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thanks – I love the theme but I am worried about my logo which i only have on a white background. I just wanted to conform you have no way of changing the header background to white.

thanks sorry to be a pain.


If your logo doesn’t have too much small details or gradients, it’s pretty easy to delete background and convert it into PNG .

1. How do you get the subtitles in the navigation bar to show up?

2. The drop-down menu items disappear as soon as i mouseover them. Any fix for that?


Dear Stevie, thanks for choosing Shepard. :)

1. You should enable description to activate submenu. See the screenshot.

2. Please, submit a personal support ticket here, provide there wp-admin and FTP credentials and specify which browser you’re using.

Thank you.

I have a problem ! :(

When I activate the theme, i got an error message : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in C:\wamp\www\wordpress3\wp-content\themes\shepard\theme\functions\template-functions.php on line 479

I am using wamp to test the theme…

Have you followed our HOW TO instructions on theme installation?

If you did and still have some troubles, please, submit a personal support ticket here. It’s better to elaborate web sites online – easier for us to assist you. So it would be nice if you could move the site online and provide your wp-admin and FTP data and we’ll help you asap.



It appears that some local servers have incompatible settings.

Please, try to move the site online – it should solve the issue.


Yes I followed your “HOW TO instructions on theme installation”. Thanks for your answer ! I will try to move the site online, I Hope it would solve my issue !

john2049 Purchased

hey, cool looking theme. i haven’t gotten around to truly playing with it yet. but i was wondering. is there any fix for when scrolling kind of chunks down at the top of the page when scrolling down? it seems to be when the secondary navigation pops through and has a bit of a skip at the top when you start the scroll?


Dear John, thank you for purchasing Shepard Theme.

Can you, please, make a screenshot of this issue? It would be nice to know which browser and system do you operate as well.

Additionally we would like to draw your attention to the following points:
There’s a detailed online documentation. You can easily elaborate your site after studying our “How to”. Just visit http://shepard-docs.cmsmasters.net/

All support is given through our Support Forums or you can create a personal support ticket in case of need. The cmsmasters support center works Monday to Friday.

Thanks :)

Hi! cook theme, Have Spanish support? Thanks


Hello, jujes.

Our support team considers tickets and responds in English.

Is there a way of adding shortcodes to the widgets in your theme. I’ve tried a method that usually works in other themes: by adding add_filter(‘widget_text’, ‘do_shortcode’); to the functions.php file but it doesn’t work in your theme.

Because of your theme’s set up, I’m limited with what I can put in the widgets unless I can use a shortcode.


Dear tarnyakhouri, thanks for purchasing Shepard. :)

The filter which you tried to add actually exists, but in another file: theme/administrator/tinymce/tinymce-buttons.php

We would like to draw your attention to the fact, that our shortcodes work fine in the Text widget.

For further assistance, please, submit a personal support ticket here, as providing help via comments is beyond our support policy.

Thank you.


I did send you a support ticket but I was passed off in a similar rude fashion to the answer you gave on this question.

My problem is that the CMSMS widgets don’t accept HTML or shortcodes. It makes the site look tacky if I want to add a heading for a widget on the horizontal sidebar that uses a widget—I can’t because the heading spreads across the other headings.

I like your theme but I’m not impressed with the way you diss off your support questions. The theme is well documented as far as number of pages go but that’s about it. It’s hard to follow and takes ages to work out. The worst thing is that there is grammatical errors that follow through into the interface, which my clients will see.


I’m sorry, Tarnya. We didn’t mean to seem rude.

We just tried to aware, that it’s beyond our support policy to provide coding help for the customers who modified our theme, as the responsibility for code customization (or third-party plugins compatibility) lies on them.
You added some plugin, but we didn’t declare that our theme would work with it.
And our widgets, except of Text widget, don’t support shortcodes – it’s just a way they work.

Of course we will try to help you anyway!

