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Hi, thx for the template! How do I read the documentation, file?

Hi, thanks for purchasing Shift.

You can always read the documentation here. Thanks :)

Hi, loving the look of this theme! One question though – I see from the documentation that you can set individual page’s background colours, but can you do the same for posts (in addition to the default settings in the settings dashboard)?



We have limited color customisations to pages only not posts as it may lead to bad color combination or overdo on options.

Optionally, if you want to set color for specific post, you can add quick CSS under Theme Options with post id. For e.g.
#post-188 { background: orange; }

Let us know if you have further questions, thanks :)


Hi again! I cannot seem to be able to make the social code to work [social url=”facebook, twitter, dribbble, forrst”]- Why is that? Also, the video post format isn’t working for me: I am trying to embed a vimeo code like the one I see in the demo page, I select the video format in my post, but no video preview is showing. Thank you for your help, Z.

Hello, Please shoot us an email on support[at]codestag.com with admin credentials to your site and we will set this up for you. Thanks :)

Hi there,

Thanks for the great theme. Question, what social plugin are you using for the header sidebar in the demo site?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Colin

Hello Colin, and thanks for the purchase. It’s not a plugin, it’s a simple shortcode: [social url=”facebook,twitter,dribbble,google-plus,pinterest,vimeo,forrst,linkedin”] If you insert this, it will output all the social icons. Otherwise, remove the ones you don’t need. Make sure you set the urls for your social profiles under the theme options panel. Also, refer to documentation for more info. Let us know if you need any further help. Thanks :)

< Such a nice theme! Truly awesome..


Congratulations, Codestag for this amazing theme.

Thanks for the kind words. Truly appreciated :)

Hi Codestag, Great template though I am missing categories and an archive somewhere on the page. Is it included? I can’t find it looking at the demo.

Let me know!


Hello there, We haven’t included any page template for Archives. However, we have it in our roadmap.

Let us know if you have additional questions. Thanks :)

Well it’s for my girlfriends foodblog and having an archive is quiet essential. I’m very interested in the template so let me know if you have an idea when this will be included. Many thanks!

We may release an update by this weekend. You can follow us on twitter at @Codestag, we keep tweeting latest updates and sneak peeks. Thanks for your interest.

Will the theme work with my SmugMug hosted videos or only YouTube/Vimeo?


Unfortunately SmugMug videos aren’t supported yet, because as of now it’s not possible to make them responsive. You can only host videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Kickstarter, embed tag code and self hosted videos.

Let us know if you have additional questions, thanks :)

Another problem: I’ve uploaded a logo. Now i have the .png file in “wp-content/uploads/2013/03/logo.png” (120×100). Just added another file called “logo@2x.png” (240×200) in the same folder, but my ipad and iphone doesn’t show the sharper image…Any idea?

Hello, Please open a thread on our support forum with your site URL and we will have a look at the issue as soon as possible. Thanks.

Hi there, Amazing theme, well done! Just a quick question about post/page background images before I made purchase. Does it have to be one large image or it can be small pattern image that will repeat and fill up all post/page background. Or that’s only possible by adding modified CSS entry for each post/page? If that’s not possible at the moment then I would like to suggest to add it to your update list so that I don’t have to edit CSS all the time :D

Hi there :)

Thanks for your interest. We have already scheduled this feature for a next update, currently this is not supported out of the box, but as you said you can add the necessary css at the custom css field under the theme options.


Hi Codestag,

Great theme and i am interested in purchasing it. My only reservation is with IE8 compatibility as i have just checked the demo in IE8 and it looks quite bad. Has it been tested in IE8 and if not do you know how i can get it to work correctly in IE8. (I hate IE8 by the way, its just a requirement of my client!!!)




Sorry for your inconvenience. We have had it tested in IE8 but there was an issue WP Total Cache plugin which made this look bad on IE8. If you check it now, everything works so well including image, transparency etc.

Let us know if you have additional questions, thanks :)

Hi Codestag, thats great, especially as i had already purchased the theme!!

Thanks for your swift reply and fix, much appreciated



Hi Codestag,

Ok, i have worked out that it is the opacity that is causing the issue on IE8, reckon i can fix that. The only other thing that isnt working correctly is the post meta boxes which are out of alignment



Hi Codestag, Just got this theme setup on our blog and really liking it. One thing I’d like to know is how to make the featured image clickable, so that you can click on the image to link to the full post, not just the heading text? Thanks, Ronald

Thanks for the email. I have made the necessary changes, and it works now.

If you have need additional help, feel free to submit a ticket on our support forum anytime :)

Wow, amazing support. That was so fast :) Thanks again! It’s working great!

Glad you are happy. We are here to help you anytime. We will appreciate it if you can rate the item. Thanks :)


I’m just wondering a couple of things about this theme, instead of the theme going straight to posts, I would like to embed something like this:


I would like that to show the featured posts, I it’s own coloured segment, would that be possible?

Also is there any way to add advertisements to the theme currently?



Hello there, Unfortunately, this is beyond our theme support and requires manual customisation by changing the way theme currently works. However, we will keep it in mind when we push an update to the item. Thanks :)

Also, forgot to add, are there any plans to integrate reviews within this, I love the background images and style for reviews, and think it would work well.

Agreed, tiled backgrounds is a must! What’s the correct css to enable this now?


We already have this feature schedules for next update. If you want to make it work manually now, you can do the following:

#post-123{ background: url(path/to/image.png) repeat; }

Replace the 123 with the Post ID and it should work. Thanks :)

Hi Codestag

Love your theme – As I’m on the road quite often I use my iphone and the wp-app to post new stuff (mostly videos) on my blog. Is it possible to do that using your theme or can it only be done through a desktop browser. Mobile safari would be ok, although it’s not perfect.

all the best Christian

Hello Christian,

The WordPress app doesn’t supports the custom post formats which is required for the video field. Mobile Safari would be a good option though.

Let us know if you have additional questions, thanks :)

Hey Codestag

Just purchased your theme, and noticed that the documentation document is a “pages” document, and others that don’t have a mac cannot open it.

Maybe the pages was confused with a pdf file, i sometimes get them mixed up also. Hahahaa

I already got the documentation online. (just a heads up). :)

Thanks for heads up :) We already had noticed the issue and update the package, just waiting for the approval now.

Hi, I’m trying to add an instagram feed to the footer using Instagram for Wordpress module. Is there anything in this theme that would prevent that happening? Loving it otherwise!

Hello, Thanks for purchasing one of our files.

In most cases it won’t but as you know there are limitless third party plugins and we can’t check compatibility with all of them :)

So far we haven’t heard about any issue at well, if so, we would be glad to assist you on sorting that out.

Let us know if you have further questions. Thanks.

Hi again! Can you please explain how to use google fonts in your template?

I just sent you an email. Thank you for your help

Hello, I have made the required changes, take a look.

It just needed to be appended with &subset=greek.

perfect! Thank you

Hello I love this theme. How do you ensure that the header background image is the same width as the rest of the page? Thanks its a really cool theme.