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tsudo Purchased

Purchased but once I make edits or create a template other than default it doesn’t allow me to download the HTML. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. I can download the default unedited template without a problem.


Hi tsudo, thanks for purchasing shift

Just checked on chrome and it works fine. Firefox should be the problem. I will fix this issue in these days.
I will let you know as soon as the fix is released ;)

Sorry for this inconvenience

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When will your Template Builder be updated? I can only add or remove sections and colors and the gear tab has “Available Soon” and no options?


Hi chapterone, unfortunately we are still working on it. Could take 1 week to get the update. Anyway hold on, we are working as fast as we can :)

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hello … could take me some questions below?

1 – I edit the code on the website (MailChimp) for free or have to pay to edit the email on the site MailChimp?

2 – Can I copy the edited code on the site and save MailChimp on my pc?

3 – This e-mail can be read in smartphone android or apple iphone?

waiting response and thanks


Hi vava,

1. You can edit for free the template in mailchimp.

2. Not sure what you exactly are trying to know. You can edit the code once you export it from the builder on you pc. From there you can make further improvements and then import it in Mailchimp.

3. Sure, we support almost all email clients desktop and mobile. There is a list of supported devices in the item description

Let me know if everything i clear enough

Best Regards Stefano Marra


the question number 2 =

I was wondering if after editing the code in the MailChimp site, I will be able to copy the edited code and add in a folder on my PC?

I’ll use my own program to send emails.



Hi vava, yes, from mailchimp you can edit and download the edited template as a file on your pc as well.

Best regards

Stefano Marra