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I’m having the same problem too though I didn’t noticed it until you mentioned IE9 . Your page looks fine in Chrome but not in IE9 .

telab Purchased

I’m experiencing the same IE9 menu issue and really need it fixed a.s.a.p.

I’ve tried putting the IE9 ‘fix’ styles in grid.css however it doesn’t seem to work.

Anyone have any ideas seeing as the author clearly hasn’t fix it despite saying it would be fixed in the next update.

Thanks in advance for any useful suggestions :)

telab Purchased


updating Cufon fixed the collapsing menu issue in IE9


43 pages of content and i can’t do keyword search, I tried to go through as much as i can but it’s giving me a headache, i hope someone can help me out with something.

the theme works great, at first i have A LOT of issues, but then i decided to just upload the dummy content and mod it, easiest way to have it setup,

for those of you who can’t get it to work right (cu3er or slider in general) just import the dummy content and mod it from there. i got it work good this way,

anyways, I tried to follow the instruction on setting up the background with custom css. it does not change my background.

please give me some pointers on how to change background, or pointers on how to modify the premade theme color, I’m a semi-noob(work on a lot of wordpress but lack of fundamentals)

I cannot use any theme color provided, the white makes it looks like i have background missing and the dark makes it like a gamer site (it’s a business site), red is too bright, green is too bright, blue doesn’t fit to my color scheme.

thanks in advance

chaisoko Purchased

Hi, I just installed the theme and followed the instructions, but the cu3er is not working( i see only the logo). do i need a licence for using it? if i do so why didnt i know it before buying the theme?

please help thanks chai

epicera- Great theme – I’ve been using it since you released it. I recently have changed the title of a page on my site. The black bar to the right of the image doesn’t reflect the new page title. Where can I change this. See URL : http://dancingducksentertainment.com/#team Thanks

it doesn’t work with wordpress 2.8.6. It doesn’t work well with wordpress last version. it doesn’t work AT ALL .

I want my money back,

dpee Purchased

Hey, I just purchased this theme and I have no clue how to get it operating lol. Apologies. Please take a look at http://sleyt.biz and let me know what I need to do to get it functioning properly. I appreciate it so much ;)

Well I have a problem cause the css style sheet is missing in the theme, I re-download it and the problem remains. Tried to get in touch with the author on Twitter and in the contact form but got no answer :( contacted the support of theme forest who told me to see with the author… Hope I will get an answer !

chaphi Purchased

Thank you for your answer I was not aware of this. It works fine now :)

Love the layout, but before I buy it I have a question: will i be able to change the navigation font size somehow? i dont have any troubles coding some css, i just dont want to spend too much time on it ;)

how long will you support this theme since there is a new one (just like this one better than the old one).

Question regarding Menus: Custom Links – is it possible to have the link open in a new browser tab or window? And how?

Thanks for all your great work,


MDNW Author

Heya Eddie! Great question – The answer is I’m actually not sure since WP is inserting those links without much theme interference… I’d recommend doing a Google search for how to pull this off though – i’d imagine someone’s figured it out by now ;) B

Hi! How i can create single page link to main page menu, which opens with same layout but without menu?

MDNW Author

Hi Cedar! I’m not sure what ya mean here – can you clarify a bit? Thanks! B

milovj Purchased

Hey, does someone know how it’s possible to change the time of how long the headline and paragraph in the cuber is shown for every picture? it seems to be a bit to fast for my taste. Thank you for your help!

PS: i was looking for this on the cuber site but couldn’t find anything to this topic.

hi, is possible to convert in horizontal version? thanks

MDNW Author

Heya Johnny! Nope – that’d be a totally different theme since so much work has been put into the sidebar styling. I’ll keep it in mind as I’m churning out new themes though! B

Hi There

Read all the documentation, watched some of the videos, read through the last couple of pages of comments, re-installed etc!

The menu is not appearing correctly? As in, in the default theme there should be rectangular shapes around each menu item ‘home’ ‘about’ ‘contact’ etc that highlights RED when selected.


Of course, the logo isn’t uploaded etc but my concern is the menu.

Please offer assistance?


Fixed it.

I changed theme options from “light” to “dark” and then back again, and it now displays cool.



Its possible to have in horizontal mode?

Hello! Great theme! I was wondering though, is it possible to install the dummy content from the demo site? In which case – how? Thanks!

MDNW Author

Sure! Check out the install video here: http://youtube.com/makedesignnotwar

:) B

I chose this over shapeshifter 2 and just installed it, then uploaded dummy content, but all I see on my site is

Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_header() in /home/content/07/7970407/html/jamesrphoto/index.php on line 1



I did this, I even went as far as deleting it and doing a manual install of the folders located in www through ftp instead of uploading shapeshifter.zip.


If you’re wondering why the path is weird, it’s because I have two sites hosting off the same server/database/whatever with my host.


Sorry to keep posting here, I was just thinking when I first installed it I wasn’t thinking and started uploading the themeforest version, then cancelled it, could some files from that be causing this? I’ve tried to manually install index.php from the shapeshifter folder into the bases site folder many times but it still says the same, something about header not being defined in line 1.