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Wooow, I like this one! Great work. :)

Thanks Simon! Glad you like it

Great template! One question: there are 18 photos on the front page. Pretty picture shows them ALL enlarged in a gallery. If each picture on the front page was representative of a single project in which there were a set of images, 10, 15 or so, could Pretty picture show ONLY the pictures corresponding to a specific project. Then one would have to click on a new picture on the front page to see a new project. I do hope I am clear enough.

Alex, I am enjoying the theme so far. But I have encountered a small glitch. I do hope you will be able to solve it for me. When you get to the LAST row of pictures, [above the blue ribbon which ends the page] the photos in prettyPhoto appear UNDER the footer blue ribbon instead of above. Thank you in advance!

Hi buddy, I took a look at your site. It seems that you haven’t included the CSS /PRETTYPHOTO.CSS file – if I click the link to it, I get a 404. Simply upload that file and you should be cool :)

Thank you Alex for your help! This theme of yours is rocking!

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want this for my personal website right now.

The onyl thing I find a bit confusing (and its only me, not a criticism) is the way that the footer link @Click to Open’, slides off to the side and then says ‘Click to Close’.

Will it be easy for me to stop that so it doesn’t move?

This is really ingenious. So nice to see something different.

Hi there fella!

Thanks for your comments! Yes, to stop the “Click to Open” button from sliding over, you can just delete (or comment out) the ”.box .enlarge:hover” block in the CSS file, and the link won’t move.

Thanks! Any other queries/suggestions, let me know!


I really like the design, very nice! Did you solve the issue previously asked by Oratorio about posting multiple large images under each portfolio project tile? In other words, is that code in place already?

Thank you!

Sorry for my late reply, I didn’t see your comment there! Yes that code is already in place on the first image in the demo, and the first image in the downloaded files.


Thanks buddy!