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” – almost everything…” seems to be the most relevant part of your response. I don’t mean to beat up on you or the theme, and I looked at this theme for a long time, comparing it to others, before I decided it would best meet my needs. Given the “It requires no coding skills…” statement in your promo material, I would never have thought that I wouldn’t be able to do something as basic as format the site title text from the theme’s option panel. And, I have no doubt you could help me to do what I want to do, you appear to be very good at what you do. However, I don’t want to start out with a brand new theme having to jury-rig something that, in my opinion, should already be an available option from within the theme settings panel. So, unless you’re willing to write this capability into the theme (and I’m quite sure you aren’t), I’m going to shelve this thing and write it off to a lesson learned. Shopping for a theme that has the functionality that you need is hard enough without having to worry about the basics.

We’re working hard to provide as best themes as we can, but (as you probably understand) it’s hard to satisfy everyone and to predict everyone’s needs. To be honest you are the first of our customers who want this kind of feature. I understand that you need it and I’m ready to help you with implementing it, but I can’t guarantee that it will be included in the theme (however I’ll add it to my to-do list).

A new theme version is already available. It contains a WordPress 3.4 compatibility fix. The full changelog can be found in the item description.

Hi there!

Thanks for a great theme and some excellent PHP scripting. My client is experiencing a few issues with the following website – www.partybands.com.au. You will notice that the sliders images appear over the top of the drop down menus – this of course is a z-idex issue but I would assume that it should not be happening!

Also on the example site the drop down menus are using either CSS or JQuery to animate and drop down slowly…

Can you please have a look at the site and let me know if I should tweak a CSS class for the menu…

Many thanks


Menu and slider images are working fine for me – I’ve checked your website using Firefox, Chrome and IE9 . What browser you are using?

To make the dropdown menu animated you need to replace the ‘js/shiny_custom.js’ file with the latest one – just download the latest theme package from ThemeForest and upload this file to your server.

For an example of what the issue is please navigate to Bands>Peppermint Jam and when the slider hits the 2nd and 3rd images the drop down menu is obscured. This is obviously a z-index issue as stated…please have a look and advise where I should change the value in a CSS class to fix this. I can’t see any facility to time the rate of the “drop” of the dropdown menu so it looks the same as the example site in Themeforest…

OK, now I can see the issue. Please add the following code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
#wrapper { z-index: 1; }

This fix will be also included in the next theme update.

thanks for your prompt response…I thought it was a simple z-index issue – am implementing the new update with the shiny_custom.js file in it now…

Anyone else having problems with the custom sidebar showing on the homepage?

Home page template doesn’t have a sidebar at all.

there isn’t a way to add one? crap

There is always a way, but it requires a template customization. I can help you with that – just send me an e-mail through the contact form on our profile page.

Hello, Great Theme! But I am worry if I coud put these css images (http://flstudios.me/demoz/ ) inside the theme in any place I want? for example in the home page or inside a wedgit or replaced with the existing menu.


This is a standard HTML code, so there should be no problems with that. I don’t think it will fit in a widget, but it should look well on a page. Of course there is no easy way to replace the existing menu with these images.

Hi there, I love this theme and am happy the client decided to go with it. One question. Is there anyway for me to hide a certain portfolio category, so when we are in sortable, the specific category or sub category will not be there to “sort”?

Thank you in advance for your help!

It’s not possible at this moment, but it requires only a small template modification. I can help you with that – just send me an email using the contact form on our profile page.

iam trying to install this theme in wordpress (admin-wp) but it could not install each time it tells me do you really want to do this try again and still not installed can you please tell what to do in this case ? thanks

It’s hard to say what’s the reason of your problems without an access to your server, but I bet it’s something about your server configuration. Please try to upload the theme files via FTP (you can find instructions in the theme documentation).


Quick question.

In the styling section, which heading corresponds to the hover and link colour on the horizontal featured posts widget? (used on the home page)


I suppose you mean those four images with titles, a short text and a ‘Learn more’ button, right? If so, these links are standard headers links (Headers Link Color and Headers Link Hover Color options).

Hello! I have purchased this theme a few months ago. I have downloaded the latest update of the theme and am trying to install on Wordpress 3.4.1 for some reason the install keeps failing and message from wordpress is “are you sure you want to do this?”

Any ideas on why I can’t install the theme? Thanks for you help!

This is probably a problem with your server configuration. Please try to upload the theme via FTP (you can find instructions in the theme documentation).


I want to insert my own logo but am having some trouble. Perhaps my dimensions are incorrect? Can someone please tell me what the dimensions of my logo jpg should be for a successful upload?


I’m sorry, but you are not marked as a customer (your comments don’t have the ‘Purchased’ ribbon). Please contact Envato support, because now I can’t verify your purchase.

Alternatively you can send me your purchase code (please use the contact form on our profile page).

Does anyone else happen to know working dimensions for the logo?

lol now i see, i am in the wrong shiny theme! whoops, apologies.

No problem. ;)

hello hi there i have just install the theme it looks ok however , can u please tell how tp use the slider i tried many things but it did not work i csn not even attach my post to it, the other thing how can i change the colour of the side par boxs ? thanks

The home page slider doesn’t display posts – it displays slides. You can read about how to add slides in the theme documentation. Just remember to pick the Home Page template for your home page and set up the slider in the Home Page options (Theme Options -> Home Page Settings).

What do you mean by “side par boxes”?

where can i find the theme documentation side bar boxes ( widgets on the side)

You can find the theme documentation in the ‘documentation’ folder.

You can change widgets colors using custom CSS – just add your CSS code to the Custom CSS box (Theme Options -> Styling Options):
/* background and text color */
#sidebar .widgets { 
    background-color: #FFF;
    color: #000;
/* links color */
#sidebar .widgets a {
    color: #aaa;

Hi again, can’t remember if I asked this before. I want to use the shortcode [recent_posts_images_scrollable…] with a custom post type. How do I do this? Thank you.

It’s not possible without the shortcode code modification, but it should not be hard. Open the ‘inc/shortcodes.php’ file, find this shortcode function (just search for the shortcode name) and take a look how it’s done. Modifying the query parameters should work fine (just add the ‘post_type’ param – you can find more informations here). You can also take a look at the ‘recent_works_images_scrollable’ shortcode, which is already using the custom post type.

Thanks for your reply. I am able to make the recent works show my custom post type, but not my recent posts, even after using the link you showed me. And I’d really rather have it be under the posts shortcode, or maybe even a custom shortcode just for my custom post types. Please let me know how much it would cost to hire you to do something like that. I am also still interested in hiring you to re-work the featured image layout within the blog and archive pages. I have tried other themes to accomplish this but still prefer your theme the best. Is this something you would do, and if so, for how much money? Thank you!

Please send me an email using the contact form on our profile page – I’ll help you with your custom shortcode. Also please let me know how you want featured images to look like.

Hello Again i just wanna ask you about the codes you provided in the documentations how can i use them and where to put them ? in wordpress editor i have many docs in which can i apply these codes ?

I suppose you mean shortcodes. You can put them using the WordPress editor in any post or page. You can also use the Shortcode Generator (the Shortcodes button in the content editor toolbar) – it’s a very helpful tool.

How to show the name of portifolio/category in the page title? In the category page it shows a generic title, would be better to show the category name, no?

Please ask your question using the account you have used to purchase the theme. Thank you.

ok, I fixed it. Thanks

do you guys plan on making this theme responsive?

No, at this moment we don’t plan to make this theme responsive. Sorry.