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I just bought the Sentinell HTML Template last week. The problem is that none of the portfolio pages(portfolio.html#portfolio-single.html, portfolio.html#portfolio-single2.html and portfolio.html#portfolio-single3.html) are displaying pictures. They just display a black page with just the navigation.

I went through the help file a couple of times already but I’m not finding a solution. :(


looks like you are testing it on your pc, without running local server. All the ajax-loaded parts need server to run, either put it on some hosting or get server emulator like wamp http://www.wampserver.com/en/

Great stuff, it works on the server. Thanks a mil. :)

Unda Purchased


I love your work, I just have one question. I want all my projects to show up in the grid no matter what the screen size. I read the comments and it said that the number of viewable projects is determined by the users screen size.

I plan on adding to the grid every month as I finish new projects and what them all to be seen.

Gracias por todo, Unda


Hey Unda,

I’ll be adding some extended functionality and display options to the collage. Hopefully this week or beginning of the next. This will allow browsing of any amount of tiles you’ve created + so called “lazy load”


Hi, I bought this template and when i test him in my web server it doesn’t work.

The portfolio picture don’t appear, i only see a black screen.


Can you help me?


your server is denying post method for the ajax load, you need to either turn that on, or try editing /js/script.js at line 332 and changing it from post to get


Thank you, now it’s working, I’m going remove the site from that url.

I want the wordpress version!! when launching?


next week, or the one after that :) certainly this month, as it’s pretty much finished, I am squashing last bugs and browser incompatibilities, writing docs etc.

There are few added things like:

- collage has now arrows like a slider, so users can browse through more tiles (+lazy load of the further tiles), also tiles now have on-hover icons indicating what will happen upon clicking (ajax fullscreen slider, link to a blog post or link to external page) http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/9125/743d941877174dda8040621.png

- 4 stage responsive design: full, like on the screen above, 768px for tablets in portrait mode http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/5738/f71b05f86db0414898d802e.png , 640px for phones/smaller tablets http://img87.imageshack.us/img87/7638/e83f222c906a4d3f8b831f1.png , and 480px for older devices http://img717.imageshack.us/img717/7900/1378a065205d40daa062f3f.png

- portfolio can now have completely separate tile sizes/rows than collage on the mainpage, looks especially good with smaller tiles: http://img211.imageshack.us/img211/9818/03649f1189fe42ed8d4a35a.png

cheers :)

what matters to me is the blog :)

Hey guys, WP version is out http://themeforest.net/item/sentinell-responsive-wordpress-theme/3314808

It has some differences so be sure to check it out :)

And all html version users – there will be update to add the features that are in WP version (mainly collage sliding and responsivness)


On the portfolio page and home page does it have the ability to have sliders or more than 32 images on the portfolio?

We are not interested in the WP version – we have seen it there.


in the html version – no, the collage on front page displays the 3 rows that are visible and that’s it, the portfolio expands and can have as much as you need. The arrows for left/right navigating are in wp version only

Hi DS, and congrats for the good job. I just wanted to know which fonts did you use. I mainly mean for the show/hide.png and the go back . png . I need to translate them in my own language and make a new picture (so i need the name of the font). Thanks a lot.

hi, how do you get rid of the colorgrid menu on the homepage?


you shouldn’t have it if you got the theme from themeforest download pack, colorgrid is just for the preview

I am only having problems with the gallery tiles all i get is a blank black page.

For example please see the published url:


try changing js/scripts.js at line 332 from ‘post’ to ‘get’



OMG Legend, Thank you so much and this looks great.

Hello RvGreen!

Your template is gorgeous, easy to adapt to different needs and pretty clearly organised… Thanks for that.

I’m submitting it to a client and I’m almost sure that will be the one, but… Even tough I haven’t purchased that yet, would you be kind to inform me something?

As per COLLAGE & PORTFOLIO ITEMS/PORTFOLIO DETAILS I understood everything but I’m wondering if there is a particular order on the

  • that I can use to priories what would be the ones displayed? And therefore be sure that the most important links I’d have (9 in total) would be always visible and as much as the user screen grew wider it will show the other 15 which are there basically to accommodate the 24 needed ones?

