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Great stuff! We are having some fun producing a Japanese language site using this theme, just as we did with your Atlantica theme. -

Like many others, looking forward to the blog update!


Does anyone know how to get a google analytics code working? Google does see mine, but says there is a problem with the integration of the script in my page. I just copied the code in the custom field from the theme options panel.


Purchased over the weekend, it was my first time doing anything like this and it was really easy to get up and running. The documentation is really rock solid. Well done.

My only feedback is that the version of the “PrettyPhoto” plugin bundled with the theme is outdated and will not work with Vimeo, they have a new bundle available on their site which has support for Vimeo.

Like others, can’t wait to see a blog feature added.


as mentioned by padrien in the previous post, the prettyphoto used in this wordpress theme is 2.4.3 and the latest version provided by the author is 2.5.5. I tried to update it by myself but to no avail.

just wondering if you are update the plugin in your next release by any chance?

Yep – good catch you guys – I’ll add the latest version in the next update :)

Hi Epicera, Its simply awesome. I have an idea to buy this. can i view any of your customers site to view whether the theme functions as the same in the demo? because i have bought lot of themes from other websites and struggled a lot.

can you list some of the customer’s site to see how they have customized it?

Hi there, Unfortunately, no – I’m not able to track who buys my products and where they use them. Not only would this be a bit of an invasion of privacy for the buyers, it’d also require buyers to report back to this site with what they’ve done with their purchase. Long story short, it’s just not information that I have. That said, the demo is a pretty standard setup and the documentation is incredibly thorough – if you have any questions, you can always ask me here as well :) Brandon

Can you give us an idea of when the blog version will be available?

I’m relatively inexperienced with wordpress so if I were to install this current version and customize it to my liking, how difficult would it be to install the blog feature when it becomes available? (would you have directions for those of us who already have this version installed on how to add the blog portion?)

Thanks so much!

I’m having the same trouble as Martijnchel, with text entry in the settings page. Google Analytics script gets entered in with ”\” before quotes and apostrophes. As well as quotes that I put in for the footer.

I was able to resolve the footer issue with replacing the chars with their character code equivalents: & quot; and & apos;, but it doesn’t seem to work for the analytics code.

Is there a fix that can render the code properly? Thanks!

I’ve done a little bit of research, and it seems to be a php configuration setting called “Magic Quotes” that inserts the backslashes. (So this issue won’t pertain to everyone)

Since we’re all using different hosting services, the solution for those of us with this problem will vary depending on how they allow you to disable this setting (if at all).

However there do seem to be workarounds where the forms can be processed through a function, stripping the backslashes manually.

Do you have any advice for us, epicera?

Hi there – Hmm, not off the top of my head but I’ll be happy to do a little investigating and see what turns up. I’ll report back as soon as I can :) Cheers!

Hi Epicera,

Could you help me with the Google Analytics code? Google does see it, but does not accept it and says there might be an error within the code. I directly copied it from Google, so I am wondering if I should not use the

codes or something.. On my other websites it does work correctly.


Hi Martin – I’ll check it out right away and get back to ya.

Hi Martijnchel,

I’m not sure how comfortable you are with editing the php yourself, but while epicera works out the issue, you can manually enter in your Google Analytics code into the footer.php file.

Here’s my example: http://bit.ly/54YLLC

Yep – you can also use a number of the Google Analytics plugins available out there – either way I’m hoping to update this in the next day or two though ;)

Hi, I haven’t gone in and messed with any of the code yet, but when I uploaded your theme, there is a little extra space next to the right side of the logo so the links below aren’t flush with the edge of the logo. Does that make sense? Any idea why this might be happening?

Hi Jesliv, It’s hard to give an exact measurement without seeing a link, but try adding this to the custom CSS box in the admin panel and then just adjust it to your liking:

.logo { margin-left:10px; }


Hi soopah256,

Thanks for your advice. I tried it. Let’s hope it will be seen now :)

I purchased ShapeShifter, and have just begun delving into it. I am having one significant issue.

I have installed Wordpress on my local development machine and installed ShapeShifter with no problems.

However, when I view the site in Safari 4.0.4 (on OS X ) the scroll feature from section to section does not work. The nav links do move the site from section to section, but it happens instantaneously.

When I view the same site in Firefox 3.5.6 (again on OS X ) the jquery scrolling works.

Any thoughts?

Hi Martijnchel and epicera,

I actually found that wordpress has a function built-in called stripslashes() which will take care of the issue we’re facing.

Inside theme-panel.php (/shapeshifter/library/functions/theme-panel.php), scroll to the very bottom to the google_analytics function (line 361). Edit it as follows:

function google_analytics () { echo stripslashes(get_option('theme_google_analytics')); }

Now you should be able to successfully use the Google Analytics box in the Theme Options. (be sure to remove the code you previously added in footer.php)

If you’re also experience the backslash issue in the footer slogan text, you can apply this same technique. Edit line 6 in footer.php as follows:

<span class="quote"><?php echo stripslashes(get_option('theme_slogan',true)); ?></span>

Hope this works for you!

I just installed the theme—lovely! But I’m having the exact same problem as lekun. I’ve done some extremely cursory poking around in the script files—what’s controlling the slider? Thanks!

Am i the only one that has issues with any Number in the Avenir font?

Say I try to write this Saab 9-2X in between Header tag (<H3>), the final result is Saab -X. Seems like tu CUFONT doesn’t support any numbers… am I doing something wrong here?

Hi there – It’s possible that I actually rendered the CUFON font file without numbers included. If you have the font you can re-render the font at the CUFON site. If you don’t, just send me an email and I’ll see what I can do to help :)

wow super fast reply man, thank you! well, I don’t have that font, so maybe you can help me a bit with this ;)

note: the accentuated characters are missing as well

Sure thing – just send me an email so I can remind myself to send you a new version of the file later on tonight. Cheers! Brandon

Just bought the theme and wanted to leave my compliments about the extensive documentation provided. Very impressive and userfriendly.

Also; any indication on when the blog update will arrive? I might hold off installing the theme if it’s not too far into the future.

One question. For the flash banner, can each picture have its links own link? When user clicks on the picture, it goes into another webpage/website

I purchased the Shapeshifter theme and it works relatively well. However, there are some issues that perhaps someone can assist me with.

The first thing I noticed, when selecting the “paragraph” style, numbers disappear. $50.00 will look like ”$.”

The second thing I noticed which is a huge disappointment, is the Cu3er for WordPress plugin. I copied and pasted the code from the “Getting Started” example just to see as a test and the only thing that loads is the Cu3er icon. Now as a test I tried to open the cu3er.swf file with the latest Flash player through my web browser and desktop. Both instances the Flash player displayed security warnings. I tried older and the latest Flash player with no results. I could not open cu3er.swf file through Flash CS3 as it is locked. With the Cu3er there is a test demo.htm which allows you to test this and that doesn’t work either. This is quite frustrating becuase the major reason i bought this was for that plugin. After HOURS of seearching the developer of Cu3er said his plugin is fine and look at getting help from the author Shapeshifter. In all honesty, I downloaded the latest Cu3er plugin and ran it independently and I got the same errors. I think this is a huge issue with Flash security.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.