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thomaspe Purchased

Any plans to provide us an option to change the gallery look? Maybe like Jetpack converting multiple images in “elegant magazine-style mosaic layouts”. Or at least inactivating the autochanging (on home)?

My issue is simple: most of my images are upended some are not – which gets pretty confusing if you load the homepage, scroll down and everything is jumping around all the time. See yourself over at liveblog.festivalisten.de

Another idea: what about introducing some ad-spots into the theme. Maybe in the header or over the post content?



There is no plan for adding such an option. You’ll need to get it customized if you plan to change it.

Since gallery image’s height are different from each other, page would result in scrolling sometimes.

Also, we have no plans for adding ad-spots. You may find several plugin on WordPress.org which will do the job.

If you have any further concern, please create a ticket over at our support forum. Thanks.

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igormiecz Purchased

Hi, I bought, thank you! Unfortunately, we do not English, try google translator. Ok? ;)

1 Home is set to the_content. But how to keep the format of the pages? There is no
. 2 And the second question. How to format a link to force display titles and description of the post, not just the link.

Thank you, greetings from Polish.


Hi there,

Please use our support desk at http://support.codestag.com and open a ticket there.


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Hi, do you have any plans to add a rating or scoring option to posts? I hope to either Review or score products on a blog we are running.



No such plans for now. Such things are better suited in a plugin not as a functionality within a theme.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks :)


Thanks. One more.

Is it possible to add quotes without having to have their name underneath?


Yes, it’s possible, you’ll have to make some tweaks in order to achieve that.