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I absolutely love this theme! Now my mind is already flooded with ideas on how to use it.

Is it possible to link the image gallery photos that come up in the light box to another page so that it can be clicked on to open a specific web page?

Obviously, I see that mousing over one side of the image or the other will bring up the next/previous buttons, but if you go right to the center of the image in the lightbox, there is a narrow strip that allows you not to pull up the next/previous image buttons on the image.

I thought I might be able to place the href code with the image so that this otherwise neutral strip down the center would be clickable to allow me to do this without a conflict to the normal lightbox operation. This way I would actually have 3 functions in the lightbox instead of just 2…previous to the left, a link to another page in the center, and next to the right.

I thought about making the gallery a portal to my multiple mini-sites all through one “hub” if possible instead of just images.

Thank you, -Damon

Hi Damon,

1. Yes, you can link the image gallery images with another page – either from within the lightbox or prior to the lightbox. The documentation details how to do this :)

2. Tinkering with the actual lightbox itself will be a little trickier, but I’ve seen it done a number of times. The lightbox that I’m using is PrettyPhoto – you can read up on their official documentation on what you can officially customize.


Thanks for your quick response.

I had not actually purchased yet when I asked the question, but decided I couldn’t wait…lol.

I saw it right away in the documentation, as I thought it was possible, once I purchased. I already have it up and running on one site with the dummy file contents and the fun has begun.

Thank you, -Damon

:) Glad it worked out so well for ya – just let me know if you have any questions!

I have a question. If user click on a cached page on google, for example www.site.com/?p=2 then how can i make it java scroll to specific page?

Just add a numeral sign before – ie:



yeah of course a simple solution but i was wondering how to make it with a script in wordpress well i dont really want that google will cache my pages like that..Not good for seo.

Do you have any personal recommendations for a substitute font for those without Gotham? I’ve done some looking but wanted your 2 cents.

I happen to like Quicksand (a free font) and League Gothic (much taller, but still free). Hope that helps :)

When I change the theme color from the default “light” to “blue,” “red,” or “green,” the light box does not display the 1/19, 2/19, and so on down in the bottom left corner.

It does work with the “dark” theme color and the arrows do show to move from one slide to the other with all theme colors.

However, there is no counter on the other three theme colors.

Any ideas for a solution?

This theme can accept video? I wanted to embed You Tube videos in the Portfolio. Can I put videos?

Yep – absolutely. You can embed them directly in the page content or as lightbox popup videos :)

What will happen if I have more items in services or more pictures like in live preview? Is theme ready for more content, I mean sliders etc.? Ready of the box or will need tweaking? Thanks.

The theme is totally ready for more content, the slide adjusts itself automatically :)

Great theme, very pleased.

Thanks :)


Thank you for this template – I can confirm to other potential purchasers that this template & documentation is outstanding – the best documentation I have received for a themeforest template.

I do have 1 question though:

I an trying to add a link to the footer but have failed thus far – tried in both the shapeshifter settings & the footer.php file

Any advice appreciated


Hi David – thanks for the comments :)

The easiest method off the top of my head would be to simply drop a link inside the “quote” span inside the footer.php file – I’ll have to do a little inspection on what happens when you try to enter it through the admin panel and what might be happening.


still waiting for and reply? wordpress permalinks doesnt allow you to make # sign, maybe you dont know…

No answer yet – it may simply be something that’s beyond a simple one page theme like this… you could program a script or plugin that might do what you want it to, but that might also be outside the scope of what you are looking for.

http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/custom-permalinks/ you may add #

That’s awesome! Thanks a ton for the information cosmo!

I’ve purchased and could not be happier. 10 out of 10!

When can we expect an update with a blog?

Thanks! The blog should be out right around the new year if I have anything to say about it – just wrapping up my own personal holiday stuff (family, friends, etc.) and then I’ll be back to work on this :)

Great Template !!


Hi, I’m really really pleased with this theme. It’s working out very well so far!

I’m unable to find the correct CSS style code to adjust the color on the hover side menu navigation. I’d like to change the red to another color to match my brand, is that possible? Any help in the right direction would be much appreciated.

Thanks again for all your hard work!!


For some reason cu3er isnt working for me. I linked all of the images to the correct location but all I see is that red cu3er logo with nothing happening. I followed the site directions, but is there a specific place to link a javascript file?

Make sure that your image references are full URL ’s, not just the relative links:

ie: http://yoursite.com/image/image.jpg NOT – image/image.jpg

For some reason, Cu3er inside of Wordpress requires the full link :)

I have the same problem as ange0501. as a matter of fact, nothing happened except the red cu3er logo showing up after I import the dummy file (I didn’t change settings or codes). Other than that, everything works as excepted.

Make sure that your image references are full URL ’s, not just the relative links:

ie: http://yoursite.com/image/image.jpg NOT – image/image.jpg

For some reason, Cu3er inside of Wordpress requires the full link :)

Thanks for the quick reply epicera!

However, I double checked the image links in the config_shapeshifter.xml file in the cu3er folder and all 5 images have their own full links. i also tried to upload those sample images to my server and replace the original links in the xml file but didn’t success as I am still seeing a red cu3er logo. I am wondering if I didn’t get the right file to check the image links as there might be another configure file hidden somewhere? Is there anything I have to modify in the header php file, as I stumbled upon a bunch of codes regarding the cu3er thing?

Thanks a lot!

The Wordpress image URL ’s can be tricky – the easiest way is to upload them via the media manager, then just copy/paste the provided URL . Otherwise, you can just upload them to another part of your server where you are certain of the location. Test out the URLs inside the browser bar before using it in the config file… Hope that helps!

try just using the portion of the URL after the /wp-content.

For Example instead of using:




It worked!. Thank you so much neptunelocal!!