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hi, nice to see you again:

the error in the theme is in <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/font-awesome/font-awesome.min.css” media=”screen”/><!- FONT AWESOME ICONS CSS FILE ->

without ie8 works, but not correct – can you fixed the error ? Thanks a lot for all peoble who have buy the theme !

Chris-187 Purchased

Three problems…

1. Accordions Don’t work in Firefox. 2. Need to purchase the images but details still have not been given. 3. Can’t get Twitter feed to work – I’ve followed the instructions.

All three above questions have been asked by other purchasers – yet no response to these questions has been provided.

Can you offer any estimated timescale for an update and fixes to these issues?

Thank you.


this has been fixed and updated :)


I want to know how I can include the instagram icon in the social network section.


is if you want to use instagram icon :)

The Main navigation doesn’t display correctly on smartphones in Android default browser. Looks like an input box.


well. that’s the way it should look on smartphones :)

Excellent template! Love it! Very clean and well labeled.

Just had one small thing: I can’t for the life of me find where to set my address for the Google plug-in. Any ideas? File and line number? I have a feeling I’m skimming right past it. Thank you!


it’s located in the custom.js file (js folder) look for 17 – GOOGLE MAPS in the custom.js file

The images are presented with a saturation of color, which can be?


Please disregard the problem was in my graphics program. sorry.


not a problem :)

Good item. Good luck with sales;


Thank You :)

huatz Purchased

Hey there,

For Header Style 3, when we view it on mobile, the main navigation does not convert to the dropdownlist type? Is that intentional? If we need it to be using the dropdownlist navigation on mobile, can it be executed?




Yes it can be fixed, it’s meant to be intentional but you can easily update it to be a dropdown menu. wrapp ul main menu in and you’ll need to update some CSS to, as it will be changed a bit after wrapping it into #main-navigation

huatz Purchased

Thank you!

yanker Purchased


As I can do to make when entering the faqs page, the default is first opened? Thank you


how are you? not working contact form .. goes as sent mail, but no mail arrives .. because it does not work?

Do you have a SiteMap page?

HddnTHA Purchased

Hello. How can i auto play carousel in index page? Btw Good theme. Also i didnt rate it. Waiting for your response for rating.

rog12 Purchased

where do we change to the boxed version ?


is this theme available in Joomla ? if not can you please put it as a joomla theme ( RTL required ) so i can purchase it …. thank you

I purchased this theme and I tried to upload it to wordpress site.

BUT error message came up that it is missing style.css file.

Where to find style.css file, i looked into downloaded folder its not there either!!!!

please let me know solution to this problem.

i will appreciate it thanks

hello I would like to buy this theme could I use as for my company?

drector Purchased

Shifter theme works fine in FF and Chrome. Is advertised to work in IE11 but it does not. layerslider pictures do not show. Drop-down menus are behind pictures. Is there a fix for this?

Hello, I’ve purchased this template, it’s brilliant and so flexible. I have only one small problem, hopefully you can help. On alternative header 2 when you scroll down the menu is fixed to the right of the browser rather than centered or full width so there is a gap to the left and non to the right. This was viewed on Firefox & Chrome and the same happened with both. Many thanks in advance. I checked your live version at it’s the same on here.

@gabosampedro the form does work, you may need to add the full url to the send.php file.

@everyone else : regards fixed box width > in the style sheet it says to edit the width of the #container to that of the .container so simply edit the 100% to 1024px and you will have a fixed box :)

Hope this helps

Hi, is there a way to adjust the Portfolio data-categories to filter with $_GET variable in the URL?

eg; example.com/products.com?p=windows

would show the products page filtering the windows right away. Right now it always starts showing * or all.



PS Great theme!


Pretty sure something here needs adjusting but didn’t manage to get it to work…

$itemsFilter.on('click', 'a', function (e) { var $this = $(this), currentOption = $this.attr('data-categories'); $itemsFilter.find('a').removeClass('active'); $this.addClass('active'); if (currentOption) { if (currentOption !== '*') currentOption = currentOption.replace(currentOption, '.' + currentOption) $container.isotope({ filter: currentOption, }); } e.preventDefault(); } ); $itemsFilter.find('a').first().addClass('active'); }