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You seem to have a problem with your demo. There’s a huge space there. Might want to check it out. And there seems to be some breakage throughout. Maybe you are making some online changes?


Please give me more details – did you try to clear your cache and make a refresh?


Hi – please try a refresh now. Thanks

We’re excited to announce a new UPDATE that is now live! :superbashfulcute::superbashfulcute:


Some cool new features that were added:

  • Video Support for Portfolio Projects ( check out the video )
  • Multiple Post Formats support for Blog Posts (video, audio, quote)
  • Autogrow textarea on Contact page
  • New shortcode – Divider
  • Improved shortcode – Circle Knob(now act as a pie chart where you can set the percentage value)
  • Improved lightbox (on projects pages) – now faster and more responsive
  • Featured projects on homepage (now you can select which projects to show first on homepage)
  • ..many fixes and new options!
Changes can be seen on live preview for now and will be online in a few hours. Enjoy!

**Future buyers and people that already bought this template can download these updates for FREE !

The update was approved and is ready to download!

Yes the demo is blank for me too.

Sorry about that – it’s something cache related – we will solve it asap. Thanks for understanding

Please take a look now. Regards

How do I get my contact page to look like the demo site, my contact fill in section is all the way at the bottom of the page and not up at the top like it is on the demo site. Also how do you get the url for the google maps I have entered my home address in google maps and cant find the url anywhere

Hi Joho,

Please open a ticket on our support forum: pixelgrade.ticksy.com

Basically – you just have to wrap the labels in a <label></label> tag for contact page.

For google maps you have to go to: http://maps.google.com , find your address and on top left you will find a link icon – click on that and copy from there the first link – that’s the link that you need to use.


What labels are you talking about, you mean labels on the page or what ?

No – labels from Contact Form 7 plugin. By default they are like this:

<p>Name *<br />
[text* your-name] </p>
You have to change it to:
<p><label>Name *</label>
[text* your-name] </p>

That’s it.

How do I link my portfolio to my portfolio page. I have my portfolio on a page called my work and it only has one portfolio on that page. But when I go to the my work page there are like 5 other blank squares including the 1 portfolio I have and when I click on that portfolio square it takes me to a 404 page instead of to the portfolio i created

Hi again,

You have to create a new page – called Portfolio (or how do you like it) – and from right sidebar – select as a Template – Portfolio.

Please use our forum pixelgrade.ticksy.com to offer a better support – also if you can provide us admin access that would be useful. Before that do not forget to check if you have the latest version of the theme (v1.1)


I did do that but nothing is working I still get a 404 page!!!!

Try to flush your permalinks too. See how: http://youtu.be/ILem-7yhD_s

I still cant get the portfolios to work, I tried creating a new page but that did nothing at all, I am getting very frustrated, can someone send me a video or pictures of how to do this!!! and the google maps cant be embedded on my website by the way

The portfolio is easier than you think. I will post a video how to set the portfolio page. Here is a video how to set the projects itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ex9kjEZCPyQ

Anyway – did you check the theme version ?

Here is the video that I promise – it will show at the beginning that we have some projects (you already know how to create them – using the previous video) – and next how to add a Portfolio Archive Page template – at the end how to flush your rewrite rules (usually a fix for 404 pages – but probably it’s not the case now). http://screenr.com/UjV7

Also – I suggest to use the “Reply” button to address the same problem, instead of adding a new comment.

I have a gallery in my portfolio is that my problem

here is the link to my website http://www.jlemonsdesign.com/my-work/ click the link and nothing happens i still get a stupid 404 page

The video isnt helping, I am so confused and frustrated!!!!

Try to flush your permalinks too. See how: http://youtu.be/ILem-7yhD_s

Is there dummy content available to make my site look like the demo?

Sure – use demo_files.xml – and here is a video that help you to achieve that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcNMrBgN_ds


Thanks a lot!

I have tried everything you guys have said to make these portfolios work and nothing is working, I am getting really really frustrated

I have a gallery in my portfolio is that my problem

here is the link to my website http://www.jlemonsdesign.com/my-work/ click the link and nothing happens i still get a stupid 404 page The video isnt helping, I am so confused and frustrated!!!!

