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Genius – amazing stuff!

Cheers dude.

Very nicely done! :)

Cheers buddy.

This a beautiful theme, any chance you can class up the mobile menu so it is as beautiful as the rest?

As the mobile menu is a select menu, there is only so much styling you can do to it. I think it still looks great though ;)

thanks again for your kind words.

Realy nice work bro, I very like it. Congrats! GLWS!!!

Cheers dude ;)

You should make it for Wordpress! Good luck mate.

WP version is in the works!! ;)

Hi vickystudio,

WP version is now available ;)


WOW, cool. Same as vicky –¬†you should make it for Wordpress ;-)

WP version is on it’s way!! :)

Hi rammler,

WP version is now available ;)


Congratulations Great work bro, Good Luck :)

Thanks buddy!

Excellent work ;)

Many thanks Ugurkan ;)

Cheers buddy!

Nice work @guuthemes

Thanks Miguel ;)

Great theme! :)

Cheers buddy ;)

Is it possible in the template to make this it into a one-page OR a multi-page, but not both (hybrid) like you have it now?

Hi threelightpictures,

‘Out of the box’ it is a multi-page (with the homepage stylings of a one-page).

Many thanks

Hello. Thank you for theme.

You have bug in the demo xml (shine-wp (1.1) package/demo xml/shine.wordpress.2013-09-08 (2).xml) and options.css (gt_shine/assets/css/dynamic-css/options.css).

There appears ip address

Thanks for the heads up! Mel

The menu in the demo seems broken… As you scroll down, it scrolls off the page at the top. Is this by design or should it stay visible at the top as it is on the kula theme? I’d like to purchase today. This will help me decide.


Nothing broken on my end:

:) Thanks! Mel


Is it possible to have a full screen image slider instead of a one picture at the top of the page?


Hi carraqula,

Many thanks for your comments.

If you have some skills with HTML/CSS you could edit the code and remove the static image, replacing it with Flexslider (which is included with the template, currently used for the portfolio items).

Many thanks again.

Hy, i would like to create a Pie Chart with the colors to customize. How can i do?


Hi there,

To customize the colors for the pie chart you need to edit the file custom.js (found in /assets/js). There you will see the hex code to alter for your pie charts.

many thanks

Sorry but I did not understand. I can not find. Can you send me an example or a link to find the custom item? thank you very much.

Hey, can you please post back from the account that purchased the item? We can only support verified purchasers.. Thank you!


This theme is nice, the only thing stopping me buying it is the mobile navigation. You should implement a better design like SlickNav or Pushy or Off Canvas

Thanks for the comment.

Is this a wordpress theme yet? I want!

Hi pguitar,

No WordPress theme, sorry :(



No blogging tool. It is just a default HTML template. HTML templates are really meant for you to add your own static content, or to wrap around a CMS like WordPress.

Many thanks

Why was the Wordpress version removed form sale? And when will it be returning?

Hi Peter,

It won’t be returning I’m afraid :( It made a very small amount of sales, so I decided to remove it.

Many thanks