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K, now I got the site going by doing a complete re-install of wordpress, but now the slider isn’t working. It was, then I accidentally deleted the slider code, so I copy-pasted it from the “getting started” guide, but it’s still just showing as the red cu3er logo. Please help, I need this online by the weekend.

I’ve spent the last 8 hours of my day trying to figure out why cu3er isn’t loading..I originally had the full image reference URL ’s as the instructions say to do, but on your support forums (which seem heavily neglected) I noticed that some people have had success with going against the instructions and using relative paths, this did not work for me, so I re-did it with the full URL ’s again.

I tried pulling a clean version of the file out of the zip folder and uploading it to see if I messed up the coding somewhere in the xml editor, with the clean file it did not load still, which leaves me with no other option than to assume it’s the “home” page code that’s causing the issue. So, I deleted the code completely and did a fresh copy-paste from the code offered in the instruction page, still didn’t work, I even tried typing out the entire code from the screen shot character by character, nothing.

I am seriously out of ideas as to why I’m just seeing a cu3er logo, I’ve tried clearing my cache, looking at it from safari, chrome, and firefox, nothing works. I have to assume this is something on your end or CU3ER ’s end (I tried submitting a support ticket but unfortunately you need to have a paid pro license with them to do this). Please help me ASAP , every day my site is down I am quite literally losing money I desperately need right now.

Is there a way to make it responsive (suitable for mobile devices). I just saw the responsive version and I am guessing I need to buy that separately? Any updates on this situation?

Hi Mde! This theme was actually coded a year or two ago… before Responsive was even a “thing” in web design… and the only reason I recoded the entire theme as a separate version is because there’s just soooo many alterations that had to be made that it really does represent and entirely different product even though the layouts are similar. :/ Ping me on http://makedesign.ticksy.com though and I might be able to help out! B


Please reference: http://www.casadelfuegomusic.com/

1) Just have 3 tabs, and as you will see when you click “contact” the page does not move all the way to the top as the others do? There is random space before the text I have entered [we don’t wish to use the contact form]. The fix?

2) I’d like more space between the pages so that on large monitors you cannot see the page ‘bleeding’ below. Where in the CSS should I look to change this?

Thank you


Heya Matt!

For the contact page – you basically just need to add additional content in there to get it to fit properly… just a few lines of text confuses the sliding script and it just tried to auto-center it for you.

For the spacing, add this to the style.css file:

.content_block {
    clear: both;
    margin-bottom: 800px;
    padding-top: 25px;

Let me know if that works – You can also file a ticket over at http://makedesign.ticksy.com and I can assist with a rebated update to ShapeShifter 2 :)


Thanks for quick response, you’re the man.

Pity about the contact page issue. OK – will deal with it!

Interesting, thanks – I will check out Shapeshifter 2 and be in touch! Thanks for the offer!


Sounds good Matt! B

Hello, just bought the theme weeks ago, made instalation with dummy content, without the Cu3er and no apparent problem . Site is online www.famileamiranda.com

Some issues: my navegation menus deforms in IE9 . I tried to update cufon and also tried to pute some Css in Grid.css i found in forums, but without effect. Please give me some ideas. Thanks very much.


Just installed this, seems ok but menu effect dosent work.. it just goes to each page. Also I created a Main Menu which works fine on the homepage, but as soon as i click a link and load another page the menu resets and has all items in there..not impressed with this theme at all.

hi guys, why my cu3er doesn’t work? i followed all step given, but also have this problem. hope i can get solution for this. thanks :)

Hi, on my site http://apl.inpreview.net/ I am using the Shapeshifter template

My problem is is that when first land on the homepage and I click on HOME , the content then slowly slides up about 5 pixels?!

I’m not expecting an answer in time, however… I’m under the gun working on a site and I’m having a similar problem to others… I’m getting simply the cu3er icon on the slider and the menu isn’t working? I click on each item (I used the hashtag) and nothing happens… help!

Hi; could you pls confirm that the theme is compatible with the WP 3 .4 ? Is it safe to upgrade WP to 3.4 right now?

Is it just me or is this theme not working on mobile devices?

Hello !

It’s possible to know if this theme is compatible with WP 3 .4 ? Thanks ! :)

It works on it, but I’m recommending the new version as it’s coded to much higher standards – http://themeforest.net/item/shapeshifter-2-responsive-flexible-one-page/discussion/903214


Hello, I am using ubillboard as the home page slider and it is not rotating. I have tried disabling the other plugins but no dice.

What do I need to do to get the slider working?

Lot of people seem to dislike the whole sub page navigation, which is a little iffy.

My fix was to simply edit the ‘header.php’ file – at the bottom replace the navigation coding with

<?php if (is_front_page()) { ?> <!-- Navigation --> <?php mytheme_nav(); ?> <!-- end Navigation--> <?php } else { ?> <!-- Navigation --> <?php mytheme_nav(); ?> <!-- end Navigation--> <?php } ?>

This made the same menu you see on the home page (static links to pages) appear on every page

I am trying, without success to get the homepage scrolling to work on this theme.

Instead of scrolling, it just opens the page separately. I have followed all the setup steps correctly. There is no documentation on how this can be addressed.

Can you please advise.

NB. Maybe you could recode this theme to be easier to use in the event of a problem instead of redirecting people to your new (better coded) Shapeshifter theme. You might also make it easier for people who have BOUGHT this premium theme to get some meaningful support.

Either that, or remove it from sale.

I just purchased this theme, and upon install, I receive the error message:

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.”

Sorry, I just found the correct .zip file.

Hi, I just purchased this theme. The navigation was working great, and then I changed my permalink structure. Now the theme won’t navigate between the pages. I changed it back to the default, but the theme still seems broken. How can I fix this?

Thanks! Camille

Hi, just a follow-up on my previous comment. I installed the theme, installed the dummy content, followed the documentation for creating the menu system. But the JQ Slider function is not working. I checked the hash-links, and they all match up. So, I reinstalled in a different directory with the same results. I’m sure this is something simple, but I don’t want to proceed with developing the site without the navigation working correctly. Thank you very much! I googled this, but couldn’t find an answer.

Hi, I have the menu display problem in IE9 as well. CutCopy posted this fix, but I don’t know where to put it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

CutCopy Posted: updating Cufon fixed the collapsing menu issue in IE9 http://cufon.shoqolate.com/js/cufon-yui.js?v=1.09i