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Nice design! – good luck with sales –

Awesome work dt, glws ;)


This looks amazing. I am wondering one thing tho, you have designed a “list and box” select option feature. Which is awesome, but is the actual list designed or is it just the boxes?

I can’t design at all, and therefor depend on all the elements being pre-designed when i code :P


Hey Falecto,

Thanks for your interest.

Indeed, the “list” option of displaying is not designed, but if you’ll purchase the PSD and then will shoot me an e-mail via the contact form on my profile, i think I’ll design it free of charge and will send that file to you, then will update this template with that additional PSD .

How does that sound? :)

Hi there, I have a pre-purchase question. I want to create a subdirectory for my wordpress site where my visitors can purchase digital products like ebooks. Will this template work with wordpress? Does it have multiple payment gateways?

Thanks, Rita Lorraine

Hey Rita,

This is a PSD template meaning that the download package only contains .psd files (graphics) of the screenshots you can see, which can be edited in Adobe Photoshop.

For a functional website template you would like to head over the Site Templates or WordPress category to find a suitable template or wait until this design will get coded and will be a functional WordPress theme (my dev partner is working on it for some time now, that’s why i am expecting it to be ready in a few days).

Cheers :)

Hello, I’m making theme. And I would like to sell templates for online stores to themeforest. But I do not have a good designer who could provide good psd layouts.

Is it possible to buy your layout to a standard license with the right to sell the template made ??it to the cms prestashop? Also interested in cooperation on a permanent

Thank you, respectfully Laerty.