Please, check your support ticket.
We asked to provide your credentials.
And sorry again if my answer wasn’t kind enough. I hope you still enjoy working with our theme. ;)

Hi. I’m looking at you template, before I buy i wuold like to know if i can write some text in the portfolio content. is it possible? or the portfolio items only show images? thanks a lot. Serena


Hi, Serena.
Sure, you can.

You may also read more about portfolio in our online documentation here.

javiojd Purchased

I have the problem Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in D:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\shepard\theme\functions\template-functions.php on line 479

I tried in my localhost with wamp and in a server. Both have the same error. I’m using the last version of wordpress. I send you a personal ticket. I can’t put the site online but I need assitance very urgent. We BUY the theme yesterday


Dear javiojd, thanks for purchasing Shepard.

Pity that you faced with this issue.
Some local servers have incompatible settings.

Please, move the site online – it should solve the issue.

Unfortunately, a template full of problems, makes the site slow, programming errors, weak support. Do not recommend.


Oh, I’m sorry to hear this.

Have you submitted a support ticket to get our assistance on your problems?
As far as I know all of your forum requests were solved.


Oh, I’m sorry to hear this.
Have you submitted a support ticket to solve your issues?

As far as I know your Support Forum requests were solved. But if you have unsolved ticket as well, please, provide its number so we could speed up the process.

Thanks. :)

javiojd Purchased

I’m sorry to hear that, I saw the template and I liked it so I bought it. But I didn’t expect an error just for activate it. I hope that I can find a solution ans solve this error…


Don’t worry, we’ll try to help you asap. See our previous answer to your complaint.

Generally we recommend to develop web sites online, because it’s barely possible to help you having no wp-admin and FTP credentials. Every case is special and needs deeper consideration.

The most convenient way to get it sorted sooner is move the site online and submit a personal support ticket if the issue remains.

Please, note: the cmsmasters support center works Monday to Friday

john2049 Purchased

Hi another question. I couldn’t find a specific thread for the shepeard theme on your site. In any case, I am trying to mimic your home page, but can’t add certain things. or at least make it looks the same. I.E. the nice looking header your have for the ‘latest works’ section, do you guys by chance have a demo wp admin we users can log onto to see how you guys set it up?


Hi, John.
Actually we do. :)
You will find it it the archive. Please, follow our readme instructions on how to install it.

You may also submit a ticket if you will experience some difficulties.

fatihd Purchased

good work, good support thanks


Thank you. We’re glad you like our service! :)

I wanted to know if you can change colors to what ever color or just the list you have?


Hi. Thanks for being interested in our theme.

We have color-pickers, but you can also paste a color code (number). So you may set ANY color you want :)

Hello cmsmaster,

We are looking to buy your item, but we discovered that in Android and iPhone 4 we are having some problems going up and down when our finger reaches one of the elements which has lateral mobility. Is there any solution to this problem?

Thank you!


Hi, thanks for being interested in our theme.

You may overcome this issue by deactivating touch feature in the widget’s code, but in this case it will be impossible to scroll the widget itself with a finger (right-left).

Hi, I have purchased this theme that looks really great and it is resposnsive very nicely, a few issues though, in the smartphone galaxy s2 and iphone when I try the writings on the main page slider and the click here button does not get smaller thus blocks the slider – 2nd issue when I scroll up down on the smartphone it gets stuck on the portfolio part – you can only scroll to the sides but not up and down any more it is really difficult to make it again scroll up and down. also when you get the page smaller in the computer in the contact page the map overlaps with the right slidebar, - these are my observations plus as I am not an expert I could not find the place where I can change the background colour or upload a bg image? I checked but it does not exist in the support docs maybe I could not find it? plus I could not find where to change the size of an already created slider like the main slider if I want to make it smaller. Thanks a lot for your help.


Hi, Ahmet.

1. What do you mean by “writings on the main page slider”? Slider captions? Unfortunately the only way to make them look nice on small devises is do not use any buttons inside – you can use a link in one short sentence instead. But captions will overlap slides anyway.

