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I would like to show services, and 2 different categories of post in the homepage below the slider. will that be possible?

The latest post widget on the homepage, Can I choose which category to show?



Hello. Thanks for being interested in our theme.

Unfortunately there’s no way to choose posts/project category in Latest/Popular posts/projects widgets. And no opportunity to show two different categories of posts, unless you’ll use a Post Type Shortcode in the content area.


Will you be able to guide me on changing the “portfolio” category to my desired name for the category?



Sure. Most of theme default messages and names can be changed using PoEdit (you should create your own language file at the server). You may read about it here: http://shepard-docs.cmsmasters.net/?p=316

Ceceu Purchased

This template has destroyed my site. What is worse is that I can not access the admin panel of wordpress. The template is stylish, but does not provide a minimum of security. I’m really unhappy to have purchased it. I would like my money back.


Dear Ceceu. Please, don’t jump to conclusions. Let’s figure out why you faced with this issue. It’s definitely not about security of your web site. Shepard is 100% safe.

Firstly rename “shepard” at your server into something else. Then disable all of your plugins on the web site under some default theme, which will be used if Shepard won’t be recognized after rename. Then rename back theme folder into “shepard” and activate theme again.
Otherwise feel free to contact us via personal support ticket, provide your wp-admin and FTP credentials so we could help you to install theme properly.

Here is a Support Forum thread about installation issues, it can be helpfull as well: http://forums.cmsmasters.net/showthread.php?725-FAQ-Installation-issues-amp-Demo-Content

Unfortunately we can’t provide any refunds, as all the transfers are fully beyond our control – all selling rights belong to Themeforest. You may contact them and ask for a refund.

I see you linked to your documentation listing all of the available widgets. Does this mean we are limited to only those?


Hi, treybo. Yes, it means that only those widgets are available.

So we wouldn’t be able to use any of the scores of normal WordPress plugins with their own widgets?


Hypothetically it’s possible, but we don’t guarantee compatibility with any additional plugin (exceptions are Contact Form 7 and WordPress Importer) and don’t provide assistance in regard with plugins compatibility or help to set them up.
You can download them at your own risk.

We are having difficulty viewing the slider within the site. It does not show. Working in WP. Love the interface, but not having any luck previewing live the home page with slider. Thanks for your help in advance

Figured it out…using the online documentation.


Hi, thanks for purchasing our product!

Please, note: all support is given through our Support Forums or you can submit a personal support ticket. Feel free to contact us in case of need and we’ll get back to you asap (from Monday to Friday).


I have a client who has bought your theme – but is it really true, that you doesn’t have a author.php for this theme?

My client wants it to be possible to go to the author.php and read more about the author.

Best regards Martin


Dear Martin. We don’t have author.php in any of our themes.


How I can turn off that top menu remains visible?

Thank you very much!


There’s no opportunity to turn off menu appearing when scrolling down using theme functions, need to edit theme code. You can submit a support request here and provide wp-admin and FTP credentials so we could help you to configure navigation menu in way you need.


Thank you very much. I’ll do that now

Love the theme. How do you install the navi widget used on your home screen. I looked at prior post about Readme file but didn’t identify solution. Also, per your documents, html read more buttons can be included in feature and text and text with image widgets…but these don’t seem to work properly. Just show as text. I am creating the short code and then copying and pasting into widget. Please advise.


Thank you for purchasing our product.

Do you mean this widget? If so, you may use Meta widget. See how it looks in our admin: http://screencast.com/t/ndskF6RfvL
Actually only Text widget supports shortcodes – just use html. For Read More button you can use this code: <a class="button"><span>Read More</span></a>.


Thank you for your timely response. I appreciate it. I may have used the wrong terminology… I meant to refer to the Latest Works slider navigation on your home page.


It’s a Post Types shortcode in the content area.

axxo Purchased


I installed your theme without any problems. But it looks like something is wrong with the CSS : http://bit.ly/NFneIO

I already tried several things:

  • Deleted the theme and reinstalled via WP-Admin (ZIP-Upload)
  • Deleted the theme an installed it by manual FTP upload

All other themes I have already installed show up correctly when I switch over to them.

Any idea what might be wrong?

Thanks -a


Thank you for using our theme :)

Please, don’t install theme via wp-admin – just use FTP instead.

Yet it’s hard to say what may cause that.
Can you, please, submit a personal support ticket here? Don’t forget to provide your FTP and wp-admin credentials so we could study your issue deeply.

axxo Purchased

Thank you for your swift reply :-) After re-installation of my whole WP and theme it works now. I’ve also set all CHMOD 777 according to your documentation.

But now, I’m facing another issue with the slider. I’m able to upload images but can’t see them afterwards in the slider (they are broken). Please find below two screenshots:

Shall I open another support ticket?

Thanks -a


You may continue first one or submit a new ticket. But, please, check all of your credentials – WP and FTP – to be correct. Your FTP data seem to be invalid.

