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simplix Purchased

Hi Ansonika, i followed your tips. Now i get what i want.

thank you very much for your great and fast support!!!



Does this includes the order -page?


No…I’m sorry

Any news on the wp development? Would really like a wordpress or opencart version of this Nice work ;-)

hi, could you please advise how can i add a landing page to existing theme for opencart system .. ? i would like to add this to be my first page :)


i m sorry i’ve never used opencart…i don’t know how could i help you

jco3252 Purchased

Hi, I was wondering if you might be able to help me customize your template. I would like to add only the slider on the top part of the page. Is there some documentation on how to modify? Can you provide a quote on how much to do this?

Hello I was wondering if its possible to add another image to the slider, at the moment if i add anything over three items it breaks.


It is possible….contact me by email please

So Sorry! Please see my discussion thread below.


I am considering buying your template now, however I am not a web designer or developer. If I have this theme installed on our servers would I be able to understand how to add items to the back end? Is it pretty easy to use even for someone who has absolutely no web development knowledge? Is there a control panel for editing and adding product? Would the backend be as easy to use as wordpress, if not, would you consider doing a custom wordpress version for us and if so, what would the cost of customization be?

Please Advise.

Kind Regards, Anthony


Hi, I’m sorry you could have a basic knowledge of html to edit it. at the moment, no plans to convert it in a wordpress version. I also provide customization service of my items, please contact me for a quotation if you are interested. info@ansonika.com Kind regards

I need help fixing the newsletter subscription…. how can I set it up so it can go on my email address ?


To use the newsletter you have to use the php version of the item; inside you’ll find the script. read the doc file to set up your email.

MKBG Purchased

Hi there!

Is there a way of linking directly to slides within the parallax scroller used in ‘index_2.html’?

Any advice would be appreciated!



no…I am sorry

Some one there, who answer my question???


which question?

Can you make a Responsive version?


No,I am sorry