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Hi Neckle 2k10, There is one thing that will be asked as well, since I bought Shandora dsIDXpress can not be activated, I have a list but not also be keynya. Please assistance is already 1.5 years I did not use its plugins. Thank You

Hi, I like your theme and I am going to purchase it. Can you please confirm if it’s compatible with Realtyna WPL?


unfortunately it’s not compatible

Left a message in the support forum a couple days ago. Still waiting on a response.

You claim the dsIDXpress plugin is “integrated” with this theme. How do the MLS items from the IDX plugin become “listings” that are part of this theme?

In the test, it does not look like the theme. The formatting is way different and looks like the default for the plugin.

Hello? It’s been 5 days….

so sad the theme does not support RTL

It´s still not clear for me the meaning of “Rooms” in this theme? Is there any possibility to get out of the theme this option?

Rooms mean the total room that include bedroom, bathroom or any living room or dining room. the rooms that’s not listed as the available option

Hello, thank you for this great theme ! I want to delete of my pages the black bandeau top that contains the page title, can you help me ? Thank you !

I have found, thank you !

When I go to the Listings page, it only shows the manually entered listings, not the listings from the IDX (idXPRESS plugin). Also, the search built-in does not seem to search the IDX, but rather only the manually entered listings.

you need to setup the IDX Search in the theme options. The search fields for dsIDXpress are automatically generated if the option for using IDX search is turned on


When you click on the main images in the listing images they presently open in a light box type window but with no navigation only a single image. How do I add navigation to the images?

See here – http://ballinacampers.com.au/car-listing/horizon-acacia-2007-motorhome-merc-lwb-stock-no-7843/

Thank you

Hello Nackle Im trying to get over a small hurdle with my search widget. On my main page it is adding

‘s to my code with the search widget but its normal on this page http://teamac.ca/mls/

Have an open forum topic here: http://support.bonfirelab.com/forums/topic/listings-widget/

Update: Reinstalled theme and the theme options are still not working :-(

Update: WP Editor is the culprit! I deactivated it and the theme works properly! I just need to figure out why I have the search function problem on the first page… Its adding extra

teamac.ca but appears normally on teamac.ca/mls. Once I figure out this issue I can fully launch my site. Please help!



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hi Nackle, is there any way to remove the price tag in the listing ?


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Using the IDX (idXPRESS plugin), but the results do not look like the rest of the theme. The formatting is way different and looks (terrible) like the default for the plugin is being used or something.. How do I make the IDX results look like the theme design?


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I’m having an issue with search, hoping you can tell me how to fix this. When searching with the search bar above the inventory listings and not selecting any options, just clicking search it loads the search page with the listings. From that point when I click a pagination link they all go to a blank page that says “Apologies, but no entries were found.” Please help.

Hi Nackle I’ve been trying to help by answering some of the topics on the forum, along with some other people. We are waiting for a response. I really need help myself with one issue. Please please please! http://support.bonfirelab.com/forums/topic/listings-widget/

I Paid someone to do it for me, but I will be unable to update this theme now. I don’t know what happening, but no topics are being answered. I purchased the theme based on a good reputation on the forum. But there has been no communication what so ever in the past month… I understand people are busy, however please at least communicate that, or leave a notice.


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Hi I am using wp all import to import car listings and I am having issues with the gallery. I have the Version 4.1.7 of wp all import. I tried using the record.php I found previously but it is very different to the record.php I have and did not work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello, it is posible to add cars with specifications (fuel, price, transmision, body type … etc.) with excel or something else ? You know i have like 1000+ cars to add and doing this manualny in wordpress 1 by 1 take me forever. I have a list with cars and specifications in excel so how add this all quickly ;D

How hard is it to convert this in to a car rental website?

www.virautosrl.it , what happened ? :( I’m not only the site administrator .’ thanks


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I launched my site and tried to upgrade the theme. When I switched to the new theme – ALL MY CONTENT WAS GONE!
The theme settings import/export is broken. I imported my settings and none of them were applied. But when I reverted back to the old theme – poof- there it was again. How do you migrate the BT page builder content? It vanishes when you change to a new theme.