I understand your frustration but things are really really simple – I record some videos to help you out. Let me know if you watch them and everything is clear.

I gave up on trying tp get the stupid portfolio template to work, nothing Is working but I still cant get the google maps to display on my contact page, I tried the url but nothing showed up

Sorry to hear that – here is a 1 minute video that will help you configure thet Google Map from Contact Page: http://screenr.com/MjV7


I still cant get the stupid portfolio to work, I am about ready to delete this theme, I dont want to use short codes, I dont want to edit any code, I just want this thing to work!! this shouldn’t be that hard, i should just drop it in and it should work, I shouldn’t have to use short codes and tags and other crap like that to make this work!!!!!

it never works though it always takes me to a stupid 404 page when ever i click on a portfolio

Don’t forget that after any change that affects urls (slugs) you need to flush the permalinks.

This is where my portfolio SHOULD BE!!! but as I keep telling you all it never shows up on this page when I click on the portfolio in my portfolio page!!! http://www.jlemonsdesign.com/portfolio-project/jl-design-personal-stationery/

Please watch that video again and make sure you flush your rewrite rules (Save the Permalinks again).

Also – please do not post any new messages on the same problem – please use “Reply” button – or better – use our support forum because this seems to be a specific issue.

You guys really pulled it off! Great design and plenty of theme options (but not too many:) ). Installed the demo content and all went smooth from there.

As a side question, are you considering some sort of automatic update? Some clients are not so tech savvy in using FTP :)

Thank you for your kind words. About the automatic updates, actually we’ve just submitted an update to ThemeForest with just that :) .

We’ve included the Envato WordPress Toolkit Library into Senna so you will be notified when new updates are live and you will be able to update with one click.

We will let you know when the update is live.

Also don’t forget to rate Senna :)

Already gave you 5 stars :) Keep up the good work.

We’re excited to announce that a new UPDATE that is now live and ready to download!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:

VERSION 1.1.5:

The main and the most important feature that was added is the integration with the Envato Wordpress Toolkit Library – that means you will be able from now on to update the theme with just one click.

*Note: after installing this update don’t forget to add you username and API key in the Theme Options (you can find the API key on My Settings – API keys – we will post a short video tutorial about this).

Enjoy! :)

How do i edit the main slider? I uploaded images and added new slides but they don’t show up.

Did you check if you set a page as Homepage ?

Can you open a ticket in our support system and give us more details like url and admin access?

I’m having trouble with the “Load More…” (on Portfolio Archive page). Basically, “more” never loads.


Did you check if you have enough projects? Can you open a ticket on our support forum and let us know more details ?


Can you open a ticket in our support system and provide us with the url of your site. We will sort it out.

Where is the demo data file to upload? I have watched the video but do not have the files.


After you download the Main Files you will find a file called demo_files.xml


The demo data file is in the root of the archive you’ve received when purchased. It’s a xml file called demo_files.xml. If you still have problems please open a ticket in our support system and we will help you.

Is there an option to display latest blog posts on homepage?

If there is, I will buy. But if there isn’t would you consider integrating this in a future update.

You mean you want the blog archive as the homepage? Then yes you have a page template to assign to a page and set that page as home but you will loose the slider option. Let me know more about what you have in mind.

No not blog archive. I was thinking maybe you have a “latest blog posts” shortcode to display on homepage along with slider and other contents.

is this possible?

Unfortunately we do not have any similar shortcodes for now – maybe in the near future, if it’s needed, we will introduce one.

How do i do the update (I have 1.0) to the new theme without losing all my edits and customization?

If you haven’t modified the files, then you won’t loose anything. All the settings you’ve made through the admin panel (including Theme Options ) will still be there. If you have modified files, please open a ticket in our support system and we will walk you through it.


You can delete the current theme and then install the new one or you can overwrite the files via FTP – you will not loose any edits and customizations (they are stored in the database) – unless you changed some theme files – but I suppose you not.


Ok just posted this question on your Support Page. THanks = )

I just wanted to thank you guys for the excellent customer service and your very quick response to my questions on your support forum! I was looking for a while for a theme with a grid based portfolio on the homepage and Senna is the perfect choice for me. :-)

Thank you! We’re so happy with such clients. Have fun in building your next awesome site!