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Hi there, great theme! I´m having few issues: 1. how do I embedd youtube video? this is the code I used in the embed code field: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JkIItWnT78] (I also tried only the url with out youtube= things

2. how do I translate words that did not translate when I installed finnish wp? like in blog: Post your thoughts, share on.. back to top, About Admin etc and in the portfolio filter by.. and in portfolio load more. I´m sure there are others too, but you get the idea. the default.po file I found was empty

you can check the site at www.zincosuomi.fi

Can you open a ticket on our support forum so we can better help you?

To all current buyers, please update your theme to the current version on themeforest (1.1.6). We’ve fixed some bugs, most important regarding the automatic update system. So you need to update manually to this version to get the benefits of that system.

Thank you for understanding and buying :)


is it possible to add a submenu on the portfolio filter: Models -> Sara Jessica Samy

or you can do a custom code for me?

Hi! For now there is not such an option. Sure – with some custom coding that can be done. If you are interested in some custom work please contact us through our Profile contact form. Thanks!

great theme, excellent support, five stars :) loving the sortcode plugin, really cool

Thank you! We’re glad you like the theme, the shortcode plugin and especially our support :) Cheers

The shortcode plugin has never worked for me. Clicking on the icon does launch the shortode panel but it is full of JSON errors. When I click on one of the options, the shortcode that is inserted looks like this:

[undefined] ... [/undefined]


That’s very strange – did you check if you have the latest version ? Can you open a ticket on our support forum and let us take a look through your admin panel?


Will do.

Thank you!


It is a great designed and featured theme. However, there are couple of bugs. It will be great if you can fix it in next update

1. Firefox portfolio b/w color fade does not work 2. Search bar in header with multi lines if type in a long word. 3. Logo image jumping when slider down and up.


Thank you for buying Senna. We have noted and added these in our to do list for the future update.

Hi Allen,

I’m glad you like Senna and I wish you best of luck to create awesome sites. About your notices: the color filter is supported only by webkit browsers like Chrome – when it will be implemented in Firefox we will add it for sure. The search bar it’s supposed to use only short sentences – like any search bar. And the header is designed to be smaller (including logo and menu) when you scroll down and come back when you scroll up.


Hi. I’m unclear from the demo and the documentation if there is a widget to display tweets? Can you help. Many thanks

Hi, There is no default widget to display tweets – only to display images from a dribbble/ flickr account. You can install a small plugin to display your tweets. Thanks

But we will add it to our to do list for future update.

Can i customize page breaks on the home page?


The homepage have a fixed layout where you can enable or disable some content (eg. slider, portfolio items, content). If you want to use this layout you will not have the possibility to use page breaks. But if you choose a default page template – you can use them.


We’re excited to announce a new UPDATE that is now live!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:


Some cool new features that were added:

  • Added slider video support ( self-hosted, youtube, vimeo )
  • Added Interactive Pin Infobox on Contact Page Map (now the floating box is actually a pin to your location)
  • Improved styling for portfolio modal box
  • Added new Custom Fonts options for body text and menu
  • Added new Icons shortcode
  • ..many fixes and new options!
Changes can be seen on live preview for now and will be online in a few hours. Enjoy!

**Future buyers and people that already bought this template can download these updates for FREE !

The update was approved and is ready to download! Enjoy :chuckle:

How do I add custom fonts that are not in the google fonts library to my site, I have a font that I downloaded from Graphic River that I would love to use

Hi Jojo,

You have to make some CSS changes to embed your font into the theme. Also you have to make sure your font is actually a compatible webfont. Anyway – I would recommend to open a ticket on our support forum to see how we can help.


I cant auto update to the latest version and when ever I try to download a new copy it still says I am at the wrong version?

What is your current version ? (should be 1.1.6). If is still not working please open a ticket on our support forum, provide us access to admin panel and let us take a look. Thanks

Hello the theme supports the pug-in multilanguage?

Hello! Yes the theme is Translation ready and .po/.mo files included (WPML). Read more great features at the bottom of the Description page. Thanks

I promised to buy this theme at the first opportunity and have now done so.

