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Seen a lot of this discussion, but Cuber doesn’t work. Only getting the red logo for it each time. Any updated support for this yet?

i’ve spent a lot of time looking at shapeshifter 2 – i have to admit – i much prefer the original :)

can u tell me if i can have extra ordinary pages that get loaded on their own? i.e. not part of the long page? + can i have sub pages off this page that ARE part of the longer page?


Heya Om!

Thanks for the notes – The original is still there, this one was designed with ‘expansion’ in mind ;)

But yes, that’s the whole idea of the second tier of the navigation in the sidebar – you can add your own normal pages that’ll show up there, but not inside the long scrolling page. No sub-pages are allowed within the scrolling page though… as that sorta defeats the purpose of a small, scrollable single page design. Complex navigation structures (subpages, etc.) are reserved for that bottom tier.

Cheers! Brandon

Is it possible to change the “hover” color on the template? Would like to go from red over to a blue.

Site is>> diggsgroup.com

Sure! Just pick the selector that you want to change (ie: the class ”.sf-menu li”) and add this rule to your custom CSS panel:

.sf-menu li a:hover{color: red;}

Cheers! B

I have zero idea how to get a logo URL so I can set up Shapeshifter One-Page properly. (I don’t want a link to photobucket.) And, I’m assuming this is for a favicon, right?? This isn’t for the complete logo on each page next to menu options, is it?

I got this code from favico.com, but it needs the root directory:

Client’s WP site is hosted by page.ly and I am totally unable to find the ROOT DIRECTORY to make the changes I have read are one solution. Also, Permissions need to be changed because of one of the plug-ins you told me upload. Where are Permissions? Root Directory, right???

Trying to keep it simple, but have spent most of the day on problems with getting this site going (WP newbie of 8 months) so am reluctantly bothering you, but I need to get this site live and soon.

Thanks for your help!!! Cherie

Hi Carter!

The favicon can be a GIF as well as a .ICO file.

You’d get the logo URL by simply uploading an image to the Media > Add New library, then grabbing the URL that it creates for you.

The root directory stuff is all basic webhost questions, so I’ll redirect you to your webhost to answer those as their answer will be unique to your setup.

Hope that helps :)


Hello I have a problem with your theme. The menu is not displayed on Internet Explorer. Can you help me? Thank you very much. Simon.

@SimonBak, add this to the grid.css:

/* IE9 Fix */

navigation li{ margin: 12px 6px 0px 0px; }

navigation li a, x:-moz-any-link {

font-size: 14px; background: black; padding: 5px 6px 4px; color: #fff; text-transform: uppercase;

} #content h1 span, #navigation li a, x:-moz-any-link, x:default { font-size: 14px; background: black; padding: 2px 6px 4px; color: #fff; text-transform: uppercase;


Thanks Tech! The new update (1.2.1) should be out later this week and it’ll include this and a few other IE dependency CSS fallbacks :) B

But we’re on version 2.0.0…....?

Any fix for the portfolio? http://support.makedesignnotwar.com/discussion/1602/top-row-of-portfolio-mis-aligned

Oops – Sorry misread this as ShapeShifter 2, the newer version ;) My apologies for the confusion! B

I’m trying to install this theme on http://2013uswomensam.com/. As you can see, it defaults to Sample Page as the homepage, and the menu slider doesn’t work. What do I need to do to get this working? Thanks for your help.

Absolutely love the design! I have an issue. I set two of my pages as private because I don’t want it appearing on the main page. However I do want people to actually see it when they click the link and it owns into its own page. Please help me solve this problem!!!

Hi Phambam – I might be misunderstanding the problem… but you should be able to solve this by 1) making them links inside the Appearance > Menus panel (the Traditional Menu) and then 2) password protecting each page. Would that work?


Unfortunately that’s not what I’m talking about. :/ We can discuss this over email. I sent you a message.

Alright ;) I’ll get back to ya as quickly as possible! ( just keep in mind email support takes long since I reserve that space for in depth customizations and server-side issue requests :)). B

I just installed ShapeShifter (the original) and for some odd reason the #page-slugs aren’t working correctly. For instance, if you click on Home in the menu, the theme will go to /#home and the menu will shift to the left and if you click on Home again the theme will go to /home and the menu will appear properly. Has anyone seen this behavior? My permalinks are set to / postname / yet any setting produces the same result.

1. Having issues with cuber. I got it running and it shows correctly on my Mac (Firefox/Safari/Chrome). On a PC of a friend the pictures 590*300 seems to be to small and you see a red background on the right and below. Any hint how to fix that?

2. Another issue is when you click the ReadMore Button and then GO BACK in the blog, it will go back to #home instead to the BLOG . how can i fix this?

3. What CSS code do i have to use to get my own created CONTACT button (upper right) showing up?

Thanks for your support! Great theme so far!

How to remove red contact button permanently from the top of the page?

Theme looks great!

I have one question…

Each section of the main page (Home, News, About us, etc), do these work as separate pages from one another? For example, I wish to embed a few different sites into this theme.

For example:

I will have ‘Home’….

‘Store’ which is the ECWID Shopping cart embedded into my site….

‘Forums’ which is VanillaForums embedded into my site….

‘From the Blog’...etc

Will this them work properly with those embedded sites? Thanks.

Hi Era,

I hope you can help me with the following issue.

I am trying to set up the blog section as explained in the tutorial, but I have a weird feature.

It seems, every time I am clicking on the blog menu point, the posts come in but the menu point disappears and jumps to the top of the nav bar and if i click on it an empty section comes up.

Is there any possibility to solve this?

The url is attilavegh.com

Thanks in advance.


Whoops I thought this was for shapeshifter 2.

I downloaded the theme and found the following: - Different renderings across browser types. - Internet Explorer rendering is messes up. - Cuber doesn’t work.


GREAT THEME …LOVE IT…Is there a way to make the website site flexible or responsive for iPhone & iPad…when i scroll left and right everything moves around and the body background is not fixed.

Hi Creative! Got a link that I can check out? The only thing I can imagine is if a plugin might be inserting a fixed width element, which might be messing with the layout. B

the link is 3gfilms.whatiscreativity.com

The Menu is not working under appearances. You cannot order them. Anything you add automatically goes to the top of the list on the page.

Please Advise.


So… I installed this Shapeshifter theme and WordPress 3.3.1 without any problems. The problem comes up when I go to PAGES > PAGE ORDER and change the order of my pages. After clicking “click to order pages” I get the following error message and the pages aren’t reordered.

Not Found

The requested URL /wp-admin/page-new.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

There isn’t a page-new.php file in the install zip, and there doesn’t appear to be one in recent WordPress releases.

How do I fix this so I can reorder my pages?

Hi there,

I made this website with your them: http://www.avleg.nl. Am getting a lot of positive reactions. However, people using IE9 as a browser do not get to see the menu-items on the left side. There is just a thick vertical line where the navigation is supposed to be.

Any suggestions on how to fix this?