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Can someone provide the name of a good lightbox or similar to lightbox plugin that doesn’t conflict post images with the header page images (page above nagivation)?

Hello, We don’t provide support for third party plugins. Btw, we have already replied to your ticket on our support forum.

Thanks :)

hello, is it possible to embed a soundcloud player in an audio post and have it skinned as the mp3 player at all?

Unfortunately no :(

Hello, just a quick one. Does the audio player support mp3 format or is a “conversion to another format” required.

Hi, Yes it supports MP3. Let us know if you have additional questions.

Really nice looking theme. I have a couple questions.

1) In an individual post, can the color and background be applied below the post in the comment section as well, or is that always white (as shown in demo)

2) Does this theme work with third party plugins for social sharing?


1) That section is always white by default, unless you customize the templates.

2) It should work fine, but we have not tested it and we cannot guarantee compatibility with 3rd party plugins.

Let us know if you have any questions :)


Can a portfolio page be built into this theme? Sonething do liar to what was built in Cluster—basic grid of images ages with light box effects?

Love the theme, but need a portfolio section bad!


Hi there. Unfortunately this is a blogging theme, you can not use it as a portfolio in a similar way to cluster. :)

I really love the design! Sadly I doubt that I can keep the great look once I installed all the podcast features I need! :(

I saved the design in my favs for another project ^^

Thanks for the kind words :)

First. Truely great design.

Apologies if I’m missing the obvious. But where is the option for the dropdown search feature you have in your demo?

Hi, Please refer to the documentation, it’s detailed there. If you still don’t find it please head over to our support forum and we would be glad to assist you there.

Thanks :)

Found it. Many thanks

The gallery does not have alt tags on the images. How would I add those? i just need to know the location and the code to add.

How do you fix the search so that the results work when you click for more? Right now, if you click for more (the ”+”) it just shows general posts, not the posts with the search term?

How do you get image posts to display when you click the more (the ”+”)? Right now, if you click the more it just displays the text, not the image.

Hi there. I saw your email and reset your password for the support forum. I have sent you an email with the new password. Please open a support ticket for this in our support forum and we will look into this.



I was about to purchase this theme but wanted to know if there was a way to see the admin options. I know you helped someone out in the comments before. Screenshots would work as well.

hi there, I made a quick zip with admin side screenshots, you can download from here: http://cl.ly/3a172F0f1C1G

If you have any specific question or need any clarification please let us know.

Thanks :)

Thank you so much for those images. Great response time. I’ll go ahead and purchase in a little.

Hi, related to an earlier comment of yours, the google analytics code is supported under theme options. You just paste the code in a field: http://cl.ly/image/3i160H3w2V2F

Thanks :)


We just pushed an update that fixes some bugs. Thanks to all buyers for their valuable input and feedback!

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Well this is very sad. I tired to purchase it but Paypal just won’t allow me. And there doesn’t seem to be any other option to purchase either.

Sorry to hear that. I am afraid there is not something we can do. Perhaps you should contact ThemeForest and let them know.

Thanks :)

Well had to use some go-arounds, but I finally have the theme. It looks awesome. Thank you.

thanks for the purchase :) If you need any help with the theme please feel free to open a ticket at our support forum at http://support.codestag.com

Hi – I already purchased the theme and like it a lot. Is it possible to add an social media icon for the german platform Xing? (www.xing.com)? That would be great ;)

Glad that you like the theme. We can guide you through if you have little familiarity with WordPress on how to achieve this at our support forum.

Amazing theme, really love it. Perfect for what I do. Just one question. How do I get the + icon in my menu with the drop down. Also were do you edit it. Search through the document and settings, but could not find anything. Thanks in advanced. Cheers

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it.

FYI the + icon is an icon font, if you need info on how to edit it jump on to our support forum at http://support.codestag.com and we will help you out.


This theme looks great. I am thinking of swapping my tumblr over to this. Is it possible to add a mixcloud player or swap out the existing soundcloud player?

Cheers Stu

You can embed Soundcloud player with Jetpack shortcodes.

Let us know if you have any other questions :)


Hi really like the look of this theme, does the audio player stream youtube, or does it have to be an mp3 file? let me know thanks


Unfortunately audio player doesn’t support YouTube, it must be an audio file.

Let us know if you have any more questions :)


I am going to be posting mostly the same type of blog post. Is there a way I can still have my blog posts be different colors even if they are all the same (only words in the post, for example)?

Hi there. The latest updates of Shift allow exactly that. Which version are you using? Please update to the latest version and you should see custom color options under each post ;)

Please head over at http://support.codestag.com and we will have a look if you need further assistance.


hi there, i’ve just some questions, before i buy your theme. it’s quite difficult to decide, because i really like raiden (the left sidebar) and shift_ …. but know my question, i hope you answer soon.

is the first line in the header ‘home / about / get in touch’ a menu? can i do here like pages and categorys? how quick will load shift_? do you have the same shortcodes as in raiden? may i get the shortcode list, when i bought it? are there in shift, the same cool toggle boxes like in raiden?

i’m really looking forward to get your answers, because my little german blog http://8k11.de needs urgent an update and there i used one of the elegant themes. i don’t like, because it takes weeks to load…...

thank you, nandi

Hi there,

Yes, the lines in the header are menu that you can assign under Menus. Our shortcodes are available for all of our themes, you can get the list as well however our shortcode generator would be helpful for you.

Toggles are also part of shortcodes, so yes. Concerning the speed, Raiden is faster than Shift.

Let us know if you have any more questions. All the best :)


does this Theme has Sidebars for Widgets?

If yes, is there a sample page?


Alright. Just a last question please: the Background Images in these Blogpost (s. Screenshot here http://d.pr/i/sKGH/QpY7Yiw1) are configured manually in the single Post, right? If I don’t setup a Picture the Area will “only” be in the specific color?

Exactly, you can specify background color, background image and opacity per post. If you won’t select any image it will fallback to chosen background color.

Ok – wrong URL, but you answered my question :-) about this http://d.pr/i/sKGH/QpY7Yiw1

Hello! I just purchased your theme and I have a couple o’ questions.

1. The comments are showing “4 months” ago for comments that were posted in 2011 – is there a way to add a year to the time consideration?

2. Is there a way to add a line break between the excerpt and the “Read more…” link?

3. Is there an easy way to change the post-type icons and names? For example, I’d like to switch the “quote” posts to “question” posts with an appropriate icon.



Thanks for purchasing one of our files, we truly appreciate it!

Support for all our themes is conducted through our support forum, please start a new thread over there and we will help you as soon as possible.

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