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meedark Purchased

pls answer ticket #353743 its urgent.. cos the site is already live.

I did updated this theme to version 2.1.
Please contact me here: http://themeforest.net/user/MKRdezign#contact


kathula Purchased

Webiste Speed is reduced..

I did change code how to show summary on main Latest Widget.. I’m not use textarea again.. I’m back to normal code to improve SEO.. but if you want add that method again.. I will create it soon..


resistas Purchased

VERSION 2.0 of Sevida blogger template is just AMAZING!!

Congratulations, AWESOME job, Well Done!

I follow all the documentation intsructions but I couldn’t find how to change the default view mode from Grid to List. I also search the hole xml code of the template but I found nothing

In older sevida versions you gave us the option to choose if we want Grid mode or List mode for default view mode of recent posts.

Could you please tell us how to change the default view mode from Grid to List?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Yes.. this version still not option to change it.. I will try to add that option soon..


kathula Purchased

Website Speed is reduced and my search is not working and how to change the load more to page navigation please reply me

I did uploaded Version 2.1 and waiting for review. I did changed some code to make it more faster.

you are still used version 2.0 not 2.1
Version 2.1 not just recode some script but i did remove some script.
and I see you are use other third party script. that make it speed decrease..


buxbuxer Purchased

how to disable zoom out on slider

i did add new method to show image in Widget by Labels. That method to make image load from center.. and make it look good but image will look zoom..

Just installed the latest update on 16th June 2015. When I click on a page on my blog, the menu bar does not appear at all, the top right header picture does not appear and all the pictures appear grainy.

This used to work perfectly but not now. Please help. Thanks, Donal

I did change method how to create menu bar
Now it’s not use page again.. This use Linklists to create it..
Please Read Documentation how to create it.
if you alreadi read it and need again Pleas contact me in :http://themeforest.net/user/MKRdezign#contact

I did read the documentation, and I am using the Link List for all of my menus… please see here http://www.golfcentraldaily.com/.

The Main Menu (under the header) is the only one giving me grief.

When viewing archive links the images are grainy, and when viewing all of the links the menus and lots of other widgets disappear.

Please help!

Wait i will release vers 2.1 and fix all error soon (I try to make it this day ).

1. When i entered the slider code all what i found is nothing! the code is correct and everything else

2. The top menu items & The social links & Main menu items are appearing in all pages except homepage

3. Some words at translator aren’t translated

Wait i will release vers 2.1 and fix all error soon (I try to make it this day ).

Very nice template !

I have pre purchase question can we make this demo page to view picture ( http://sevida-mkrdezign2.blogspot.com/search/label/Sports) default view mode(list view) to grid because i don’t want list view as default…

So when you are going to release ver 2.1 Thanks.

Now is version 2.1
In version 2.1 option to change list or grid on index/archive page not yet available.. I will added this features next update..

Halo bang satan ?, saya mau beli Template Sevida Terbaru, dengan cara pembayaran lain, selain Paypal dan Envato Credit, bisa tidak ya bang ?

Maaf untuk pembelian harus melalui themeforest..

what is Textarea Method?

This method make image inside textarea not load like normal HTML and may help to make website more faster.


kathula Purchased

website speed is not increased and in mobile it is too slow fix that please check this link : https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=hdwalle.com&tab=mobile

wait i will try to make it more fast..


kathula Purchased

Mobile version is slow…please check it..

I see you are still use old version.. Not version 2.2
Version 2.2: jQuery 2.1.3 i did place it below the outer area. and this CSS file
i make it inline inside the
<template-skin />

  1. It’s hard to make mobile score more than 80% in blogger platform. maximum score is 70% if there blogger default CSS (css_bundle_v2.css and authorization.css) still load. and If you add other third party script (like google adsense script) pagespeed score decrease too..
  2. In version 2.2 if you add more Recent Widget by Labels. pagespeed is not decrease.

igmhuyle Purchased

How can I add 2 Ads banner like that http://postimg.org/image/bk01aiay7/

Thank so much!

That area outside widget area. You must modification some CSS code to show it there..
But if you want to add more google Adsense code, i think that not good. because google limited there Adsense in one page 3-4 Adsense.. you can see here : https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1346295?hl=en&ref_topic=1271508#Ad_limit_per_page and if you want place adsense like you want and make it floating that not good too. you can read here: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1346295?hl=en&ref_topic=1271508#Unnatural_attention_to_ads


igmhuyle Purchased

thank so much

you are welcome.. :)

I am testing version 2.2 and it is NOT working fine for me.

Test Blog: http://testersblogers.blogspot.com/

Problems: 1) Main Menu (where links appear) doesn’t work on item pages. 2) Contact Us and Sharing Option (that appears when you slide page down, specially on mobile devices) does NOT work upon clicking on it. 3) Social Sharing Count does NOT appear below posts.

Please look into these issues as I would love to update my old theme to this new wonderful update.

Ok. I will be waiting. Please let me know once it is fixed as I have uploaded this theme already on my actual blog and I want to fix the issues asap rather than reverting back to older version of Sevida again.

You can contact me here.. http://themeforest.net/user/MKRdezign#contact i will help you to update it. :)

I have replied your email. I’m glad for your timely support :)

Hello again, I download version 2.2 and I have to say that you’ve done a great job! Once again, congratulations for Sevida template, is the most amazing and flexible blogger template ever made!

Could you please tell me how can I make the images of recent post in list mode bigger?

Also I want to ask if is it possible to use Recent Post Widget by Labels(recent posts by tag using shortcode) at sidebar area like old versions.


To change image size you can add new CSS code.
if want i can help you to create the CSS code.. what the size you want?? ex: 300px x 250px
No. This version used different code to generate Recent Post Widget by Labels.