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Hi Nackle,

Can you help me resolve a problem to my website? Please help me.

Can you visit my site and see it, the problem is the images does not load properly, also the background is not appearing and the images for each listing does not load when you click.

I’ll really appreciate your help. Here is my website: www.GlobalCityEstate.com


Your issue happen because the images are gone, I check on each of the image url for background it’s gone http://www.globalcityestate.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/53.jpg and for the gallery some of the images are also gone.

The images in here are not the thumbnail generated when you upload your image, but the full image size / the original image you uploaded are all gone. only the thumbnail preview is left behind

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The theme is not uploading correctly. Have tried several times to upload directly into wordpress site themes area. Message is : Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-5565383-shandora-unique-real-estate-and-car-dealership.zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Any suggestions? Should I download it again? Thanks.


Please refer to this guide on missing css when installing the theme https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/203689044-Missing-style-css-stylesheet

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Hi there!

I have some problem with the template. I’ve used it for almost year and it was worked perfectly. The site is centrumcaravaningu.pl

Suddenly couple days ago, something messed up. The main page and the admin page are both blank (white) and I can’t do anything. I contact with my hosting company – they checked everything and make a backup but it doesn’t help.

I’ve try to do something with myself. I login with the ftp, remove the Shandora theme. Wordpress change theme for Default and it works. But when I try to re-upload the Shandora theme, the page is getting blank, everything stop working and I cant do anything.

Can You please help me with this? It’s kind a urgent from us. Mabye i’s some simple stuff, but I don’t now where to search anymore.

If You need something from me, just let me know. Greetings!

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Hi again,

Never mind, I solved the problem. I manually re-install theme and the pugins and it’s working as usuall.

Have a nice week!

Hi Nackle Love the theme! Have a weird kinda issue…

forum link

Was wondering if you had any ideas how to fix this? I spoke with my service provider host gator and they fixed the redirecting problem but my sites The enlargement issue is also fixed But still has issues with missing icons in the header

My site

Thanks A Lot! Chris


Checked your site, it was cause by your theme installation is in the subdomain. you need to hard code the fonts icon directory in the css file. should be http://blog.teamac.ca/wp-content/themes/shandora/fonts/ since in the fonts css file it’s ../fonts/ it will read for http://teamac.ca/wp-content/themes/shandora/fonts when requested which is error 404

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any idea where I can a widget that shows the daily market activity like the one found on http://wrightsisters.com/ ?

Really would like to have this data shown on our website


Would put this in update plan, it looks useful

I am having the same problem as a number of others – Please help. I can upload and generally all works fine except the following. I already have the locations listed however, when i confirm and import it does not add properties to the existing locations, it just creates new locations. For instance I already have Alicante as a parent location with Punta Prima as a child when I use the following fields to upload eg <location>Punta Prima</location> <subRegion/> <region>Alicante</region>

It simply does not put the property into the already existing locations.