    Hope I made myself clear and I thank you in advance.



  • EvGreen


    the first 9 items in the list would be always on, because the collage is filled with them in a “snake” pattern like so: http://prntscr.com/1c43n6 , no other ways to organize them though (like by class or other).

    The WP version of the theme has the collage in different “flavour” :) btw: http://sentinell.themeforest.designsentry.com/ with arrows for sliding (and lazy-load). If you’d like that in html version, mail me and I’ll send you css and js from the wp version so you can implement that.


    Thank you so much for your prompt answer EvGreen! Actually I’m having the html version … No need for the WP!

    Fingers crossed for me to get the job and therefore purchase your gorgeous template.



    Hello EvGreen! Good morning… I’m quite in a big trouble… :-) My client just wanted a slideshow to pop-up when the grid item is clicked… I tried to manage one some how, but he didn’t like the images in a collage, all the effects of the collage are pretty fine, but in this particular case he wants space among them…I could use the one you have at the bottom of your floats.html page… But, Can I add more than one slide at it? Thank you so much! Cheers, Stucky


    hey, I just got a brief moment to respond, so, sorry if I it’s too short answer :) :

    if you mean the guy wants spaces between items in collage, a simple border of say border:3px solid #fff should do the trick, along with box-sizing:border-box;

    if you want the lightbox effect to have multiple slides under one image however – there is a way to do it, you add more images like that, but they need to have display:none; and rel="prettyPhoto[gallery1]" where name in square brackets is name of the group of photos displayed in that one lightbox (you can have many items each with its own popup slides)

    hope I got it right :) cheers


    Aaaahhhhhhhhhiiiiiiii!!!! You just spoke greek to me! LOL LOL… Actually in the home the collage is fine…. and portfolio too… They want only in ONE page this “space in collage” I’ll try to “translate” you later and go for it.. Ah ah ah… thanks, Daniel! Enjoy your day! Stu

    hi, I was bought these template some time ago, but i have problem. Maybe someone can help?

    On every contact form (also original) ther is a bug – when i try type some space, in form is showing only second space.

    I must hit two times spacebar to get one space betwen two words? I was found that bug is in file: plugins.js.

    Do anybody knows how repair this?

    Best Regards Jarek


    yep it’s a silly bug, I think I’ve fixed it some time ago now, maybe you got the version before that. Anyways, open up js/script.js , scroll down to around line 412 and add ”.length” to the “if” part like in the screenshot here: http://prntscr.com/1cnkr8

    save and done :)



    hi, it works :) Could you send me last updated version of template? (maybe is chance to wrote what is changed?) jarekfd@gmail.com -> its my mail.

    Hi, the tips that you was give last night was works. But i have another question. When somebody send email using Contact Form, in Title [FROM] there are now polish letters.

    Colud you write me how to repair this one?

    Cheers Jarek

    Also i have question about the reset form after correctly sended message. This feature don’t work. Could you tell me where i can chande this?

    I think that is importnat for the customer.

    Best Regards Jarek


    issues fixed via mail :)

    Is it possible to make the main navigation menu not adjust when scrolling? To just keep it where it is?


    you can remove that script from /js/sripts.js I believe it was rollup and rolldown functions. Mail me if you need some more help with that


    we sent you an email about the same question that findley75494 had Is it possible to make the main navigation menu not adjust when scrolling? To just keep it where it is?

    Can you please get back to us today?


    Perfecto. Thanks so much.


    Is it possible to create a second form that shows a different success message?


    contact form? yes, you need to basically replicate all of the form stuff though. That is, the html markup, sendEmail.php and also script.js part (around line 111 I think). And ofcourse change the IDs and some variables so that they don’t clash with eachother. The success message should be in the php file


    This template, other than being super gorgeous, clean, full of flair the support that EvGreen has given me helping me to achieve the goals expected from my client assured me that this was the best choice to render a cool job.

    Thanks, EvGreen!