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I have a problem with adding another script to yours but I hope you can help me out because im trying for days without any results.

I have a dropdown menu with a nice search layer http://future-webdevelopment.nl/shamcey/01.png

When I want to add this Alert Bootstrap script: http://jsfiddle.net/Ebram/MeQcw/3/

Which make the dropdown menu required and give a nice bootstrap alert message that will fade out.

The script only works when I add the last blue line to the page http://future-webdevelopment.nl/shamcey/02.png

As you can see the same line (now highlighted in blue) is the same as the very first line. When I try to put it in the middle, leave it out or I don’t add it at the bottom of all the JS files I get this layout: http://future-webdevelopment.nl/shamcey/03.png And the nice layer and search is gone.

So when I don’t add jquery-1.9.1.min.js file at the bottom the alert doesn’t work. And when I add it to get it to work, I get the basic dropdown style (as in 3rd picture).

Is there a way to fix this easly? I really don’t understand where the problem is. I also tried to use jquery-1.11.1.min.js or even jquery-2.1.1.min.js and still same issue.

Hope you know why it doesn’t work for me… Hope to hear from you soon.



Did you check the browser’s error console? It will tell you what’s the error or missing in your code. It would be nice if you can show me the actual page that you are working on so that I can check what’s wrong

Can you tell me how I can make the ‘Finish’ button on the Smart Wizard tabbed form submit a form within the tabbed interface?

Thank you in advance!


You can refer to the smart wizard documentation – http://techlaboratory.net/smartwizard/documentation

To the people who rated 1star just because the datatable is not responsive I just want to know that datatables is a third party plugin and does not support responsive in the version that im using in my template. I will try to make it responsive as I can. I will give you update soon

Hi, I have a problem getting the Bootstrapvalidator to work with the dropdown menus. Im trying http://bootstrapvalidator.com/examples/chosen/

I have to change some settings to get it to work, but what I do, it doesn’t work correctly.

            .change(function(e) {
                $('#defaultForm').bootstrapValidator('revalidateField', 'product_group');

I’m sure the second line ”.chzn-select()” is not correct. Orginal it was ”.chosen()” which also doesn’t work. I also tried “Chosen.prototype” but that also seems not to work. If im correct you use the chosen.js script right? Can you help me out to get it to work? Hope to hear from you soon


Did you try reading chosen documentation?


Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.. I checked so many things out that im not sure if I already read it :(

Hello I would like to buy this theme for my small business company could I use it as the intranet ?


Yeah I think so.

tbenci Purchased


Just wondering whether anyone has pointed out that the button addons in v1.4 do not render that same size as their input fields.

v1.3 do and it appears that the size is out by the focus box.

Any change you could post a css fix for this? will have to use v1.3 otherwise.

Thanks for the great theme…


I fixed this in 1.5. I will release the 1.5 soon as soon as I’m done with the documentation. I will release it not later this week. Thanks