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Hi! I purchase this template, is there some way of make in the mobile view to appear the menu with animation? Best regards! Martín.

Hi, I am interested in buying your template. But is there any news on V 1.5 you mentioned 2 months ago is coming!?


Hello, I have purchased your item. I should have asked this before purchasing. Can I use this with my wordpress website? I would like to create a user interface for my clients. I’m using WP-Client plugin. I purchased your product so I could have a design for the user interface. I thought I could create page templates using your admin template. Is this possible? If so, do you have instructions. I am not a programmer :(


Hi, this template is under admin templates, you should have read it before you purchase it. This template is not a wordpress theme and also cannot create wordpress page templates. You can use this if you are developing a cms or similar to that. If you are not satisfied you can contact envato and ask for refund. Thanks


TTom922 Purchased

Hi, any news on when V1.5 is coming?



TTom922 Purchased

Hi, the registration of your “support” webpage is not working (throws a php error when connecting to the themeforest API and then does not recognise the “purchase code” even though the code is correct).

I also sent you a message with my request. Please check and respond as this is quite URGENT.

Thanks for your attention!

Error Login page in Google Chrome. Help me

Modal Window BUG!

When you have an input in the modal, you must double-click to start typing. If you click once, it takes the focus and need to click again.

How to fix?


TTom922 Purchased

Hi, seems the layout/css of the modals which open in the “media manager” when clicked on the thumbnails is different (single column) in the download compared to the demo (2-column).

Can you send me the same files as used in your demo?

( Please see email with this request and screenshot I sent you before). Thanks


bcravo Purchased

Error Login page in Google Chrome. Help me


magmom Purchased


There seem to be support for different themes for the jQuery.jGrowl, could you please give me an example of how I use a different theme?


imphat Purchased

Hi there. I’ve just purchased the template, but the /js folder is not there. Can you upload a full version?


webtrix Purchased

Hi, is there any updates on the new version and any updates on best way to add the latest FontsAwesome file?

Hy I want to use ColVis with datatables but i cant get it to work. I’ve included js files in <head>, and used proper initialisation as stated in official colVis documentation but the button isnt showing. Can you help me with this problem?


AnonyWS Purchased

Great theme,

Issues: - There are so many icons, but not even half works properly in menu or as header icon.

How can I make them work with header theme? only iconfa or so works with header..

Hey bro

First of all its a nice and awesome template.i currently don’t have much money to buy your template I’m interested in login page can you sell only that for me?Please.I’m in love with that login page.


What template? I see that you have purchased badge in your username so if what you mean is login for shamcey then it’s included in the template. If it’s not shamcey template let me know what template you are talking about.