17 clean, modern style newsletter templates made in 9 different color schemes with inline CSS and flexible table structure for quick and easy layout manipulation (delete/copy/replace table rows inside and between layouts).


  • 17 different HTML layouts...
  • in 9 color schemes (yellow, orange, red, purple, anthracite, blue, turquoise, green, olive)...
  • with flexible table structure (delete/copy/replace table rows inside and between layouts)
  • MailChimp and Campaign Monitor ready (with variable content modules)
  • 600px width, valid XHTML, well commented code
  • Documentation file with examples how to work with modules (table rows) to get desired content structure of templates and how to import and edit your templates in MailChimp and Campaign Monitor
  • Tested with Litmus e-mail testing tools
MailChimp and Campaign Monitor ready

Templates are optionally prepared for use in MailChimp and Campaign Monitor campaigns… this will give you more freedom to modify content structure and appearance:

  • Editable content areas in templates are marked with unique identifiers which gives you opportunity to build unique template structures and to delete/copy/replace table rows inside and between existing layouts just like in standard HTML templates
  • You can easily repeat/add or delete/hide any content module in selected template
  • With variable content modules (variants) you can choose structure of content modules inside selected template – click here and download preview of all available variants in templates

Note: Templates and variable content selectors will be fully functional only in ‘campaign’ mode!

Tested with Litmus

These templates are tested in all major offline and online e-mail clients with Litmus e-mail testing tools – click here and download preview of rendering test

Note: Although this templates are fully tested, correct display in a specific e-mail client cannot be guaranteed.


  • These templates are created by writing code directly in HTML files so I can’t provide a PSD file with complete template structure. Layered PSD files of graphic elements used for layout design are included in download…
  • Smartphone illustrations and icons shown in preview files and screenshots ARE NOT included in download package…


Update 2013/04/30

  • Added extra documentation files with detailed procedure of how to upload SENSIO templates into MailChimp and Campaign Monitor

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