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Awesome! This will be great in WooCommerce—thanks :)

Thanks, maybe in the future it will be )

great, like it :) GLWS

Thanks ;)

Hi shmitacc, nice very nice.

This is the best grid that i saw for property, amazing combination with isotope, for the grid and list view and the form for filtering is very nice also.

Problem to see with ie8

Thanks, we’ll check it

What javascript frameworks are used in this template?

jQuery 2.0

How can i make the search bar to work?


It says it works in IE8 but I can’t get the slideshow rotator to work in IE8. I see a lot of Javascript errors. The online demo on your web site is throwing the same javascript errors in IE8 so I know it is not something I did wrong. Do you have a fix for IE8?

I have already purchased it and finished my site… But now I see it doesn’t work in IE8…

IE8 very specific browser. We are working to improve the theme. But we do not know exactly when we can correct these errors.

Love the theme, question: will you ever be turning this into a wordpress theme?

Thanks ) Maybe in a few months

Hi, is there any progress on this into wordpress theme ?

I want to buy wp theme.

I’m sorry, in the near future is not expected.

Does this theme work with Wordpress?

The screenshots look great but your Live Preview button is 404ing.

Thanks, I’ll fix it in a few hours.

Hi, all pictures in chrome shown as like in backgound (smoothly).

Hi, They look smoothly in any browser )

Sorry, i not explain correctly. See picture: And in console: GET 404 (Not Found) /sh/js/ GET 404 (Not Found)

This template looks great and I have seen it before. However now when I look at the Live Preview all of the photos are blurry. I was thinking about purchasing this however want to make sure there are no current issues with it. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for your message. Images only in preview. They are not included into the template. S, don’t worry, it’s just a blurred preview images. You can use your images ) And they’ll be looks cool.

Can you email me I just cross browser checked the live preview and the photos were all blurry. When you click on the property links it just pops up a photo no info, etc. I have screen shots.

We can’t buy until we know for sure it works.

Simple & nice!;