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Hi Codestag,

I’m trying to sign up for the support page and I’m having trouble finding my purchase code. Any clue where that’s at? I’ve tried receipt # and others to no avail.

Hi there, here is where you find the purchase code: http://codecanyon.net/forums/thread/simple-generic-envato-purchase-code-instructions/57593

Let us know if you need any help

Your ticket has been received and already replied. Let us know if you need any further help.

Hi Codestag

I updated the my theme just now, and when i’ve added a pattern to my post i get this error.

Warning: getimagesize() [function.getimagesize]: http:// wrapper is disabled in the server configuration by allow_url_fopen=0 in /nfs/c01/h12/mnt/7856/domains/robertrodrigues.com/html/me/wp-content/themes/shift/includes/meta/meta-post.php on line 255

Warning: getimagesize(http://robertrodrigues.com/me/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/escheresque_ste.png) [function.getimagesize]: failed to open stream: no suitable wrapper could be found in /nfs/c01/h12/mnt/7856/domains/robertrodrigues.com/html/me/wp-content/themes/shift/includes/meta/meta-post.php on line 255

Can you be so kind to help me out here.

Thank you. Robert


Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Support for all our themes is conducted through our support forum, please start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

Thanks :)


Just wanted to let you know, that the example social shortcode in the documentation has an error.

From the PDF: [social url=”facebook,twitter,dribbble,googleplus,pinterest,vimeo,forrst,linkedin”]

The Google+ shortcode should be google-plus, instead of googleplus.


Thanks for letting us know. We will update it accordingly :)

I adore this theme but my pages (and the sample page) have white colored linked text against a white background. If I try to change the page background color, it doesnt appear to work. Any ideas whats up? research.uk.com/en/sample-page/

Just sent you a reply to your email. The background color settings work perfectly. I just changed them at your site.


Thanks very much Codestag. Your support is ace.

Thanks :) Appreciated.

Codestag, is there a simple way of removing the pretty post date/comment/heart box from a particular post type? Generally I love them but I need to change use one post type for a listing. Thanks, Gene


Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Support for all our themes is conducted through our support forum, please start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

Thanks :)

Hello. I have a problem with Polish characters in this theme. If this characters are used the fonts is changing. Any ideas ?

Hi, you need to select a font from google webfonts that supports polish characters. I think you must be using Cyrillic in Poland, right?

If you need further help please open a ticket at http://support.codestag.com and we will help you there asap.

Thanks :)

You did a great job here ! :D

Great item :)

You’re very welcome ! :)

I would be interested to have the xml data of the demo website, If you can send it to me, Thank you in advance :)

Have a nice day :D

Thank you very much !! :D

How can I add modals to this template? I uploaded everything (Reveal Modal), checked the source of the template and the browser saw the files. However, it doesn’t launch..

Anyway, nice template!

Hello, we don’t provide support for 3rd Party plugins. Our support policy cover setting up the theme, bugs and issues. You should read the plugin documentation and check for any errors in console.

If you find any issue with the theme you can always create a support ticket on our support forum: http://support.codestag.com, over there either myself or another member of the support team can take a look at your issue. Thanks :)

Can I use a custom page for my home page and swap the home page for a blog page?

Yes, you can as it’s a standard WordPress functionality. Let us know if you have further questions.

All the best :)

Any interest in catagory based locked colors? That would save me a ton of time. I have facebook and twitter auto-posting to my page and if I could design and locked design (Like Blue BKG & Status type for Facebook / Purple BKG and Status Type for Twitter) for that post type based on the category I would never need to edit manually.

Just asking. Otherwise – like the theme. Still getting used to it – robust and yet simplistic… is challenging – but rewarding to look at.

I understand your concern. However, limiting the post by Category will really make the color customisation massive and confusing.

However, if posts from facebook and twitter have custom classes, then you use custom CSS to add styles.


Hi seems to be some wierd things happening with menu on Chrome on Mac check out Longford News.

Really love the theme using it for a local news portal here in Ireland.

Hi and thanks for the purchase!

Using chrome in mac here too, but I cannot see any issues. No worries, jump on the support forum at http://support.codestag.com and open a ticket, and we will look into it. Please Ensure you run on the latest chrome version, and the latest Theme version.

To speed up things I would suggest you attach a screenshot to the ticket, that shows the issue.

Seems the header overlay menu got resolution error when it display “minus” (close) image. I think it’s display retina size on normal res display.

And please add more social options such as Flickr and GitHub.

Just tried it in private mode, still the same. Maybe it’s just me. (I hope)

Thanks for the help anyways.

