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Hi, I need to disable the tag ” published the 07/02/2014” in every page, how can i manage that please? http://carluxrent.com/car-listing/bmw-serie-2-2/ also it says my name under each post : http://carluxrent.com/nrj-awards/ thanks for your help Virginie

open templates/contents/content-car-listing.php remove this code

echo apply_atomic_shortcode('listing_published', '[entry-published before="<div class="\'show-for-large\'">" after="</div>" text="'.__('Published on ','bon').'"]'); 

Can the shandora search widget work without dsIDXpress? With the sliders and everything if I paid someone to integrate IDX. Reason I ask is because Im not from the state Im from Canada. But I really want to buy your theme and use it. Is there any flexibly there?


I’m sorry but there is no dsIDXpress support for canada. but search widget will work without dsidxpress, there are 2 search features in the theme, searching the IDX or searching listing you posted from the theme.


NP :-) I dont need dsIDXpress but can I use other programs that do support Canadian real estate? Or can I pay a designer to put in a custom idx program to integrate with your sites searches?


Afraid it’s depend on the IDX provider API, if the IDX provider support custom implementation on the theme, then it can be done, but if the service prohibit any third party access, then it’s impossible to apply the search

1. Am I able to change the cities? Where is the code? Ive searched all over its not in taxonomy-property-location.php?

2. I got rid of the “Please activate some widgets” at the bottom in theme- hooks.php, but where do I get rid of the “Please activate some widgets” for the primary slider?


For support purposes, please use the account you used to bought the theme to comment here or go directly to the support forum http://support.bonfirelab.com

Hello I would like to purchase the theme. I know the IDX wont support the Canadian MLS. However if I was to hire someone can they modify the theme so that it will? Using custom raw IDX?

Will I be able to use the property search widget with the magnifying glass to search properties in Toronto?

Look forward to purchasing this theme I really like it!


Depend on the IDX plugin or the IDX API, is it support customization? since not all IDX support custom search, most IDX do not provide API for the theme to use

hnwbrasil Purchased
Good afternoon, I am developing a website and yet was all right. But on the page to registered cars, does not appear the photos nor the features on the side. Under the website link I’m developing: http://independance.com.br/_new/car-listing/ds3-sport-1-6-turbo/ Below the page link as I would like to make: http://themes.bonfirelab.com/shandora_cardeal/car-listing/hyundai-extreme-ex-2/

I await the return as soon as possible because I need to release the site for the customer. Thank you very much. Roberto Valeriano


Have you put gallery into the listing? you need to put image in the listing gallery

Hello, I think you have the best real estate theme here, but are you going to upgrade it to be compatible with Wordpress latest (4.1) version? It would be a shame if you are not thinking of doing so because there are many themes out there but none come close to this one. Thanks


will be release an update soon for some fix, but it’s already compatible with v4.1

Hi there I just bought the theme, it looks great in the demo so thank you! I’m having an issue importing the demo files every time I do it comes up saying “No data”.

Please help!


Figured it out! I had to disable my coming soon plug in and do it over and over about 5 times and it installed the Demo data. Thx!


1) Can i install another module paymentos (plugin wordpress)?

2) Can i change the language easily?


1. not supported

2. yes, but you need to translate the theme first to the language you want


Sorry, I cannot integrate the feature.

ricky7106 Purchased

Hi – Ok so I downloaded, unzipped the file when I try to follow the instructions (which are) : Then upload the folder inside shandora-v1.x.x, I have a problem I do not have that folder in the package that I have downloaded. Every time I try to install the zip folder in its entirety the site simply says page not found. I have sent a support request but no reply.

When I unzip I see the shandora and shandora child folders but no .zip files for me to upload apart from the chat plugin.


Thanks in advance


Do you download all the files? or only download theme files?

when you go to your download dashboard in themeforest, and hit download for the theme you’ll see it ask which file to download, make sure you download all the files. you’ll get shandora-package.zip

unzip this folder, and you’ll see live-chat-plugin – unzip to upload the chat plugin inside.zip this file containing the live chat plugin

Hi, I´m interested in buying, but I have a few inquiries

I rent houses and vehicles. Is it possible to blend the 2 themes?

I want my site to be multilingual. I know your theme is WPML compatible. But wpml it’s not free. I only need WPML for one website. If I buy the “Most popular, Multilingual CMS” do I need to pay every year in order to keep my only Web Site, multilingual?

I want to display the networking activities on the website. I want to integrate this plugin http://codecanyon.net/item/wordpress-social-board/10458271 (or a similar one). Would you offer any support to do that?


For multilingual feature, the theme was prepared the language in WordPress standard, so if the plugin for multilingual you used support WordPress standard translation, it should work.

for third party plugin, we can offer some support but since it’s not our product we cannot give a full support since we do not know the codes, it will be better to also get technical support from the plugin author