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idanrub Purchased

hello, where can i change the add to cart button color? and the text color also. thx

idanrub Purchased

and i think ive found another bug, in woocommerse when you choose product type – affiliate, the il-post covers the button down and extends the product downward.

I have finally completed the set up of my website however there is one issue. When my page is shared on facebook. The facebook page generates a bio stating that the webpage is for Sevenmag and that it is a wordpress theme. Is there something that I can change in wordpress so that when my page is shared on other sites it does not show as Sevenmag?


This is more a feature request and just a simple one.

In the next version can the option for a Mobile Logo be added?

As my current logo forces the mobile menu to move to 2nd line which isn’t ideal.


KleyG Purchased

Hello, I write this message to ask if is possible to insert a “Load More” function button under the position of the articles in my homepage ( This button must load about 9 (3 per line) news every time and must reappear until in homepage there are about 39 news. If is possible to create this script how I can do to put it into my site? Can you give me this code if already exists? I want also to ask you if is possible to move articles titles from inside the image to under the image in preset Block 2. I want also to move date, author and comments out from the pictures and put them under the article title. It is possible to do that? And with which code? Thank you very much for any answer.

KleyG Purchased

- I want also to ask you if is possible to move articles titles from inside the image to under the image in funcion “Loop Posts” displayed as Masonry with 3 columns - How can I make the images larger in “Loop Posts” function and delete the description to make place to the title?

Thanks in advance

KleyG Purchased

I found a bug with theme’s slides with every smartphone. I’m talking about the slides that are activated by the options of page format Home-Slideshow. I tested with windows phone and Android 5.0 where the slides do not move smoothly. Causing problems for users of these devices. Can you please fix this in the next update? Thank you.

Abhiabhi Purchased

how i can remove link of author, date, and category from single posts and every page ?

need to know which type of support you provide of this theme.want to purchase..

hello, nice theme but my requirement is that i want to create a website like , 9gag has infinite scroll and the posts on homepage has full contents, is it possible in this theme?

filrancan Purchased
where is the featured image remove option??
We will add this option in next update 8-)

Hi I can’t find it. Where is it?


Hi want to know asap if you have spanish version or PO file or …cheers

Benti Purchased

hi!! i have a problem, the “read more” don´t found ¿? O_o help me please ;) thanks!

yogesh131 Purchased

nice theme

plabanm Purchased


You put last update as 21 November. where is the update log ? Master slider needs update.. ! Where is the updates files ?