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The full psd is not available. The psds that you have given for logo , borders, header etc.. are available. It would be great if you could provide entire layout PSD .

Golden Petals…

Thank you for your purchase.

Really the complete layouts are not available. Only you quoted and reported in the item description.

I understand that it would be interesting to have the full layout, but you do not actually need them for customization of files in general, because it is easy to customize, and text can be modified directly in the HTML files. The separate layers are sufficient, as it basically only be changed the logo and images of products and services.

To this item was done only layout # 1 in full PSD and a single color. Other layouts and colors have been modified in layers separated as described above.

My best regards.


I see that the template is compatible with mail chimp.

Is this template compatible with campaign monitor?


Paddymaher 20…

The item does not contain the specific tags in the Campaign Monitor. But Can you edit the HTML file in an offline editor and then import it into Campaign Monitor newsletter and send Normally.

My best regards.

Excellent that sounds good to me :)

Purchased & very happy.

So easy to work with. Very happy customer


Thank you for your purchase. Glad you enjoyed.

My best regards. :)


Booster… Glad you enjoyed. Your words are greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)

Love your template….but a little confused as to where to adjust the ‘color’ of the left hand side of the table?

See screenshot: http://screencast.com/t/p9zGDlDKdC

- I looked everywhere for a td color assignment but could not find any - I looked for a bg image in images but could not find it.

I need to adjust your bgcolors to match my logo.

Thanks Jason

Hi Silver…

First thank you for your purchase. I’m glad you enjoyed the item.

It’s actually very simple to do the customization of it. You see, to change the color of the left side of the “Featured” simply go on line 115 of file index.html. There you will see the property (bgcolor = ”#FF0000”). Simply replace the color you want. See line 114 for the comment about it.

You can use the tool “Find and Replace” your editor to make the change of color in general. For example, use the tool to replace all values ??#FF0000 with another of your choice.

Please let me know if you succeeded.

Otherwise you can send to my email the HTML file and the color you want I do changes the BGCOLOR for you.

Kind regards, Janio.

Hi!, your e-mail templates use the mailchimp tags fore easy edit with mailchimp editor without need to change the source code? http://mailchimp.com/features/merge-tags/


Hi Dankek..

Thank you for your interest in the item.

However, my email templates – Sensation, Shop News, Portfolio and Serene – do not use specific tags.

In this case the configuration should be done in some HTML editor and then import the desired service.

Kind regards,


Hi, Will this template work in the constant contact advanced editor? Thanks Ben

Hello Ben… Thank you for contacting us.

To answer your question: I do not use this system. But I signed up and just do some testing and it worked perfectly. I set the absolute links to images of the model and pasted the code in the Constant Contact Advanced Editor. The mail arrived quite perfect. Apparently everything ok.

Best Regards, Janio

Hi, Will this template work in the constant contact advanced editor? Thanks Ben

Answer above.

Can I view the help file before I decide to purchase, i just want to make sure I will be able to get this working with MailChimp as described, I had an issue with another seller who quoted it would work with MailChimp, but it did not and I had to have MC quote that it was not possible. Thanks in advance, the item looks amazing. —John


Hi John… Thank you for your interest.

Let me clarify: this file is not editable through the content editor of MailChimp. Regarding MC, this file contains a tutorial on how to send the campaign through this system. However, it should be edited in any program that supports HTML offline.

We’ll be ready to help you with what you need.

Click here to see the tutorial.

My best regards, Janio


Gmail removes anything before the body tags Gmail doesn’t show any style tags Gmail doesn’t show the CSS style: background-image Gmail doesn’t show the CSS style background. You can use the HTML tag “bgcolor” instead of, or in conjunction with your “background” CSS tag. Hotmail Hotmail doesn’t show style tags before body tags Hotmail doesn’t show the CSS style: background-image Hotmail doesn’t show the CSS style: border Hotmail doesn’t show the CSS style: margin Outlook 2003 The email should display correctly. Outlook 2007 Outlook 2007 doesn’t show the CSS style: background-image Outlook 2007 doesn’t show the CSS style: display Outlook 2007 doesn’t show the CSS style: text-shadow Outlook 2007 doesn’t show the CSS style: width Outlook 2007 doesn’t support background urls in css Outlook 2007 doesn’t support background urls html elements Outlook 2007 doesn’t support title tags for any html elements Outlook 2007 doesn’t support alt tags for images Yahoo The email should display correctly.

Hi Kamody,

Thank you for purchasing the item.

However, I really do not know what made you have so many problems with this e-mail template. Maybe it was the way you made ??your submissions.

But it just works perfectly. Everything is displayed correctly.

Send me an screeshot, the files that you changed me to check what happened. If you want to also send me your email so I can send the test model to prove you operation.

Kind Regards, Janio

Hi I tried to upload the newsletter File zip on mailchimp following excatly all the instruction but I cant upload. The error is: “The archive was empty or otherwise corrupt” I have done all the steps and followed all the rules.

Thank you Mr Janio

Hi Aletro,

Thank you for purchasing the item.

Whereas the file has been edited, then the import will be as follows:

1. Access the directory layout and color desired.

2. After open the directory of the chosen color, you will see the “index.html” file and folder “images”.

3. You must select these 2 items and package them in ZIP file.

4. After compressed, simply import the MailChimp.

Important: You should not compress, for example, the folder “black” because the MailChimp will not recognize the files inside.

Let me know if you succeeded.

Best Regards, Janio

Hey, will this work with Mad Mimi? Please let me know. Is it possible to change the HTML and use it with the MM email service?


Hi, thank you for your interest in the item.

Importing HTML files should work for sure. Already editing directly in the system I do not know. I registered to take the test, but unfortunately you can only work with the HTML part of the service for paid plans.

However, you can let me know your email and I will send a code snippet for testing.

Anything, send me a message through my profile page, and then I can send you.

Best Regards, Janio

Hi, just wondering how simple it would be to alter this design to a 600px width layout rather than 670px?

Many thanks

Hi James,

In fact, it would be necessary to resize the width of the tables, and also some pictures. It would not be a difficult process, but time consuming. And you also need some knowledge to properly handle the code.

Best Regards, Janio

Shop News Email Template is this responsive?

Hi, thank you for your contact.

This model is not responsive.

Regards, Janio

will you be updating thsi template to be responsive? You haven’t done any changes for a long time


Thanks for the contact. Indeed, the model is very stable and no update over time.

Let’s plan a sensitive and improved version of it.

We will inform you when possible. However, this can take some time.

Regards, Janio

Nice Work. Pre Sales Qtn:

Tried & tested on SendBlaster ?


Hello, We’re sorry for the delay in responding. We have not tested the Send Blaster, but one buyer said it worked for him.

Thank you!

Hi Janio. Unfortunately the B/G is NOT showing on Outlook when I load it up from SendBlaster.

Pld advise.


Hi friend. I’ll be checking ASAP. Thanks!

hi Janio – Reminder. The B/G is not showing on Outlook when executed from SENDBLASTER ?!

I need you to change for ONLY Single Color – BLUE for all layouts.

The files you sent is not worklng.

Pls re-check.



Friend, I will be seeking a solution. This seems to be related to SendBlaster because I did tests with other shipping options, and it worked correctly.

Do not worry. I’ll be in touch soon.

Regards, Janio

Hello Friend. There is noting wrong with SendBlaster. Why ? Because you managed to successfully fix the “Vision Template” B/G to work SendBlaster. Do you remember ? I’m sure, you will also fix Sjop News B/G issue. Thanks in advance.

I am using arpreach. Can I using this templete to integrate with arpreach?

Yes, it works. Thanks!