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Hi Epicera,

Fantastic theme. Before I jump at buying it .. on the gallery modal, can we add a youtube video inside it.. ?

or Vimeo perhaps?



Absolutely! Two ways:

1 – You can embed any HTML here that you might embed anywhere else (Flash, Video, etc.). There’s no limitations besides the width, and even that you can break and the layout won’t mind.

2 – You can actually embed YouTube and Vimeo videos inside the lightbox, which is pretty sweet. Full documentation is included, but the end result is a preview-thumbnail on the slider page that launches a popup video player inside the lightbox.


Absolutely beautiful and light theme, impressive. I’m not even sure it needs a “blog” part : this is great like that already !

I actually agree – I built this without a blog in mind for the purpose of having a “simple, straight forward Wordpress theme” – the blog addon will just be a value-add for buyers who really want a blog though, which I’m sure there’s a few buyers out there that might want it. :)

Woww fantastic!

I’ll definitely purchase this now… use it as a corporate website.

Will post link soon when I finish.

By the way, is it possible to have the logo abit larger in height?

Thanks for the quick response!

Thanks for the comment :)

Yes, you can actually use any size that you want for the logo – you might need to tweak the CSS for that space if you want to use a dramatically different size, but the space there has been built to flex.


Great looking site!

The new “mini-patch” is now available, which basically fixes a couple minor content typos, makes CU3ER a little easier to use, and includes the FULL HTML version of this template as a bonus :)


realy nice style :)

Thanks DeltaForce :)

One word. Beautiful.

Thanks for the comment Imagine9 – glad you like it :)

Keep up the good work! I’m anxiously awaiting the blog aspect.

Thanks :)

Really like the design. Purchased the theme yesterday, but having a couple issues configuring it properly.

1. How can we access the “mini-patch” you describe?

2. Does the theme work with IE8 ? I’m getting some errors specifically with IE8 that I’m not getting with Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

If you can help, my site is www.scotbegovich.com.

Thanks for a great-looking theme. Once I get it configured I’m looking forward to the sleek design.


1. Just re-download the file from the download page. The new content is inside. :) If you just want to patch specific files, just update the header.php file.

2. Yes, it absolutely should. I tested the heck out of this template before submitting it and it should work exceedingly well on all browsers. Send any errors or bugs that you spot to me over email – I’ll happily respond as soon as possible on whether it’s something on your side or something that needs a patch.


Great looking theme, I like the style!

One question … is it possible to open a single page instead of a picture in the portfolio section (also with a lightbox effect)?

Is there a plugin for this action that you can recommend?

Thanks a lot!

Yep – you can actually just use the prettyPhoto plugin that’s provided – documentation is included on how to include a single page :)

Excellent! as always.. ;)

Thanks Cirodg!

Hey Epicera,

When can we expect the blog option?

I’m a sucker for single page designs. Especially in WordPress! Well done ;-)

Thanks Themolitor!

Just purchased your template and I love it.

One problem… I activated it WP and I’m getting this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\xampp\htdocs\mysite\wp-content\themes\shapeshifter\index.php on line 31

I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong but wondering what your thoughts were.


Hmmm – no ideas off the top of my head and I haven’t heard of this from any of the other users (nor has it shown up in my testing), but I’ll poke around and see if I can turn up what you might be doing wrong :) Cheers!

Still playin with the live preview on this one. heheh


:) Same here.

This theme is delicious. Can’t wait for the blog. I hope I can control the urge of using this theme for every simple site I do :-)

Where in the CSS is the background color in the content portion. I went to change the green-bg.jpg image to a different color gradient but behind the gradient image, green (or whatever color skin that is selected) shows up behind the repeating image.

The easiest place to edit it is going to be inside the custom CSS file that you are using: ie: light.css or green.css – instead of using “white”, you can enter a new color right there along with the BG image.

html {background: white url(img/gridbg.gif) repeat scroll center top;}

That should do the trick :)

You can also just enter it into the custom CSS field in the admin panel if you don’t want to mess with any of the actual CSS – just enter it there, add an ”!important” declaration at the end, hit save, and you’re done.


great work,just purchased..

Kudos on another fantastic theme. I purchased this last night after seeing just a quick preview because it’s exactly what I need. Great job on providing something minimal and functional.

I want to customize it just a bit though, is it possible to remove the Red Contact Button at the top?


Yep – absolutely – the easiest way is to add the following to the custom CSS field:

.contact_btn{display: none;}


Thanks so much for the prompt reply. This worked perfectly.

Is it possible to adjust the colors of the menu (on highlight) from red to another color? I want to coordinate my brand colors if possible :)

And Is the border on the image able to be set to none? I couldn’t find where to adjust it.

This theme is smooth.

Great documentation too.

Thanks :)