Found another problem.


The search result will incl pages but with no title.

Hi. title is there, but since you have selected link color and background color same, the title with link is not visible. Press CMD+A to quickly see that.

Besides. Support of all of our themes are handled through our support forum. If you are having issues, you can submit a ticket there.


Hi, does the twitter post type get automatically created from a twitter feed or do you have to manually create each twitter post?

You just have to enter you twitter handle, and it will show your feed automatically.

Let us know if you have further questions. All the best :)

This is a good looking theme, but it is really, really slow. It will take a lot of effort to optimize it. The theme also lacks some basic features and the documentation is poor (the support forum only has six entries and isn’t useful—you have to ask a question and it tells you they are busy so they won’t be replying soon). It’s unfortunate, because it is a pretty theme.

You didn’t answer my questions in the support ticket, but whatever.


I think I missed one part in your question there, already answered. You can take a look now.

Hi, I have purchased the theme some time ago and love it. I have a question: I know a new version of Wordpress is coming out soon and i would need to know if an update to the theme is planned. If so, will i get it for free or should i purchase the theme again to have the update?

Auf Wiedersehen :)

You Guys Rock!

Keep up the good work, and thanks for the quick reply!

Anytime :)

One more thing.

I just saw an unfair comment above right before mine. And I would like to put my personal experience.

1. The theme is awesome. I had it up and running in no-time. No speed issues or anything.

2. A support ticket I submitted was replied within 3 hours, and solved right after.

3. Those guys do an honest work and they do it well. Give them some room man!

my 2 cents.

^ We like this guy :)

Very beautiful theme, tons of options to play with…love it, well done !

One minor thing: The post-meta and left/right arrows in the .page-navigation div below each post use the same colour as the background of the post, which is a great idea…and it works perfectly as long as the background colour for the post is rather colourful or dark-ish. If I use white as the background colour for a post though, the post-meta isn’t readable any more.

Maybe it would be a good idea to add another option in the “Custom Background Settings” to let people change the colour of the post-meta and left/right arrows ?...or maybe just take the value of the “link colour” I can select in the “Custom Background Settings” and apply this one to the post-meta and arrows as well ?

Hello, thanks for the kind words.

Concerning the post meta, it’s color are what you chose under Styling Options > Post Format Colors. If you are changing the background color of the post under post meta. That would change the color of post background but not the post meta.

We just didn’t wanted to overdo with the options and provide less and enough option to customise things :)

Btw, if you have any issues/suggestion/problems please head over to our support forum, we would be glad to assist you there.

Apprently I didn’t explain the problem right, heading over to the support forum :-)

Hi there,

Cool theme, just getting started here and I’ve got a few questions for you.

1) is there a way to get shortcode (buttons & social icons) in the excerpt? If not, is there a way to have the body of the post show up on the home page? I just want everything on the main page, I don’t want visitors to have to click into the pages for anything.

2) Is there a way to remove the little talk bubble thing on each post that indicates the date of the post, type of post and likes?

3) Can you add some more social icons? I need a soundcloud (really need this one), youtube and instagram.


1. It’s not possible to add shortcodes in excerpt, to show full posts on homepage you need to replace the_excerpt() with the_content()

2. For this, following would do the job:
.entry-meta .comment-number:before{ display: none; }

3. More icons are already coming your way next week. Make sure you have checked for item update notifications.

If you have further questions or issues, please head over to our support forum ( http://codest.ag/spforum ) and we would be glad to assist you there.

Thanks :)

Wow, thanks for the quick response! Really appreciate that. However, I’m really bad at this… maybe you could explain 1 & 2 a bit more.

1) Where do find “the excerpt” to replace?

2) where do I stick that code?

Great news about the icons. Looking forward to it. Thanks again!

1. Under content.php and all content-{name}.php

2. Under Shift > Styling Options > Custom CSS.

Let’s continue the conversation on our support forum. Thanks.

Hi! The theme is so minimal and so wesome! I really like it. But i have two questions: 1. Caan I use youtube shorcodes instead of long embed codes? 2. Is there any chance to make embedded instagram pictures visible on the main/home screen in the posts without clicking on the post’s title?

Overall, a pretty good theme. Thank you.

Few things to consider in future releases: > sticky post that can stay at the top of the page (featured) > RSS feed icon in the social icon options > allow excerpt to recognize links instead of fully stripping formatting. > hover state for the + sign that opens the flyout content. If the + changed color on hover, people are more likely to click.

thanks, again. nice clean blog.