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Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Really nice theme, good luck with sales :)

Awosome design ! good luck with sales bro

Nice theme well done :-)

Nice theme, good luck with sales

volgodark Purchased

we having problem with theme width, on your demo theme is fullwidth. But on our website it is centered with background


Hello. The demo is centered with the background image too. Send me some screenshots of your store to nick@meigeeteam.com

Hi, I want to buy this theme. Can I just see the product attributes drop-down in one of the products on the live demo?

And also, there is no confirmation in ajax-based add-to-cart that says “Your product has been added”. The loader comes and disappears, might confuse the users. This can be fixed, right?

Can I have the sidebar on the main product page as well?


Hello. Sure http://meigeeteam.com/templates/shopland/index.php/bags/fache-large-tote.html

Ok, this alert will be added in the next version of the theme shortly.

With best regards, Nick.

Nice theme, what is the logo font ?

What a nice template, if only it was in wordpress :( great work though!

Hi! I am considering buying this theme. My question is where the reviews will be displayed? Could you show me an example? Best Regards and great work! Nick


Thanks that was very helpful. Nick


is this theme also SEO Optimized?


Hello. This theme is coded using HTML5 markup and all HTML tags are used as intended, so yes this theme is seo optimized.

I’m interested in your theme, but would love to see screenshots of your theme options control panel before making the purchase.


Hello. Send me an email through the contact form on my profile page to get screenshots, anyway I’m about to add some screenshots to the theme description page on Monday.

Hi, Your template looks great! Keen to see the ‘Added to cart’ confirmation. When will the next update with this feature be available?

You mention the homepage is fully customizable. Does this mean I can: 1) Condense the top 2 sections into one (i.e. the ‘Welcome to our store’/FB/Twitter/Log In with the ‘Online support’/Shopping Cart section) 2) Remove one of the sections (e.g. ‘Feel the quality’) 3) Combine the section towards the bottom containing the ‘Shopland’ spiel, Recent Tweets, Contact Info etc so they appear as 1 or 2 columns, as opposed to 4? Many thanks

  1. Sure, but you need to edit template files. “Fully customizable” means “Fully customizable content”, you can’t customize every part of the theme just from the admin panel, but content can.
  2. Sure, it’s just static content in the admin panel
  3. Sure, it’s static block with static content + twitter widget. The theme is based on grid960 systems what means you can reorganize content using its principles.

Hi, thanks for this great theme. I’ve two questions:

1. I tried it today on a Google Android 4.1 Standard-Browser (Galaxy Note 10.1). The slideshow and products didn’t move right with the rest of the page, when scrolling. They just jumped to the new position after scrolling.

2. Is it in the current version possible to change the menu like it is for example in this theme (much more space for menu?): http://mg-perfectum.any-themes.com/magento/

Thanks for your answer. :-)



  1. I’ll test it tomorrow, I’ve tested it on my iPad but see nothing weird
  2. Yes, you can change the menu the way you mentioned but by editing css files. Ability to change it just from the admin panel will be added in the next version of the theme.

Hi, this include documentation? thanks


Hello. Sure, documentation comes with the theme + you can use our “1 click installation” feature to get the theme working in just a few clicks by the way.


thanks. i will buy this template. This is great

There is a dummy content?


Hello. Dummy content isn’t provided in this theme. You can use default magento sample data. Please watch this video to learn how easy is getting your store working using our “1 click installation” extension.


Rigth, but that sample data will give a content like in your demo?


Banners and slider images are provided with the them, product images will come from the magento default sample data.

hello, i bought the theme but i can’t get the instalation. when i do all, and put the sample data from magento, I try to access the page again and that comes this massage: There has been an error processing your request – Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons. - Error log record number: 367346549180 – Can you help me with?

if i dont put the sample data, even this way, don’t appear your tab PAGE in magento admin… and now? Help me, i’m stuck here.


can i put the sample data after install the theme?


No, it must be done before magento installation, it is magento requirement condition. Anyway you can just create your categories and products by yourself without sample data, but I don’t recommend it if you are not very familiar with magento. Please, read official article I mentioned about earlier to install sample data, there is no anything complicated that you can’t get done.


Definitely I can’t make work the sample data.

how can I translate words to portuguese?

got it