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We have implemented you theme on our website http://pytchleyhouse.neowebservices.co.uk , we are facing google map issue on website on specific page http://pytchleyhouse.neowebservices.co.uk/contact/, The map is not coming.

What I observed is, Google map has changed its URL pattern , from Non SEO to SEO Friendly , and it has no ”?” anymore in their URL.

Your contact.js file is looking for ”?” and “&” in URL, which is not there any more.

Please can you tell me what we need to change in the JS to make it working. Our Address for this page is :

West Lyford Place, Lyford Cay, Nassau, Bahamas

Waiting for your reply



I recommend you to use the Classic Google Maps and get the url from there https://support.google.com/maps/answer/3045828?hl=en We’re planning to rewrite the code to support the new URL.

Thanks, George

Hi there,

Just a quick pre-sale question. Am I able to use the self hosted audio player and or soundcloud embeds in the portfolio?


Hey zaggadon and thanks for your interest! Unfortunately we don’t have such an option – only if you embed it directly to the text content. Regards


Where do I change the internal images of the portfolio?


Anytime :D

Hello Pixelgrade!

Where you take the Google Maps link to put on the site?

I tried to put one, only it was not. :/

Hi. Please open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and we will try and help you with the Gmaps.

Hello I liked your theme!! I have one query.

Is this theme Support woocommerce Plugin Fully ?


Hi. No, we haven’t done a custom integration with WooCommerce.

Hi, whats the best method for changing the background colour?

Hi. Can you clarify on this? Or better yet open a ticket on help.pixelgrade.com and explain what you are trying to achieve and we will assist you.

Hi, i was just wondering is there a way to add a dropshadow to the text in the slider? So that the text stands out.

Many Thanks,

Hey! Unfortunately we don’t have an out of the box option for this effect – you may want to try with some Custom CSS applied http://css3gen.com/text-shadow/

I hope it helps.

Hi, is the Senna theme compatible with Wordpress 4.0 ?

Hello Are the two boxes “portfolio” & “more” are compulsory in the homepage? Can the “More” button be placed below? It looks odd to have these boxes there. Isn’t it obvious these are portfolios?

Demo gets impressive score (above 80) at google pagespeed. Do you also provide clues how users can prevent javascript from interfering in the head? (I believe your competitors should follow your coding!!! :-)

Also, do you use any special plugin for auto-resizing pics at homepage, portfolio? Asking as same pics at portfolio pages look bigger.

Hi. Yes, right now they are. Regarding the js, our js files are forced to be inserted in the last part of the body tag. You can force this yourself with the help of a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache (we highly recommend it). Regarding the pictures, no, we just use the standard WP functionality to generate different sized thumbnails on upload (if you already have the images uploaded, then you can use a plugin like Force Regenerate Thumbnails – https://wordpress.org/plugins/force-regenerate-thumbnails/ ).

Thanks. By any chance could you make a toggle (for portfolio & more) in next update? I would hate to look elsewhere after finding Senna.

also, in docs, on homepage, you show 3 latest projects. Can they be extended to have latest 6/9 (multiples of 3 columns, one below the other) of the same structure? Some projects have multiple versions (iterations, in programming lingo). Choice of showing more projects (on homepage) would be lapped up by many tech & engg. pros!!!. (One big image wrapped by 3-4 related ones is a HUGE display benefit).

Lastly, can we have the same arrangement at increased width making 2 columns, for bigger pictures?

Hi. Removing those can be easily achieved with the help of a child theme and messing a little bit with a template in the child theme. Regarding the number of projects, we already have this option in our Theme Options. As for 2 columns right now we don’t have this option but it can be done with some Custom CSS.

Hi, is the Senna theme compatible with WordPress 4.0?!


Hi. Yes it is. We have tested it and have seem no issues.

hi, i am trying to add images and text to stay in the same line but it keeps going to the next line. I have checked the code and there is no breaks to make it go to the next line.

this is for inodecloud.com/propellershaft

this is one of the codes in the page.

scania volvo  daf   freightliner


this is on the homepage.

\\  Automotive

but the image always takes a new line.

Hey and thank you for being our client,

In order to offer a better support and keep track of the issues, for any questions, please use our HelpDesk.

All the best, George

Hi there

Is there a way to get the testimonials to autoplay. I mean to change by themselves every few seconds?


Hey caspio7!

Unfortunately at least for the moment, no. There’s no option for do that. You can make a feature request about this and if there will be a high demand from our customer we could consider adding an option like that.

Thanks, Alin

Hi! I really like this theme! I have question about the custom post type. I already have a wordpress theme on my site, this theme support custom post type too. On my site I have 4 custom post type, so i’m wondering if i can still use the old post type… i mean if I switch to this teme I will see all the posts in the blog section, included all the posts of the 4 different custom post type? Sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand.

Hey! If the custom post types are registerd by a plugin, you will not lose them when you switch the theme. If they are registered by the theme you will not see them only if you activate that theme. Thanks

Will you be maintaining this theme, or is it done. Last update was a year ago?

Hey! Last update was on May 14th – we’re mainting the theme to be compatible with latest version of WordPress. Thanks

Scroll does not work on my Android HTC One or Android Asus Fonepad tablet.

Hi! Sorry for the delayed response. Can you please open a ticket on our HelpDesk and give us there more details about this issue? Thanks, Alin

Can this template be full width like your fuse template?

Hey and thanks considering our theme!

The theme doesn’t have an option to set it full width like Fuse theme except the Slider. But I thing with some CSS codes you will be able to achieve this, but you will need a developer to assist you unless you’re not a coder :)

Thanks, Alin

Senna Theme is broken for Android. Great theme, but unreal it does not work for 20% of my site visitors. This needs to be fixed. You can’t scroll down on Android ( browser is stuck at top of the screen! )

Hey and sorry for any inconvenient created. We already fixed some of the mobile issues and will fix this too I hope asap.

Thanks for understanding,

You mentioned a fix might be posted 10 days ago. Any progress. 20% cut in userbase is huge!


igorjms Purchased

The problem with Android has been resolved? :/


igorjms Purchased

30 days… and no solution?

Hi Igor,

Unfortunately some issues have pushed the update back. We will try and hurry things along.


igorjms Purchased

Ok, problem solved. What files should upgrade?

Hi,Pixelgrade,I use “Senna”,and I’m completely satisfied with that.

But I updated my nexus7 to android 4.4.4, scroll does not work on my nexus7 (google chrome38 and opera24).and also,it does not work on my surface pro 3 (internet explorer 11,windows8.1).

Menu is okay, so I can move to other page, but I can’t read the lower part of page.

How can I fix that? or are you going to release an update these days?


Hey and thank you for being our client,

In order to offer a better support and keep track of the issues, for any questions, please use our HelpDesk.

All the best,


Dalcol Purchased

Hello, I’m planning on running a woocommerce shop with senna. Would it be possible to get some help on customization ? I’m running trough problem with CSS

Hey and thank you for being our client,

In order to offer a better support and keep track of the issues, for any questions, please use our HelpDesk.

All the best, Alin

Hi There,

I am thinking about buying your theme, but before I do could you answer a quick question please. The slide show on the home page can the height be chnaged so I can make it fill up more of the screen?

Thank you

Hi Hobs and thanks being interested in our theme!

Unfortunately there’s no option for change the slider height. You can achieve that if you perform some custom work.

Thanks, Alin