2. As about scrolling down. You may overcome this issue by deactivating touch feature in the widget’s code, but in this case it will be impossible to scroll the widget itself with a finger (right-left).

3. The slider height can be changed by editing style.css

Go to Appearance -> Editor (style.css is opened by default)

.cmsms_slider_parent, #slider { border-radius: 4px 4px 0 0; height: 0; overflow: hidden; padding-bottom: 45%; position: relative; width: 100%; }

You should edit this parameter: padding-bottom: 45%;

Lowering the value causes lowering the height of the slider. Please, note: default image size for our slides is 1222×500.

For further assistance, please, submit a personal support ticket here, as providing help via comments is beyond our support policy.

tanssu Purchased

nice theme but I have been waiting for support to answer a very simple question for a week. Nice work, poor support.


Oh, I’m very sorry to hear this! :-O

As might been known, our support team works Monday to Friday. But I have to admit, our guys a bit overloaded at the moment.
Can you, please, specify the number of your ticket so we could check it and try to improve our service? Thank you very much.
And sorry once again. We’ll do our best to raise our support level to the highest standard!

ashearer Purchased

I installed this theme on my website marketsay.com and have had two problems now that were not fixed by the doccumentation. The first is that the social icon pop-down does not update when I type in and save new URLs in the theme manager. The second is that the contact widget does not submit (it just keeps showing a loading bar) nor does it have a captcha as I set it up to have.


Hi, ashearer, thank you for purchasing our theme!

Have you read our FAQ in the online documentation here?

Both of your issues were described there. If after careful studying FAQ and following all described steps your issue persists, please, don’t hesitate to submit a personal support ticket here. Don’t forget to provide your wp-admin and FTP data. We’ll get back to you asap.


ashearer Purchased

Thank you, found it and it’s all fixed except for the ReCaptcha which is not showing up on the contact form even thought I entered in the Public/Private keys.


Ok, so you should submit a ticket in this case. The link I gave you in my previous reply :)

axxo Purchased

Hello, I’ve just bought this amazing template. Works fine so far, but I don’t know how to place images (e.g. on blog category view) on top of each blog post.

I also tried to assign an “article image” and changed the type to “image”, but it doesn’t show up:


Any idea what I might do wrong? Thanks


Thanks for choosing our product :)

Have you followed our online instructions?
http://shepard-docs.cmsmasters.net/?p=29 – please, check all required permissions to be set according these instructions.
And here you’ll see how to set a featured image: http://shepard-docs.cmsmasters.net/?p=594

For further assistance, please, submit a personal support ticket here, as providing help via comments is beyond our support policy. Don’t forget to provide there your FTP and wp-admin credentials. Thanks.

Hey. Your theme is very good! Thanks! But there is an error I’d like to solve. When you enter Portfolio, if you click on the tags, can not find the page. Similarly, if you enter a project and you click on a tag does not work. And also does not work if you click on the date. How can I fix this? In your sample theme does not work either. I hope your help. thank you very much


Thank you very much.

Otherwise the theme is great.

Just one question: how can I update the theme without damaging the changes I’ve done?

I have knowledge of PHP , if you tell me exactly what lines are, I change them manually. Thank you!


Hi, we have updated theme yesterday.

You should just download fresh theme archive, find there the folder with fix and follow readme instructions. After uploading files according these instructions, please, reactivate theme (activate another one and then go back to Shepard). Your settings will stay safe :)


Thanks! you are the best!! :)

Hi CMSmasters,

I am thinking of buying the theme. However, I just have a question. Is it possible to have an unbranded admin. I think you have CMSAdmin Panel 4. I am thinking of using this for a client. Hope you can help.

Many thanks!


Hello, thanks for being interested in Shepard theme.

One has no right to remove our authorship/brand, unless he have bought an Extended License ($2250). You may read more about it here: http://themeforest.net/wiki/support/legal-terms/licensing-terms/