticket system.


Ok good to know! Thx ;-)

Anytime :)

A bit of a rookie question: Which plugin would you recommend for the WPML translation? Or can I just edit the po en mo files and upload them back?

I think you just need the WPML plugin – http://wpml.org/ – this is very popular among wordpress translation sites.

hello – great theme BTW. Got a question for you, would like to use Google Fonts on this theme, so does it support it? or do I have to use a plugin, and which one should I use ?


We have integrated Google fonts and you can choose from over 600 fonts directly from the Admin Panel – check this out: http://bit.ly/ZAK5G0 (for now you can change the font only for headings).


Hi breath of fresh air! great theme…just one more thing how do i remove portfolio and more on the front page…cant get it online till i edit this.


There is not such an option yet – we consider that section needs to have a title – Portfolio – that define it and also a read more – More – button to help your visitors to discover more of your works.

Its ok-managed to sort it- thanks for a great theme again!

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I have a problem. On any single portfolio page, the pagination “previous” and “next” work fine, but the “all projects” link (icon-th) always returns a 404 page not found error.


We just notice that – tommorow will happen a pretty important update with some cool features – this one will be fixed for sure. It’s ok until tommorow?



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Hi Can you please advise, after the theme installation this appeared on all all pages.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/yoseph/public_html/jh-factory.co.uk/wp-content/themes/Senna/library/inc/widgets.php on line 175

I have no chance to do anything else with the theme.



one more question. r u going be doing a mobile version of Senna theme soon at all?

The Senna is already a responsive theme – which means is mobile ready.