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Nice style, congrats, wish you the best with sales :D

Thank you!

Great Template ! GLWS :)

thank you metrothemes! :)

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Good style, very close to old getballpark.com lol


thanks for the feedback. I´ve fixed the button link.

You did a really nice job with this landing page. Congrats ;)

thank you so much! :)

Very Good Design, GLWS ;)

thanks! :)

very great style , i like it :) good job , i whish you lots of sales :)

thank you so much :)

Good job, glws ;)

Thank you! I appreciate it :)

Hi, nice landing. Hope you can help me. I do not wish to use it with Mailchimp, I want the user to send me the Name and Phone only in order for us to call ASAP to the customer. Like “We Call You” call to action, were user only sends name and phone nr.

As I need to receive this messages ASAP with Mailchimp is not posible to do that ad the user needs to confirm that he wishes to be subscribed and we do nor need user mail, or wish to capture it.

Can you please send me the php code for this form in order to include it in the index.php?

Is also posible to display a message in the page thanking the contact?

Hey allspy,

of course you can also use a contact form on the homepage instead of a newsletter form. There are many good contact forms and code snippets in the web with which you can do this. You just have to replace the code in the homepage html file with your own contact form code.

Thanks for your feedback. I´ll update this in the next version.

I like the landing page, but can you show me what the pages – About us, pricing and contact would look like. Also is it possible to customize the form…or use a form plunging as a replacement

Hey markuskempus,

unfortunately, there is only the homepage yet. The navigation is only a placeholder. I have it written down ;) The page templates will be included in the next update.

Very nice, but the claimed responsive layout is totally half-assed. The navigation isn’t even accessible from mobile.

Hey David,

thanks for your feedback and thanks for the note! I´ll fix this in the next update.

Hi! I’m trying to upload the theme into wordpress and it won’t let me… I see that you’re saying it got rejected as a theme, so then how do I use it? Thanks for your help!

Hey scmoatti,

this is a HTML Template. You can´t install it as a wordpress theme. You have to upload all your files and folder to your webspace and use it as a simple HTML Website.

The wordpress version of Serva is already in planning. You be patient a few more weeks :)


On mobile the top right menu doesn’t show up. Would be nice to have it mobile optimized. Thanks.

Hey jonnieves,

yeah, the responsive update is currently in work. I hope I can upload it next week.

how easy is it to add fields in the form to make it a quote/contact form instead of newsletter?

Hey ecmweb,

no big deal. You can easily add any number of input fields in the form or use your own custom form.

When you build a website you build it he aligned from left to right. All text and icons aligned to the left. I work with the Israeli market, in Hebrew all aligned right. If you want to see a good example, log in to your Facebook account Change the language to Hebrew and see for yourself. Now, I love your template and I am willing to buy it, you just have to align it to me in the form of a mirror. Be coded right to left. It should be simple for a programmer. What do you think? Please Contact me asap at: yossi.maman@gmail.com

Hi ymaman,

wrote you a email :)

Wonderful work.;

Thanks a lot! Aappreciate it :)

Hello, really like this landing page, just wondering if it is still in active development and if you will support it? I’m asking because the last comment is two months old. Look forward to your reply.

Hey gooddesign, I´m working on the wordpress theme of Lista. Once this is done I’ll upload an new update for the html template, including responsive design and some fixes. Please write me if you have questions and need support :)

hi, i am interested in this theme but want to know when the update is available? Please don’t say “in a few weeks”, because 2 months ago you said :

“yeah, the responsive update is currently in work. I hope I can upload it next week.”

Responsive update is very important to me.

Best Regards,

Hello, I’m interested in this theme. Before making my purchase, I want to know if it is possible to add fields to the form, such as check boxes, drop down menus … Note that I am not a developer … If not, have you any advice for me? I want to create a landing page for adwords campaigns. thank you a lot


gorbo Purchased

Do you plan to make a wordpress version?