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Very nice work buddy! Good luck :D


Thanks :D

Nice work!


Thanks kabayan :D


Very nice title kabayan Shamcey :D


Next will be janine :D

What is the installation file? or send to my ftp?


Hi, this template is static and there is no installation file.

Really love your work, but just like the other two that I commented on, this one ALSO has formatting issues on iPhone 5. I checked on a Windows Phone 8 device, and your admin templates work fine for the most part. Neither Shamcey, Aman.da, or Katniss format properly on the iPhone 5. Tables are too large, things don’t render properly, there are conflicts within the browser, etc. This is a pretty huge problem, so please get to this ASAP and I would probably purchase all three.

Also, the landing page you included with this template is not working responsively either, on ANY device that I’ve tested.

Thanks in advance.


Of course not immediately. Fix it at your convenience. I’m simply pointing out the more important bugs. I haven’t purchased yet, because I’d prefer to wait until it’s fixed. I plan to purchase Aman.da and either Katniss or Shamcey, but might not purchase any until I see they function properly across all devices. I’m not capable enough to fix it myself.


I’ll let you know if it’s fixed. Thanks


Hi give me screenshots of the problem that you have found in your iphone5 so that I can save time looking for it.

Hey buddy,

This is a beautiful theme that I just purchased.

One thing – the package seems to be missing flexslider.css?

Really great work otherwise.



flexslider.css is not used in this version but I’m working on a page right now that uses flexslider. I’ll let you know once the update is done.

how can i see the demo? do you have demo login so i can see the backend before purchasing.


If you go directly to the demo link is http://themepixels.com/main/themes/demo/webpage/shamcey/index.html

just enter any username and password.

Hi nice template, congratulations.

Any chance to include rounded boxes on the template? / How hard can it be to create a new color skin for the template?



There will be no rounded boxes on this template because this is a metro style design. Creating a new color skin is pretty simple, I’ll let you know

Results page …. Timeline … things are interesting … What do you have planned for the future?


Timeline that’s a good suggestion, thanks..one of my plans are adding new graphs, blog page, product page, more form pages, etc…

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Great template! One thing though. In IE8, top right profile text is showing under/bottom of the picture instead of being aligned on the right. Shows fine in Chrome. Unfortunately, I have 500 users that are running IE8.



Can you show me the screenshots?


Hi, nevermind for the screenshots I already saw it and have a fix. I will add this fix for the next update and for the meantime just add this line of css code below to style.default.css to fix the problem

.no-borderradius .userloggedinfo .userinfo { float: none; margin-left: 92px; }
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Thank you, that worked!

I am very impressed and very interested in using your theme.

Since I’m not a designer, nor a programmer, I was curious of these (mockups) I did, which are possible using your template?

I also have one other question:

1. Will your “Dynamic Table” (Data Tables) work with http://www.datatables.net ?

  • I just realized I should have used the “Widget Box” image in my examples, but I think you’ll understand what I am asking. :)

    Mockup Box Types:

    Boxes & Arrows:

    2. Far Right Drop Down, No Arrow and Flush with Header:

    3. Far Right Drop Down, With Arrow and Flush with Header:

4. Boxes & Flush vs. Default Template (Gap & No Gap?):

Boxes and Buttons:

5. Dropdown with buttons:

6. Buttons Only:


7. Toolbar with Dropdown:

8. Toolbar Only:

I did see this and just wanted to help by pointing it out to you:


Font Safari: http://screencast.com/t/lJHnGsEPyE
Font Firefox: http://screencast.com/t/7GIN9xrd1vf

Thanks, and I look forward to your answers.


Hi, this template is using datatables from datatables.net.

What you want is a customization to this template which can be done by a designer/programmer. Let me think what I can do on your request..What I am working on right now is an added features for this template for the next update and I cannot assure you if this request of yours can be done in time.

Nice job! Congrats..

Is the invoice page for this responsive? This looks amazing, but I need to be able to add an invoice very easily and have it do all the math, such as with this template http://www.themeforest.tzd-themes.com/?theme=Beoro
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Very nice job, I bought the theme, I have a question on the JQuery. I used to use this sintax:


I now see in this theme the sintax is different and JQuery is about the last version…


How can I make this $ to work?

The other question is: what files do I have to change in order to set the default color to be a different one? Tks

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@themepixels: ok thks, I know enough about the code so, could you point to me the file that handles the code for the coloring?


@nd87 – open the file custom.js in js folder and look for the label //change skin color i think in line 71 from that line down to below is the js code that handles the coloring

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@themepixels: tku

I want to buy this item. Does it come with the PSD files?


As for this version there is no psd files but it will be available for the next version

I just wanted to let you know that there is a problem with the dashboard. I wanted to use the three tab last login box on the right panel, but when you remove the stats from the dashboard it breaks the box I have circled in the screenshot at this link..

http://mbmachines.com/problem2.png http://www.mbmachines.com/problem3.png

I’ve emailed you numerous times but I have not seen a reply. When can I expect a reply? I’m in Eastern US time or GMT -5


You don’t even reply to my reply check your email adam


Well I thought I did not get an email from you but I found it! I just sent you a reply.

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Ciao, I’m experiencing an issue with the data table, this is the code:

<table class="table table-bordered" id="tavola_dinamica"> <colgroup> <col class="con1" style="align: center; width: 5%" /> <col class="con0" style="align: center; width: 45%" /> <col class="con1" /> <col class="con0" /> </colgroup> <thead> <tr> <th class="head0 center" /> <th class="head0 center">Item</th> <th class="head1 center">Item</th> <th class="head0 center">Item</th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> <tr> <td /> <td>2</td> <td>3</td> <td>4</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

The code in the js is the following:

jQuery('#tavola_dinamica').dataTable( {
            "bScrollInfinite": true,
            "bScrollCollapse": true,
            "sScrollY": "300px" 

I can see it’s loading it pretty ok, but there is a problem with the search box as it goes underneath the header. You can see it in this image:

Can you help me? ND

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You are right. Ok this is a sample, in this case I can’t even see it’s loaded into the table, no search and no footer of the table. (I removed the database connection, in my app the data are loaded thru php/mysql, in this case i just wrote directly in the html page).



nd87 Purchased

The project is getting patented and I cannot put a real link in here, if you give me your email address I can send you the address so you can see the real problem


Go to my profile you can send me message directly to my email.

Hallo, I’m experiencing problems width dynamic tables. What are the functions of class=”gradeA” class=”gradeX” class=”gradeC” ?

When I create the table, the first result is replicated in every row of first page of the table, the second result is replicated in every row of the second page, the third result is replicated in every row of the third page, etc etc


I dont understand what you mean. Do you have a screenshot or a live page to where I can see the page?

Another question: could you provide linked TR in the TABLES? You have provided no examples of linked rows with hover effect.

In my opinion is really important. Thank you


Hi, no problem I can add this for the next update

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Great work on this… What is the ETA on the PSD release? Thanks.


PSD will be available in a week

It looks great… Do you think that i can integrate with asp.net environment?


Yes you can as long as it is a web application that uses html css and javascript