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Hi I have this template and I do not know how to add disqus comments and facebook? I would say please add me as urgent

ibietela Purchased

How do i use ads on this Template??

Kloyn Purchased

I bought this template, but I have a question for you. I can’t find the code to open the question on the website: http://satankmkr.ticksy.com/

The problem I have, I need to remove the social buttons on the photo LATEST POST

zaloyose Purchased

Please answer the ticket. Ticket: #275136. Thank you.

Hello Satank it would be great if you add Star ratings and post views in this template

I want this version but dark for my gaming blog http://latestgames2.blogspot.com/ please can you make it i will pay you $22

I’m interested in purchasing this, but my main goal for changing my template is to also have a way to sell ads on my blog. Can I do ads (flat rate ads, as well as Adsense), and if so what size would they be? Thank you.


Okay I ended up purchasing it, but I have a few questions that I hope you’ll be able to help me with (blog is www.diydanielle.com).

1. The social icons at the top are all showing up as Twitter icons. I don’t see anywhere that I’m supposed to change that. 2. I’m trying to setup sliders to post random by label. When I attempted to use “configure labels”gadget, it does not show up at all-there’s just a blank spot. I can get it to work by doing it the “old way” but I’m not sure how to write it so that it will put random posts by label rather than recent posts. 3. Is there a way to set the “latest post” to always display in list mode? Or at least do list mode as the default? 4. Ideal sizes for the header? I’m struggling to make mine big enough to not be too tiny. It seems to be adjusting size down. 5. “Powered by Blogger” is still showing up at the top… not sure why. I see that there’s another one at bottom. 6. Comments and Archive tabs aren’t working. 7. Featured post isn’t working… just looks like it’s loading forever.

Okay sorry for all the questions but I’m excited to get this beautiful template up running.