Thank you.

Hi What are the dimensions for the slider on the home page at the very top?


Do you mean a slider itself or the social icons block?

If it was slider – the dimensions are different depending on your screen resolution, but they have 1×2 aspect ratio. For big resolution it can be 1160×580 or 948×474. The image can be smaller but should have good quality (resolution).

Hi, I’m using the Shepard Theme on Windows Server 2008 and IIS

When activating the theme, it raise the error 500 Internal Server

I think there is a problem with the permissions on file system. Is there an equivalent 777 in IIS ?

Do you know this problem ?





Mi nick name is ricardoyorky.

I’ve send a personal ticket yesterday



Your account is confirmed – you were registered user already.

Most likely our help desk is experiencing hight traffic, why you experienced delays in getting back to you. Or you’ve entered incorrect e-mail to the form when submitted your request. Please, specify its number so we could speed up this process. Thanks.


My ticket is Ticket #1939

Please, I need help, because tomorrow I have a demo a for a customer.

Thanks in advance

Hi I purchased Shepard, and since I have just come across Oakland I would prefer Oakland over Shepard but I have already made my purchase. Can I get a refund on my purchase to purchase Oakland instead? I haven’t downloaded the theme yet. Or would this mean I would also have to Oakland?


Unfortunately we can’t provide any refunds or exchange themes, as all the transfers are fully beyond our control – all selling rights belong to Themeforest. You may contact them and ask for a refund. But to be honest, it’s barely possible they will satisfy your request in this case.

Anyway, you can try. Good luck.

Hi i purchased Shepard, but in Internet explorer 6 & 7 the whole menu is vertical in stead of horizontal. When i preview the demo of shepard and on my own site: www.vinkenmaatje.nl The menu is also vertical in stead of horizontal. Is the css suited for older version of IE, because Chrome and Safari and Firefox are aligned like it should be..


Shepard is not compatible with IE6 and 7. Please, see the list of compatible browsers here.

Really nice theme! Can I change the background to an image or different color in the admin panel? I don’t see a place to.


Thank you for being using this theme, but unfortunately there’s no such option. We have Background Manager in Brilliant WP theme, if you need this feature.


I’ve found the error when activating the theme.

Please help, because I have to do a demo for my customer.

WordPress database error: [Table ‘paraguayagil.wp_shepard_bgs’ doesn’t exist] SELECT * FROM wp_shepard_bgs WHERE bg_property_desc = “clear”

WordPress database error: [Table ‘paraguayagil.wp_shepard_bgs’ doesn’t exist] SELECT * FROM wp_shepard_bgs WHERE bg_property_desc = “pageBg”

WordPress database error: [Table ‘paraguayagil.wp_shepard_fonts’ doesn’t exist] SELECT * FROM wp_shepard_fonts

WordPress database error: [Table ‘paraguayagil.wp_shepard_icons’ doesn’t exist] SELECT * FROM wp_shepard_icons

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘}’ in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\paraguayagil.com\wp-content\themes\shepard\theme\functions\template-functions.php on line 479


Hi. Thanks for choosing Shepard.

It’s hard to say what happened. Have you followed our “How To” instructions? If you did and it didn’t help, please, submit a personal support ticket here, don’t forget to provide wp-admin and FTP credentials so we could study your issue deeply.

Thank you.


I think that i have not installed correctly the theme on my wordpress because i have some problems with the images and my dashboard.

On my web site, the images don´t see it, and on the dashboard there is an image as if some be wrong.

In this link i have uploaded an screenshot: http://bjm.cl/sitio/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Captura-de-pantalla-2012-08-28-a-las-17.28.39.png

And this is one of my pages of my site, how you can see, the footer “Quienes somos”, is not same that your demo page: http://bjm.cl/sitio/?page_id=541

Can you help me please?

Thanks you very much!


Hello. Thank you for choosing Shepard WP theme!

Have you followed our “How To” instructions? Have you also read the FAQ on our docs’ home page? If you did and it didn’t help, please, submit a personal support ticket here, don’t forget to provide wp-admin and FTP credentials so we could study your issue deeply.

Thank you.

Hi, the shepard theme editor is gone.. how i fix this problem?

Hi shepard, the shepard theme editor is gone, how i fix this problem?

i got this error message

Fatal error: Class ‘cmsmsSliderManager’ not found in /home/republic/public_html/wp-content/themes/republic-child/header.php on line 48


Most likely some of your plugins have caused this error, or you implemented some code customization.

Need to see your web site.

Please, submit a personal support ticket here, as providing help via comments is beyond our support policy.
Don’t forget to provide FTP and wp-admin credentials so we could study your issue deeply.
Thank you

mogalep Purchased

Hi, what a great theme, I have one issue though — the drop down navigation on Safari does not appear properly. See www.rento.co.za. The drop down disappears the moment you move your mouse from the parent page. ;)


What device and system have you been using? I don’t see any troubles with dropdown navigation at your site.