I’m really struggling however, to change the navigation header / nav and rollover without it changing half the theme.

All I’m trying to do is reverse the header and navigation from green on white to white on green, but without changing anything else.

It would be useful if more style customisation was available from the backend. Any pointers on nav styling without changing anything else would be most appreciated.

Hi Simon,

That change is not very easy because there are hover effect , submenus that should be inversed too. Anyway – please open a ticket on our support forum and I will help you with that. Check out pixelgrade.ticksy.com


Will do, thanks.

Your welcome! I’m waiting :)

Thank you thank you thank you!!! I love this theme so much! It broke a couple custom code I had between switches but I enjoyed redesigning/styling the old code to your layout. Did I mention you rock? Great work. http://marylandweddingmakeup.com/

Thank you so much for this kind of words!! Your site look pretty damn good – congratulations!

Hi, lovely theme, im about to buy it but then saw couple things bothering and wanted to clarify before buying. 1. Main slider Next & Prev arrow links. They work fine in chrome but in firefox, if i click either Prev Or Next link on the slider they leave a green dotted box which will go away only if click on somewhere else. Im using the latest firefox 21.0. Let me know if its a really a bug and can it be be fixed? 2. Video on the slider. If someone clicks play on the video they wud expect the slider not to slide as the video is playing. I have seen this problem in many themes but few themes have manages to stop sliding while a video is playing. Is this something doable? If not i wud still buy the theme provided the 1st issue is resolved.

Thanks and good job with this awesome design. Hope to buy it soon. Mohamed


We will try to solve both problems in the next update – we are aware about the slider issue and we’re already working on a solution.


Hi again, can you take a look of the current demo preview? I think we have fix the video issue – so the slider now should stop when you play the video. Thanks

Hi, I have the installation is complete, But can not demo_files.xml use the Import WordPress. What should I do. Thank you very much !


What’s the error that you received ? Can you open a ticket on our support forum and give us more details?


A long wait, Only I checked demo_files.xml code: ...  <guid isPermaLink=”false”> </ guid> ... This is the wrong URL ( For Internet. Can you give me the right demo_files.xml? Thank you very much !

Sorry for that! Please open a ticket here – pixelgrade.ticksy.com – and I will give you in a minute. Thanks!

Hi, I love this theme! I messed up the homepage and would like to have it displayed ideal to one Senna homepage template. Below the slider, I would like to have three columns entitled “Technology” “Design” “Strategy” and list a brief description of each similar to the template only with 3 columns instead of 4.

Also, I would like to display my clients similar to have you have “Our Friends.” Please assist. http://eaventures.co

Hi and thanks – I’m glad you love our theme,

Did you try to use our shortcode plugin ? I think you will need : - to generate a row with 3 columns - then on each column (replace Content goes here.. ) add a Divider Shortcode (align left), a H3 heading and the description as normal content.

For clients logos we used the same shortcode plugin to generate a six columns row – and on each column we added logo images.

Anyway – if you need more help please open a ticket on our support forum, eventually give us access to your admin panel so we can help more.


I need to upload videos that are larger than 10MB, like minimum 30MB, but the uploader is limited to 10MB only. How can I increase the limit, at least for videos.


You have to do that outside of Wordpress – from PHP – because it’s a server limitation. I suggest to ask your hosting provider to increase upload_max_size. Also you can take a look here: http://bit.ly/13Fa1EV


Hi, Just a note to say thank you for the great support and beautiful theme!

I wish good luck with the sales and a long life to the theme!

Thank you Nidrig! We will do our best to maintain this wonderful theme.

We’re excited to announce a new UPDATE that is now live!  :superbashfulcute: :superbashfulcute:

VERSION 1.2.3:

Some cool new features that were added:

  • Improved Slider on Mobile devices
  • Improved Slider smoothness (now uses hardware-acceleration)
  • Added color picker for text on Portfolio archive page
  • Fixed small white bar bug on blog archive page
  • Fixed featured image on Contact page (when maps are not used)
  • ..many fixes and new options!

**Future buyers and people that already bought this template can download these updates for FREE !