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there is some little bug in the product page with additional images, I think you should check it :) otherwise good luck with sales.

only 1px t?rrek :) Thank you very much for comment and warn. Fixed the picture problem..

Really nice theme, im currently looking at using opencart for a project and this theme would be ideal. A couple of things though mainly regarding seo.

The category and product pages titles should be H1 not H3, also you could do with adding alt/title to the images. Also have you considered adding rich snippets to the template, hreview etc. it would really help with seo.

thanks for the reply. I dont see any rich snippets in the link you provided though?

Hi, is it somehow possible to have prices shown all the time not only when rollovered?

Thanks Lee

Hi , I need to make a few adjustments. After you purchase I can help you :) Best Regards Thanks

Hi, so we finally bought it:) (username -Sarkavachutkova) Could you please make those adjustments and install it? Where should I send you ftp details?

Have a nice day.


Hi Thanks :) Please send me a message with the user bought. To send a message, Use my profile page .. Best Regards

Hi. Is it possible next/previous function for single item?

Ok) Maybe I will wait)

ok Thanks wait me :)

Hi ,

at worst Tendershop ; Monday will be ready to Themeforest Woocommerce category..

two weeks later if : Serenity for Woocommorce will be ready :)

Best Regards Thanks waiting

Selam Buradan satin aldigim opencart temasinda(universum) bir sorun yasamaktayim.Tema sahibi uzun zamandir destek vermiyor.Yardimci olmaniz mümkün mü?Tesekürler.

Lutfen profil sayfamdan bana problem cikaran linki gonderin. Size mail uzerinden geri bildirim gonderirim. Ben tesekkur ederim.

Su an calisan sitede kredi karti odeme metodu aktif degil.Ben ayni sistemi kendime ait bir siteme demo olarak kurup size linki gonderecegim.hayir isler diliyorum.

Tesekkurler kolay gelsin

Hi, your theme is nice. What about its compatibility with vqmode extensions installing? I need to use some new extensions that have to be install via vqmode.

Hi snezanna ,

Serenity Compatible with all components. But : May need to make some minor corrections. Will not be a problem for payment methods and etc..

Best Regards


nice theme.

i would like to buy it but i want to make sure of a few things.

1. the products on tab sales, show only the original price and not the reduced.can you show both prices?

thank you

Hi baloo13,

I guess I did not quite understand ; Do you want to show only the last price?

Best Regards


no, the right thing is to show both prices. the starting price (with a line on it) and next to it the discounted price.

I’m sorry This feature is available in the wp version. I’m starting to do it in opencart . Best Regards

Greetings, Really like the theme and want to purchase. (Humble Store Theme) Couple of questions, 1. Can the 3 small tabs, Featured, Sales, and Latest, be added to? like 4 or 5 instead of just 3? 2. Can the rollover zoom be turned off so that a customer can just go to product? having to hit a small “view item” proved tough/frustrating on ipad. 3. Can a Revolution Slider be easily integrated with this theme? Thanks,

Thanks for good comment.

done, but it will take time. I’m not sure For Revolution slider. For Rollover effect : available in two versions no rollover and normal.

Best Regards


I want to buy this template, but when I try to creat account at the demo site, it has errors, please test http://ninetheme.com/serenity/155

Notice: Error: Password not accepted from server! in /home/ninethem/public_html/serenity/155/system/library/mail.php on line 251

Only for homepage this your requests ?

can I do it for both homepage and inner page? is it easy to edit

This code will vary depending on the information :) Require a run that can last for several hours.


I’ve purchased serenity opencart software but would like to make a some small changes being: 1. Replace Twitter feeds with Facebook feeds 2. Make the Available options tab showing as the default for products that have selections to be made. 3. Also the emails seem not be be working and the additional images are coming up very small in the product pages.




Please send me a message on my profil page. I can help you.


Best Regards

the theme has major flaws:
  1. does not work with multi languages
  2. does not work with SSL – uses external http sites
  3. “Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined” on every request, check demo
  4. css code is holy crap, difficult to quick modify
  5. requires opencart code modifications (overwrites some files) – no vqmod support

do not buy

yes, please help me !

  1. please add another language to demo and set country flags (or just names) of languages to be displayed in the theme. Let tag “View” on product be translated as well.
  2. please add https to demo page to verify that Chrome does not blame about blocking insecure contnent and js still works
  3. please open your demo (http://ninetheme.com/serenity/155/index.php?route=product/category&path=25) in Chrome, press Ctrl+Shift+j and press “Reload page” (F5 button). You will be surprised.
  4. every good tool may be misused – some idiots use microscopes for nailing
  5. correctly written vQmod extension/theme does not require to overwrite any original file of opencart – nor catalog/controller/product/product.php nor stuff in catalog/controller/module nor view/javascript/common.js
  6. latest version (29.03.2013) still links to catalog/view/theme/serenity/js/jquery.tweet.js

stop lying, go back to sell shawarma

1-) So far have not had any complaints. Minimal designs are not preferred multi-lingual. We have removed all the problems anyway. So : No language problems – Fixed.

2-) To use https, you must purchase an SSL certificate.

[ http://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?t=44588]

3-) Only missing file warning. Not related to the operation of the system.

4-) The whole world is now using bootstrap.

5-) Open product.php or Open the file on product.php / common.js vqmod and Scroll down one line. Vqmod 3rd party application. Requires manually editing all the time.

6-) Delete twitter plugin.

Did you want to help before blame ? And we did not help you?

You can try the update package.


Your goal is not to eat grapes! Return bad words.

Was made all the necessary explanations. Even if we try to help you but you do not want help.

has not one complaint so far! Excellent

I sent you the details please see!!!?

You’re welcome! :)

I sent you a couple of questions by email! please check!!!



Hello Is it possible to use Google fonts? Like i need to use Roboto font on all pages, is there easy way to do it?

You pruchased serenity ? :O Does not appear in my account. Very interesting. Please let me.

Well.. Yes, couple of days ago.. 25 Mar 14 Purchase Serenity Fluid/Responsive Premium Opencart Theme 4372985 $-47.00

I’m sorry, I’m confused , right. You can use change CSS to admin management module. You can write css in the box there.

I think google Webfonts settings added in the next theme. Please send me an e-mail, I will prepare it for you.


Hello Ninetheme,

I’ve sent you an email regarding some problems I am having the Serenity template. Basically the checkout doesn’t work with SSL on Can you please get back to me regarding this?



I send a message gmail.


Hi Ninetheme, I responded to the email. Can you please get back on me on this? The checkout still doesn’t work with https, but does if I change the URL to http. I have a SSL cert installed and the checkout was working with HTTPS with the previous theme I was using. Many thanks.

I managed to figure out what the issue was. header.tpl includes calls to external http resources. For example: http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.8.2/jquery.min.js"

If I change these to https the checkout works. I don’t believe you are supposed to be able to call http resources within a https session.


I purchased this theme and was surprised that it is not the same as the one in the live preview or screenshots! Whats the point of posting a theme that is different to the one you are selling. NONSENSE!. I hope the author brings back the original theme as he is showing in his preview. It is a shame as I really think its a nice and professionally made theme for opencart.

Hi Messidi,

I was abroad. Sorry for the delay. Please check your mailbox.

Best Regards